15 High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a Degree – No 12th on the list will surprise you

Do you know that you can get jobs in Canada even without having a degree? Do you also know that these jobs are easy to get? If you are one of those looking for high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree, slide in and read through this article as we take you through a detailed explanation of 15 beautiful jobs that will not stress you. Added to it is that these jobs serve as great avenues to migrate to Canada without spending much money. Let’s get started.

Canada is one of the most industrialized countries in the world. And these have opened up a lot of skilled and unskilled jobs for its populace. In cases where there is not enough manpower to handle these jobs, employers often opt for migrant workers, especially for unskilled positions. This is the reason why there are many high-paying jobs without a degree in Canada. In this article, we will be exposing you to 15 such jobs as well as how to apply and get them. 

Top 15 High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A Degree. 


Carefully read and do not miss the number 12 twelve, it will amaze you that’ you can actually get that kind of job without a degree in Canada.

1. Fruit Picking Jobs


Topping our list of high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree are fruit-picking jobs. These jobs are quite easy to do and are open to people from different nationalities. If you wish to relocate to Canada for work, opting for a fruit-picking job is your best bet.

This is because they are easy to get and most of them come with visa sponsorship. As a fruit picker in Canada, you can earn an average salary of 15 dollars per hour and $30,000 per year. 

Depending on the role that you are employed for, a fruit picker is expected to pick fruits from the farm after harvest, wash them, and sort them according to size, color, and shape.

Label the fruits where necessary, arrange them into crates, and get them ready to be taken to the warehouse. As much as no degree is required for these jobs, you must be fit because the work is energy-draining as you will be required to bend for long hours. 

2. Hairdressing


Do you know you can also make so much money from working as a hairdresser in Canada? If you can plait hair, dye hair, barb, etc there are many job opportunities for you in Canada with visa sponsorship for foreigners.

The best part of these jobs is that they require no university qualification. All you need to have are the necessary skills to carry out the job effectively. So if you have been a hairdresser, this is the opportunity for you. 

You will earn up to $38,000 or more yearly when you work with an organization. You can also work independently and earn more than that per hour. And the job description is as easy as making a client’s hair as demanded. 

3. Carpenters


Carpenters in Canada earn as much as $29.11 per hour which makes it one of the best high-paying jobs without a degree in the country. To become a carpenter, you do not necessarily need to be a university graduate. You can simply acquire the skill from any non-formal vocational center and earn a living with it.

Carpentry is a wide field that has various types hence their services are required all the time. From making furniture for homes and offices to building and construction sites, and other places.

The only requirement that should be added to your skill is the ability to communicate with the people in your province. Hence basic use of English language or French is required. 

4. Plumbers


Like Carpenters, plumbers and other types of builders are also in high demand in Canada. And they earn up to $62,000 yearly. Plumbers are needed in any place where there are humans as they are needed to fix conveniences for homes, hotels, offices, and so on.

Like its counterpart above, no educational qualification might be needed but the individual must have some years of training and experience on the job. And must also be able to communicate in English or French Language.

5. Electricians


Still in the building and maintenance industry, Electricians are not left out of the high-paying jobs without a degree in Canada. The difference between this and other jobs is that having a degree will give you an edge especially when applying from your home country.

Nonetheless, your expert knowledge of the job is what matters. Hence by learning the job as an apprentice from a skill expert, you are also qualified for these job openings. Additionally, you must possess a high knowledge of safety rules and regulations as you will be working with electricity. 

The salary for electricians in Canada is from $34 to $46 per hour. This implies that the yearly salary is huge as well.

6. Chefs


Another very common high-paying job in Canada without a degree is Chef. The position of a chef is however very technical hence the individual applying for the job must possess the ability to cook different dishes including intercontinental meals.

Must know the right ingredients to use as well as how to source them out on the market. You can earn up to $70,000 yearly as a chef. 

7. Receptionist


As a receptionist, you can work in any kind of corporate organization, offices, hotels, resorts, etc hence there are many openings for this job. However, a receptionist must be friendly, receptive, and homely.

You are required to welcome guests and show them around the premises of the organization. In Canada, receptionists earn up to $17 per hour and an average yearly salary of $34,000. 

8. Hotel Management


Hotel managers most times are required to have a degree in hospitality management but it is not so much of a requirement as some workers grow on the job and are promoted to the position of manager.

As a hotel manager, you oversee the day-to-day running of the hotel and supervise the work of other departments. It is quite a huge task because should anything go wrong in the organization, the manager is held responsible. The manager must have good organizational and communication skills. The average salary is $25 per hour. 

9.Cleaning Jobs


Several job opportunities are open in the cleaning industry in Canada. This is more so because cleaning is a service that is needed in all sectors of the economy. And as such, there are always openings for them.

There are many types of cleaning jobs in Canada especially as the country is becoming highly industrialized. Below are some types of cleaning jobs that abound. 

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Housekeeping
  • Residential Cleaning, and so much more. 

The good news here is that you do not need a degree to become a cleaner in Canada. Hence, even if you are not a graduate of any formal education center, you can migrate to Canada as a cleaner.

Nonetheless, you are required to have a basic knowledge of the use of English or French depending on the province you find the job. You must also be physically fit as the work requires you to stand for long hours, bend, lift objects, etc. 

Interestingly, you can earn a decent living from working as a cleaner. The average monthly salary is $2,438. While the average yearly salary is $38,482. This could be higher in some places and with your years on the job. 

10. Truck Driver


Truck driving is another high-paying job in Canada without a degree. And it is open to foreigners without restrictions on their nationality. It is also in high demand in the country because virtually all companies have trucks that require a driver.

As a truck driver, you are required to transport goods to long distances and ensure the security of the goods. You are also expected to assist in loading and unloading goods into the truck. Additionally, the driver should be able to inspect the truck and detect any mechanical fault that needs repair before any journey. 

As a truck driver in Canada, you can earn a median salary of $62,000 per year. And of course, this salary depends on the company as some might pay higher than that amount. You do not need a degree to become a driver in Canada but you must be trained and licensed to drive a truck.

You must have a clean driving record as well as a sound knowledge of safety rules and regulations. Having some years of experience in driving will give you an edge over other applicants. 

11. Warehouse Workers


Warehouse workers have varied job descriptions hence that job is often available to any interested person. And this is why it is listed among the high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree. As a warehouse worker, you can earn up to $33,670 per year for an entry-level position. This means that as you stay longer on the job, you will earn more. 

Here are some duties expected of you as a warehouse worker in Canada. Receiving and processing incoming stock and materials. Taking orders and packing delivery boxes, arrange and store goods in designated positions in the warehouse. In essence, you are meant to oversee the stock in the warehouse including preparing all documents for auditing. 

As much as the job does not require a degree, you must be able to communicate in English or French to be able to relate with items in your team and to process orders. You must also be physically fit as the job demands strength. You will be required to lift and move goods. And stand for long hours. I bet you can tell that this requires strength. 

12. Fashion Designers


Fashion design is one industry that never goes out of date as it aims to make you beautiful at all times. It is a high-paying job in many countries including Canada and it is even more lucrative for migrants.

As a designer, you can either work independently as an entrepreneur or with a fashion company where you will be paid per hour or monthly. Whichever option you choose is good as it will fetch you a decent living. 

Interestingly, you do not necessarily need a university degree to do this. All you need is the necessary training and knowledge that is required for the job. You should be able to use fashion designing machines and equipment, take body measurements, cut fabrics, draft patterns, etc. 

As a fashion designer in Canada, you can earn between $25.14  to $35 per hour. And up to $68,250 per year. That’s huge if you ask me. 

13. Bartenders


We cannot talk about high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree without having to mention Bartenders. Although the demands for bartenders are not as high as some other jobs that have been mentioned above, the pay is high and does not require educational qualifications.

You can earn as much as $17.01 per hour and between $33,150 and $40,000 annually. In some organizations, bartenders earn up to $70,000 annually. However, this is in rare cases.

As a bartender, you are expected to perform the following duties

  • Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails
  • Plan the bar menu and present it to the customers.
  • Interact with customers and take their orders.
  • Serve food, snacks, and drinks to customers.
  • Monitor customers at the bar
  • Receive payments from customers.

As a bartender, you should possess high physical stamina as the job demands standing and walking for long hours. You should also show great knowledge of standard menu items, food preparation processes, and ingredients.

And excellent communication skills as you will be communicating with diverse customers. You must be friendly with customers and show great customer service receptiveness.

14. Security Guard


According to recent reports, a security guard in Canada earns an average salary of $17 per hour and up to $33,150 per year. That’s fair, right? I know your answer is as affirmative as mine and that is why it falls into our top 15 high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree.

Security guards can work in domestic houses or companies and the job description is quite simple. Here is what you should do when employed as a security guard in Canada. You are responsible for maintaining the safety of the company’s premises including the properties within the compound.

Where there are members of staff on the premises, their safety is also your responsibility. Furthermore, you are required to maintain a visitor log book and inspect the activities in the compound for any suspicious activity. In places where available, it is your duty to monitor surveillance equipment such as CCTV cameras and also control traffic in the compound by directing drivers. This position is mostly reserved for males, however, trained and capable females are accepted in some organizations.

15. Gardeners


Gardeners are also in high demand in Canada with free visa sponsorship for foreigners. Interestingly, it is one of those jobs that do not require a formal education degree. As a gardener, all you have to do is show evidence that you can do the job either manually or with the ability to handle and operate garden equipment like mowers.

And like other high-paying jobs, gardeners are needed both in individual homes, corporate organizations, and farms. The demand for gardeners is higher in farms in Canada because it has a large agricultural sector. 

The expected average salary of a gardener in Canada is $33,150 annually and about $17 per hour. However, experienced workers can earn up to $45,480. 



Like other cleaning jobs, housekeepers are needed in many hotels, resorts, individual houses, suites, guest houses, etc in Canada. The demand for housekeepers is higher in those provinces of the country that have many resorts and tourist attractions.

This is because they will be hosting many visitors and the result is that housekeepers are needed to attend to them. The job is quite easy and does not demand a degree qualification. However, the individual applying for this role must have basic knowledge of what the job entails.

And must be hospitable, friendly, receptive, etc. You must also be physically fit as it requires you to stand for long hours, bend, lift objects in the room or house, and so on. 

The most interesting part of housekeeping jobs in Canada is that you can earn a decent living from it. The average salary per hour is $17 and up to $40,000 per year. 

How To Find High-Paying Jobs In Canada Without A Degree


To find any of the high-paying jobs without a degree in Canada, you must adopt any of the following strategies, 

  1. Visit online job portals that specialize in jobs in Canada.
  2. You can also visit the career section of individual companies to search for vacancies. Most companies publish vacancies on their websites. 
  3. Also, network with individuals that are already in the field. This is because many of them get access to vacancies before they are publicized. And through their recommendations, there is a high possibility that you will get the job as well. 
  4. Leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc where vacancies are posted. 

How To Apply For High-Paying Jobs In Canada Without A Degree


Applying for any of these high-paying jobs is very easy. All it requires is to send your resume and cover letter as required by the organization to the link provided. You can also drop your document with any of these portals and when there is an opening, they will apply on your behalf. However, personal application is encouraged. 

After submitting all required documents, the company will contact you mostly through email and you will be scheduled for an online interview. Do not panic as this is intended to check your communication skills only. If everything goes well, the job will be offered to you. 

Some Important Job Application Techniques


If you want to apply for high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree, you must be ready to project your skills above all else. Write and arrange your resume in such a way that your skills are projected. Also, your years of experience in similar job roles will give you an edge over other applicants hence it is necessary to project that.

Avoid unnecessary stories when writing your cover letter as that could be a turnoff for whoever will scrutinize them. Go straight to the point stating the reasons why you need the job. 

Furthermore, avoid applying for just any role you come across on the internet. This will make you look desperate thereby reducing your chances of getting your dream job.

Lastly, do not submit the same cover letter for every job you apply for. Each letter should be tailored toward the demands of the specific job. By doing all this, I am confident that you will get the job soon. 

Can I Get A High-Paying Job In Canada Without While In My Home Country?


Yes, you can get any of these high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree even while you are still in your home country. The application as we have shown you is done online and the offer is also virtual. Most of these jobs come with visa sponsorship hence the cost of your travel and relocation will be covered by your employer. 



We have shown you a detailed list of the top 15 high-paying jobs in Canada without a degree. I know you are excited to begin your application. Therefore take note of the techniques that we discuss and adopt them when applying for any role. Note that the salaries are not a benchmark as you can be paid higher depending on the organization and the number of hours done.