Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Canadian employers are ready to employ foreign fruit pickers. But the most exciting news is that this employment comes with free visa sponsorship. Are you interested in relocating to Canada through jobs? Follow me as I expose you to visa sponsorship fruit-picking jobs in Canada.


Canada is rated among the highest producers of fruits and fruit products in the world hence there is high demand for fruit pickers, especially during harvest. So cases of inadequate Canadian workers farmers in collaboration with the government use foreigners and offer free visa sponsorship. 

It is speculated that about 500,000 foreigners for fruit-picking jobs will be available in Canada before 2025. If this looks like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, then apply now. Read with me as I take you through all the required details. 


What Does Visa Sponsorship Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada Entail?


To make it clearer, a fruit picker is expected to select fruits and vegetables according to size and ripening. if there are rotten fruits and vegetables, you should discard them. Load fruits into containers and take care of fruits to avoid damage. In some companies, the fruit picker would also add labels to the fruits and pack them in crates. 

Requirements And Qualifications For Visa Sponsorship Fruit Picking Jobs Canada


This job has not many requirements because it is an unskilled job. No educational qualification, age, or nationality restrictions are needed. It also does not emphasize expertise. However, you must do the following. 

  • Attention to detail. 
  • Physical fitness, especially standing, bending, walking, lifting objects, and so on for long hours. 
  • Should have basic knowledge of the English or French Language for communication. 

Expected Salaries For Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada


The average salary for fruit pickers in Canada is $29,250 per year and $15 per hour. You will earn more as you gain more experience on the job. 

How To Apply For Visa Sponsorship Fruit picking Jobs In canada 


Search for fruit-picking job vacancies online. If found, send your resume to the employer through the means provided in the advert. The employer will contact you and schedule you for a virtual interview. And afterward, an email to confirm your acceptance or rejection. If everything goes well, a letter of invitation and visa will be sent to you.

Canadian Provinces With The Highest Fruit Picking Job Vacancies


There are more fruit-picking job vacancies in some provinces of Canada where agriculture is the mainstay. Here are some of them. 

Ontario: This is the greenhouse of Canada, especially for apples and vegetables. It houses big orchards and vineyards. Hence there could be up to 400 vacancies for fruit pickers at a time. 

British Columbia: Many vacancies for fruit pickers are also advertised in the British Columbia province. It is the hub of farming activities such as fruits, vegetables, and livestock. Cherry pickers are mostly in demand here.

Toronto: For strawberries and tomato picking and packaging, Toronto is the best place to apply. 

Montreal: When it comes to the picking of citrus, you should be looking at Montreal.

How To Find Visa Sponsorship Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada


To find visa sponsorship fruit picking jobs, visit job portals online and register. You can also visit the websites of specific companies and go through the jobs or career sections for such vacancies. Furthermore, search through Canada’s national agricultural publications and farming organizations. Lastly, leverage social media and network with others.


Visa sponsorship fruit picking jobs in Canada are highly in demand and with little application requirements. If you love to start a career in this field in Canada, follow all that has been explained in this article. I hope what we’ve explained so far has been helpful.