Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree In Canada

One of the best places to find jobs that pay over $100k without you even owning a degree is Canada. In today’s competitive job market, with the low employment openings available,securing a lucrative job without a university degree kind of seems almost impossible.


However, you shouldn’t lose hope as there are definitely jobs like this in Canada. Instead of owning a university degree, you simply need experience, and skills to back it up.

Not everybody particularly has the chance to own a university degree, with one reason or the other, the journey of owning one was interrupted. Although you don’t own a degree, you don’t have to lose hope of earning up to $100k. I can assure you that you can still earn up to this amount with your experience and skills.


This might seem impossible, but trust me this content was written to give a guide and also information about jobs like this, where and how to apply. But Before we proceed, I would like to implore you to read this content carefully and make sure you read it to the extreme ends. If you stop reading now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get the information you need. 

Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree In Canada


There are various categories of job you can delve into, however you should be aware that the type you select greatly depends on your skills and experience. Check the next paragraph for more information. 



One of the jobs you can apply for is definitely technology related jobs. Most technology jobs only require your skills, your thinking and also your problem solving reasoning. Without a degree, you can still work under technology sectors provided you have the skills and experience. Some of the job you can apply for includes:

  • Web Developer: The main Work of web developers is to create and maintain websites. Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining websites, ensuring they function seamlessly across various devices. They are known to possess great skills for programming and also writing computer based codes. 
  • Software Developer: As their name implies, Software developers are tasked with the job of designing, developing, and testing software applications, to make sure that they are working perfectly and effectively. Like web developers, they also must have a deep understanding of programming languages, software development methodologies, and testing techniques.

2. Business:


The amount you can earn when engaging in business is immeasurable, profits tend to grow and sometimes you encounter losses. However you don’t particularly need to have a degree before working as a business man or a business woman, and trust me you can definitely earn $100k in a year. Some of the jobs you stand to do under business includes:

  • Sales Representative: As a Sale representative, you will be responsible for identifying, approaching, and converting potential customers into loyal clients, the chance of the business securing more customers greatly lies in your hand. All you need to possess is excellent communication skills, negotiation expertise, and product knowledge.
  • Account Manager: As an account  manager, your role is to maintain and develop relationships with existing clients, ensuring they are satisfied with the service rendered by the company and they are willing to continue business. All you need is to possess strong customer service skills, problem-solving abilities, and strategic thinking.

4. Trades:

Trades are always one of the options you should definitely consider. As a trader, you don’t actually need a degree before you start the job, in fact most trading jobs are self owned so you will be your own boss.

How To Get Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree In Canada


The steps you need to take depend on the type of job you are applying for. For example, for those looking to go into trades, you are actually your own boss so all you need to do is draft a plan on how to go about it. However to get jobs that are not self owned, you need to:

  • Check Online for Jobs that pay $100k without degree. 
  • Ask around and be on the look out for vacancies.
  • Get in touch with employers and tell them about your skills.
  • Attend job fairs.

Key Strategies for Success


  • Identify Your Skills and Interests: before proceeding, you need to be well aware of your own skills and limitations so as to be able to determine the most suitable career paths to follow.
  • Gain Relevant Skills and Experience: Try as much as possible to Seek opportunities on how to acquire and Gain skills and experience required for your chosen field. 


While a university degree can increase chances of securing a job, you should also know that there are jobs out there that you don’t need a degree for and it will earn you a fat paycheck. Wondering how to get a job like that? Read the content above carefully.