Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners” With Free Visa Sponsorship

Do you know there are a lot of hairdresser jobs in Canada for foreigners with free visa sponsorship? And with these jobs, you can earn up to $38,100 yearly. Interesting, right? If you want to know more about these jobs including how to apply and get them, then read this piece that contains all the details you need. 

It is recorded that Canada is among the fastest-growing economies worldwide.  However, its manpower has not been able to produce enough labor to meet the demands of the market. Herein lies the need for skilled and unskilled immigrant workers including hairdressers.

The National Occupation Code 6341 (NOC) List for Immigration and Work Permits has it listed. Interestingly, jobs in this category are mostly with visa sponsorship from employers. However, applicants must know how to apply correctly and meet certain requirements. Read on to see how to go about these.

Types Of Hair Dresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Free Visa Sponsorship


Before we proceed to the requirements and how to go about the job, here are some types or areas of hairdressing that are often demanded. 

  • Barber
  • Hairstyling specialist
  • Barber apprentice
  • Hairdressing apprentice
  • Hair care specialist
  • Beauty salon operator
  • Hair color technician
  • Hairdyer
  • Wig stylist
  • Man’s hairdresser, etc.

If you are trained or skilled in any of the above areas, then continue reading. 

Requirements And Qualifications For Hairdresser Jobs In Canada


To get hairdresser jobs in Canada, you must have at least 

  • A Secondary (high) school certificate, 
  • Ability to speak English or French language, 
  • Not younger than 18 years,
  • Must have training and experience as a hairdresser.

Hairdresser jobs in Canada for foreigners fall into the Express Entry category and you are expected to get at least 67 marks using the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). These scores are given for age, work experience, and the ability to communicate in English or French.

Expected Salaries For Hairdressers In Canada For Foreigners


Interestingly, there is no disparity between the salaries of foreign hairdressers and citizens. Therefore the average salary is $38,100 annually and $18 hourly. The salary could be more or less depending on the company. 

How To Apply For Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners


The following are the simple steps to take.

  • Open an Express Entry profile on the official IRCC website.
  • Select a program 
  • Apply for jobs and get an offer
  • Get an application invitation
  • Submit your application within 60 days of invitation.
  • Apply and get your work permit.

Important Application Techniques For Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners


Below are some important techniques to follow.

  • Search for jobs by visiting websites, job portals, LinkedIn pages, etc. And apply for only relevant jobs. 
  • Now Apply for the job by sending your well-written resume. State your achievements not your duties in the workplace. Also, avoid sending the same resume and cover letter to too many employers at a time. Managers or employers of these companies interact with each other.
  • References: use strong references from previous employers. This shows how committed you’ve been to the job.
  • Follow-Up: Sending a follow-up email after some time can give you an edge over others.
  • Networking: some hairdresser jobs in Canada with free visa sponsorship are not publicized hence you must network with managers and others in the field.  

Lastly, the level of confidence you show about the job will increase the confidence of your employers. So display all enthusiasm about it. 

Can I Migrate To Canada As A Hairdresser Without A Job Offer?


Yes, you can migrate to Canada as a hairdresser without first having a job offer if you have a good CRS score not lower than 67. However, this will cost you more as you will be sponsoring your visa. With a job offer, the process is easier as your employer will be responsible for the visa application and sponsorship.


Canadian employers are ready to sponsor foreign workers. And there are many hairdresser jobs in Canada for foreigners with free visa sponsorship. I hope with all that we’ve exposed to you in this piece, you will be able to process yours soonest.