Cleaning Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Free Visa Sponsorship

Do you love cleaning? Do you have what it takes to clean commercially? If you answered yes to these questions, then here is a great opportunity to earn a living from it in Canada. There are lots of cleaning jobs in Canada for foreigners with free visa sponsorship. Read on to see how you can apply, how well it pays, the qualification requirements, and other information that you need to have a fulfilling cleaning career in Canada. 


Canada has experienced a high rate of industrialization in recent years. This has opened up a lot of job vacancies in various sectors including Cleaning. Interestingly, cleaners are in high demand because their job cuts across various sectors. And in cases where there are not enough Canadians to fill up these positions, employers opt for foreigners and offer free visa sponsorship.

Therefore, if you are interested in starting an overseas career in cleaning, continue reading this article. 


Types Of Cleaning Jobs In Canada


Cleaning is a big industry in Canada. Some of the roles or types of cleaning jobs are:

  • Specialized cleaning services
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • Residential cleaning
  • Janitorial cleaning services, etc. 

Qualification Requirements For Cleaning Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship


No educational qualification or prior experience is needed for cleaning jobs in Canada with visa sponsorships. However, basic knowledge of the use of cleaning tools and equipment is an added advantage. Nonetheless, applicants must be physically fit to stand for long hours, bend, lift objects, and so on while cleaning. 

Also, you should have good communication skills. This is NOT the same as IELTS. You should be able to understand the English language or French for basic communication with team members, supervisors, and employers. Additionally, you must be able to pay attention to details to maintain sanitation standards at work. 

Expected Salaries For Cleaning Jobs In Canada


The average salary for cleaners in Canada is $18.82 hourly, $2,438 monthly, and $38,482 annually. This is meant to be higher or a little bit lower depending on your level of expertise on the job. 

Where To Find Cleaning Jobs In Canada with Visa Sponsorship


Check any of these media to find vacancies for cleaners in Canada with free visa sponsorships.  

  • Canadian job portals/websites.
  • Individual company websites. 
  • Job processing agencies
  • Canadian job boards. 
  • Job fairs.
  • Cleaning Industry associations. 
  • By networking with people in similar jobs. 
  • Social media pages that advertise job vacancies in Canada. 

How To Apply For Cleaning Job In Canada With Visa Sponsorship


The first step in the application process is to search for job vacancies in any of the above-listed ways. Go through the job description, salaries, and requirements. 

Next, prepare and send your resume to the employer. This can be done through the channel where the vacancy was listed or by clicking on the link to the employers’ website. Your resume should highlight the relevant skills needed for the job as well as any relevant experience. You can also contact the employers directly to notify them of your interest in the cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship.

If your resume is considered, you will be contacted for an interview. Don’t fret! The interview is to check your communication skills and experience. 

Details Of Free Visa Sponsorship For Cleaning Jobs In Canada


It is important to know that the visa sponsorship is done by your employer hence it is called a free visa sponsorship. The employer needs to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to confirm that there is a need for foreign workers.

After the employer has secured the necessary documents, he will send a copy of the LMIA to you along with other details of your visa. 

What Type Of Cleaning Job Pays The Most In Canada?


Almost all cleaning jobs in Canada have the same salary scale. However, some are higher or lower depending on your level of expertise on the job and the company’s salary structure. However, members of a cleaning team and storage facility cleaners have the highest pay. 



Getting a cleaning job in Canada with free visa sponsorships is easy. You just have to be highly strategic in applying. We have shown you where to find and how to apply for the jobs in the article. I hope that by applying the strategies above, you will get one soon.