Zendesk Payment Gateway – ( A Complete Guide)

What is Zendesk payment gateway and how does it work? We will definitely enlighten ourselves on this powerful software called Zendesk. Stay tuned to learn all you need to know about the software and it’s payment gateway in this ultimate guide.


The main and first approach to the topic is to analyze what Zendesk is, it’s functions, 

What Is Zendesk Payment Gateway And Support?



Zendesk customer support software, at its core, is a help desk system. I think that’s a simple definition but to expatiate and broadly analyze the software better.  

The software takes questions from your customers, from any channel, and pulls them all into one place, where you can organize and manage them, and ultimately solve problems.

Additionally, Zendesk support is simple enough that you can get up and running right away. But it also contains, literally hundreds of advanced features that you can put to use whenever you’re ready, maybe you’re ready right now.

Zendesk customer support platform is quite powerful and it is also flexible though, it can scale with your business as you grow, from replacing a shared email account to offering all sorts of customer relationship management tools you can use in any fast growing industry.

If you are just getting started to alleviating problems with complexity, and siloed communications, for larger companies.

Zendesk Payment Gateway – How Does It Work?


Originally, a payment gateway is a software application that payment service providers use to process payments or online purchases originating on a merchants website. 

Zendesk payment gateway is also similar in this manner as it acts as an interface between the merchants website and a payment processing bank known as an acquirer.

Generally, the payment gateway zendesk works on can be used for many types of payment methods. The gateway encrypts sensitive credit card details to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer, the merchant (Zendesk) and the acquiring bank when a customer subscribes to a plan or service on zendesk website.

Zendesk payment gateway performs a variety of tasks to process the transaction once the customer places their order on zendesk official website.

They choose to checkout or pay and are then redirected to a payment page to enter their credit card details, since zendesk is fully compliant with the necessary security standards the payment page can be generated on the their servers and the cart information collected and passed on to the payment application.

Zendesk Payment Methods


If you have chosen zendesk as an ultimate support to improve the growth of your industry, you will definitely want to pay for their products and services. 

In order to do that, there is a list of payment method which are acceptable by zendesk customer support software. These payments methods includes

  • Paypal
  • Credit cards,
  • Wire transfer and checks.

PayPal is a simple and ease-free method for paying for zendesk products on their website. The payment gateway requires little to no stress as to complete a transaction via this medium has been simplified.

Credit cards is another common methods for making payments in zendesk, all that is required of you is to provide your card information so as to finalize your payment.

Wire transfer, what’s exciting about this is that you can utilize any payment methods of your choice without having to debate on the best of all. Wire transfer is another medium, this method won’t ask you to provide any of your credit card information. Yes! One of the reasons why it is perfectly suitable for users who intend to subscribe, but no card to provide.

Checks are also accepted but I think this will require the user to appear physical, it might not be as easy as the other which you could make use of from the comfort of your home. Checks are also worth trying.

What Are Zendesk Support’s Features?


Zendesk platform provides seamless,

personalized support, with features which includes ticket responses, online community forums, ticket forms and knowledge base softwares.

  • Ticket forms is a Zendesk feature that is used to collect information up front, and the ability to see which articles your customer are searching for, before and after, submitting a ticket.

Nevertheless, your industry will know who your customers are and what they need and what they are interested in. 

With zendesk support, you have the capacity to give your agents a single, dynamic interface with everything they need. So it’s easy to be more productive and manage customer interactions. 

Predefine Ticket Responses


With features like predefine ticket responses and the support web widget, you can be in the right place at the right time. It gives you the opportunity to tailor your experience with apps and integrations.

However, be aware that zendesk payment gateway thoroughly accommodating as the support itself is the best in breed system for communicating with customers, but you can also customize and extend it, to fit your specific business needs 

Online Community Forums


This phenomenon would help you build a strong bond and strengthen your customer relationships. Give your customers faster support on their preferred channels

How Do I Change Zendesk Payment Methods?


All payments information for zendesk products are managed in the admin center, in this particular area you can update your credit card information and change your zendesk payment gateway method. 

At the admin center, find your account icon and click on billing before payments, you will be directed to your current payment methods and business information. Edit this and input your preferred payment method before proceeding to save. 

An email will be sent to you when the payment successfully charges.

Advantage Of Zendesk To My Company?


A lot, In fact, companies who use Zendesk support, achieve a whopping 95% customer satisfaction score on an average rate. This is pretty good as it uncommon for companies to amass an overall rating score like this.

Where Can I Get Zendesk Invoices?


Theses Invoices are essential for a user of zendesk customer support software, without needing to apply excessive stress in locating the invoices.

Navigate to the zendesk products link at the top of your site, click the Admin center option. Here you will find a list of your recent invoices. 

Zendesk Pricing


To use Zendesk customer support software, you need to be able to purchase a subscription as the price ranges from $9 per agent paid monthly to $199 per agent paid in a single year.



The final work along with zendesk support is to work smarter, not harder with powerful data analytics and survey tools like Zendesk that let you measure the impact of your work, understand customer sentiment, and leverage.

Those insights to make better business decisions. If you do it right with zendesk via Zendesk payment gateway, you’ll be happier, your agents will be excited, and most importantly, your customers will be satisfied.