Venmo Customer  Service Number – venmo phone number

Have you ever heard about venmo mobile financial app? If you have, do you know that the platform provides you with customer care service? You can use venmo customer service number if you perhaps encounter any issues while using their service. 


Nonetheless, you’ll be able to learn all essential details about venmo application, how they work, how to utilize their services and most importantly how to contact them for any issues. 

What Is Venmo?



Venmo is a popular money transfer application, it actually allows you and your friends to send each other funds with ease. Is this not good? This application has a mobile-oriented design and it works perfectly on both iOS and android devices. 

Who Can Use A Venmo Account?


This is simple, a venmo account can be used by anyone as long as you are above 18 years of age. Although there are other requirements needed to utilize venmo applications such as….

  • Located in the United states: You can have access to venmo financial services only if you are situated in a country like the United States of america. This is due to the fact that the country is responsible for monitoring activities of the app as Venmo Customer  Service Number and other contact services are all hosted in the United States.
  • You should own a United States based mobile phone: What you need to know about this is that owning a U.S. mobile phone will provide access to the application. 
  • Have a U.S. phone that uses short codes: Using a venmo account requires you to have a mobile phone in the United States, not just any mobile phone though, a mobile phone that sends and receives text messages using short codes.

These short codes are some five- or six digit numbers that are used for texting in the United states.

How Does Venmo Account Work?


For you to use a venmo account, you need to register on the application with some necessary details. Venmo application links your bank account or probably your credit or debit cards with their platform. If you don’t know how to do this, you can contact Venmo Customer  Service Number which will be revealed later in this content.

One good impact venmo has made to its users is that the platform takes the safety of their clients seriously as this provides encryption for all financial transactions that were recorded. This helps keep the money of users safe in their account.

How Can I Contact Venmo Customer  Service?


Why would you need a venmo customer service number? Perhaps you need to lodge a complaint concerning pending or unsuccessful transactions or you need to make some enquiries about venmo application. 

There are various ways to do this as venmo has made it easier for their customers to get in touch with them.

  • Sending an email to the support team.
  • Calling their respective phone lines.
  • Chating with an expert on the website.

Venmo Customer  Service Number.


The platform working hours is approximately 16 hours on a daily basis, Monday – Friday 7am ;11pm. You are free to call 855-812-4430 concerning any issues with their service. 

This is venmo’s best toll-free number to use. When you do this, make sure you go straight to the point by telling them issues that are related to venmo. 

Venmo Customer  Support Email


One of the other mediums for contacting venmo customer service is by sending a direct email address to them. This helps in reducing the long talks of having to give them a phone call, you can directly forward your complaints to this email address. “” for Customer Service.

Chatting With An Expert On The Website


Another good option for you to get in touch with venmo without utilizing the venmo customer service Number is by talking to a tech expert on their website.

Submit a request from via venmo online website platform stating the difficulties you are experiencing with their platform. If you carefully follow those aforementioned steps, there is a high probability of getting instant replies to solve your problems.

What If My Venmo Account Gets Frozen?


This will only happen if perhaps an unknown intruder attempts to get into your venmo account without your details. 

Venmo will try to protect your money by freezing the account on till further notice, you can then proceed with venmo customer service number in order to get your account running back.

Although, this might require confirming your identity before verification takes place. 

Popular Venmo Frauds You Should Be Aware Of.


Almost every financial services provider has experienced the issue of having to manage customers who complain of being defrauded. For this issue, we’ve listed some common methods used by fraudsters to get your hard earned money on your venmo account.

  1. Calling a venmo user so as to obtain their account details: Venmo Customer Service will never call you on the phone to ask for your account details, they do not do this. 

So if you receive a phone call from someone pretending to be a venmo customer service agent, you had better be smart to detect the scam.

  1. Receiving a gift congratulatory message via text messages or email: Another way scammers use in getting your account information is by sending you a message, informing you that you’ve won a prize from Venmo.

This is not true as venmo will never do this.

  1. Tricking you to think they purchased an item using venmo application, which they never did. Their only goal is to get your venmo account information
  2. The last one is sending you a direct message and pretending to be a venmo customer service support.   

Will Venmo Refund My Money If I Get Scammed?


This is one of the frequently asked questions that has been going around for some time now, this is because of the rate at which venmo users are getting scammed. 

The most appropriate answer to this is to avoid being scammed, try as much as possible to go through the above popular venmo frauds section. Venmo might not be able to refund your money if you reveal your account details to fraudsters and end up getting scammed.

Will I Earn A Reward For Using Venmo Financial Service?


Venmo is a service that is easy to use, in addition to this they also provide their users with some little cashback bonuses. You can get rewarded for this if you frequently use their application.

Other ways to earn a reward is if you link your credit card to the application, you stand a chance to incur 3% fee discounts one whatever transactions you make while using the card option. 

Is Venmo Safe To Use?


However, you are free to use any transactional services you like but why will you reject an app like venmo which provides maximum security for the finances of its users. 

Additionally, venmo has a very good rating in the United States and for that reason it is safe to use. In case you probably experience difficulties with the app, you can contact venmo customer service number which have been revealed earlier in this article.

How Long Does It Take For Venmo To Credit My Account?


For every transaction on the venmo application, your account will get credit almost instantly as there is almost no delay in their delivery.

Nevertheless, it also delivers messages to your mobile phone, it might occur as a pop up after certain transactions have taken place.

This is a nice gesture as it gives you an update on how your finances are being controlled.

Who Owns Venmo?


Venmo app was originally operated by Braintree, this company was in control of venmo for sometime before the platform was eventually purchased by PayPal. The company has made it easy to make a standard transfer to your linked bank account.



No doubt, you must have gotten Venmo contact by now’. You have seen the venmo customer service number and email address to use and reach out to them. Well, if you have further questions, feel free to use the comment box below to ask. Also don’t forget to check our related articles on Venmo.