When I Remove A Friend On Venmo Do They Know? Find Out

When I remove a friend on Venmo, do they know? This is a pressing question we shall be addressing in this article. Venmo as a mobile banking app also displays a friendly social feed which has subscribers to friends interaction, your friends including those on Facebook and other social media platforms can see the history of your financial transactions once they become your Venmo friend.

Venmo is not like other banking apps like Chime where your financial transactions are not made public; rather , it allows your friends to view your transactions history. 

One amazing thing about Venmo is that it grants you permission to add friends from social media platforms, if you link your Facebook account to Venmo, it will automatically get access to your Facebook friends, and add any of them that have a Venmo account to your Venmo contact list.

When this happens, the first thing that will come to your mind is how to remove some of  them that you don’t want to know your financial status. Because of that, people have been asking “When I Remove A Friend On Venmo Do They Know?

This question is important because we know how disappointing it could be when you get a notification that one of your close friends has “unfriended” you on a social media platform, the same bad feeling is associated with your friend removing you on Venmo.

But before removing your friend on Venmo, it is pertinent to know whether your friend will be notified or not.  If you want to know more about what happens if you remove a friend from Venmo, you are in the right place, chill and relax as we go through it together.

When I Remove A Friend On Venmo Do They Know?


No, when you remove someone on Venmo, the person will not be notified that you have blocked them. But they will see if they are blocked when they look. So, to stop them from seeing it, it is recommended that you delete them from your contact list. By doing so, they will not be able to see anything concerning you at all.

Meanwhile, once you remove someone from your contact list, the person can still found you by whenever they search, but whenever you block someone, both of you can not send or request money from each other, and once that happens, they may believe that you have erased your Venmo account.

But in some instances, your friends may try searching for you using another account to confirm if you truly removed them or not.

However, having said that, you can now decide whether to remove your friend from your Venmo contact list or not. If you still want to remove your friend but you don’t know how to go about it, then, check out the next section below.

How To Remove Friends From Venmo App 


If you want to remove someone from your Venmo contact list, just follow these simple approaches:

  • Login to Venmo
  • Go to your friend’s Venmo profile
  • Choose “remove as friend”
  • Click on friends
  • Click on “unfriend” checkmark  in the app and that’s all.

How To Remove Friends From Venmo Using Web

  • Login to Venmo official website
  • Access your account
  • Go to your friend’s Venmo profile
  • On the site, tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner
  • Choose remove as friend
  • Click on the “Friends”
  • Click on ‘unfriend’ checkmark in the app and you are done.

How To Make Venmo Private


If you don’t want to make your Venmo transactions history public, Venmo has privacy settings where it gives you options to make your transaction history visible to yourself. There are three privacy settings in Venmo which are: private, friends only, and public. Let’s take a look at each of it one after the other.



Though primarily, the settings in Venmo is designed for public viewing but you can bypass the protocol and make it a private by following these simple procedures:

  • Sign in to Venmo.com
  • Go to settings
  • Click on privacy
  • Choose your preferred default privacy settings, here you will be giving three options, which are public, private, and friends only
  • Choose the one you want to set
  • Tap on save settings.



Once you set your Venmo for the public domain, all your financial transactions will be made public and anyone that has internet connection can see it.

Friends only


In this, your financial transactions will only be seen by your Venmo friends, which means that any of your friend that is not your Venmo friend can not see your transaction history.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Venmo?


In this section, I am going to be revealing to you what happens whenever you block someone on Venmo. Some of the things that will happen is enumerated below:

  • If you block someone on Venmo, both of you can no longer see and interact with each other in many ways.

In most instances, once you block someone, the person won’t be able to see your financial transactions from their end and vice versa. Also, both of you can not send or request money from each other.

Meanwhile, if you have any common friends on Venmo, they won’t be able to see that you blocked one of your friends.

  • If you block someone on Venmo and still mention them in your transactions, the will see your financial transactions

On most occasions, if you transfer money to someone and at the same time mention the person you blocked in the payment description, they will be able to see that transaction. But it is not possible for them to see your further transactions or requests from you not until you unblock them again.

It is also pertinent to note that if you have any pending transactions with someone and you block the person, that doesn’t mean that the pending transactions will be cancelled automatically. No, it doesn’t work that way but the blocking will take effect once those pending transactions are completed.

For example, if you requested $250 from the person and it is still pending and you went ahead to block the person, they will still view it but however, if you want to cancel a pending transaction whether payment or request, you can do that manually.

It is also worthy to know that once you block someone on Venmo, it doesn’t mean that you have blocked them on your computer device like phone. This implies that even if you block someone on Venmo, they can still contact and interact with you through your email address, SMS, or through your phone number. But if you totally want to avoid the person, you can do that by blocking them on your phone as well.

Who Can See Private Venmo Transactions


Private Venmo transactions can only be seen by the sender and the receiver of the money. This means that if your Venmo default setting is private, your transactions will not be made public. With this private settings, Venmo can only share your transactions on “your story”  tab.

How Can You Tell If Someone Blocks You On Venmo


The common yardstick to tell if someone has blocked you is by trying to request money from them but it wasn’t successful or you tried sending money to them and the transaction was aborted. Also, if someone blocks you, you won’t be able to see their profile.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Venmo


  • Go to the Venmo app 
  • Login to your account
  • Type the name of the person you think may have blocked you. Now, if you had the person in your contact before and it didn’t show up, then, it is either you are been blocked or they have deleted their Venmo account
  • However, if you are not sure if they were on your contact list, type their name and tap on ‘see more’

Then, it will bring Venmo subscribers that are not on your contact list, and if you didn’t find the person,  it is either you are blocked or the person has deleted their Venmo account.

How Does Blocking Someone On Venmo Effect Transaction History?


Normally, you may think that blocking people on Venmo will clear all the evidence of your past transactions with the person but the reverse is the case, your past transaction history will still be visible to the person but the person can only stop seeing your transaction history starting from the day you block them.

What Happens When You Friend Someone On Venmo?


The best and the simplest way to invite your friends to use Venmo is transferring money to them using their email address or phone number. And the person will show in your feed as new subscriber until they sign in.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Venmo And Then Unblock?


Once you unblock someone on Venmo, you can search for their profile again but they won’t be added to your contact list, hence, you will request for them instead.