How To Open Calculator Hide App Without Password

This blog post will teach you how to open calculator hide App without password iPhone & Android. Recently, I noticed that those who forgot their password are being restless, since they can’t open their calculator vault- app anymore.


Anyways, you don’t have to worry again, this article got you covered. With step by step guide, I will show you how to unlock calculator vault app without password iPhone, andriod, iOS etc.

You may have stumbled on random sites that failed to provide you with accurate information on how to open calculator hide App without a password. But I’m assuring you that, here is an end to the search.


We have provided you guys with two different methods to easily unlock vault App without password, and the two methods are working perfectly fine.

However, we also link a video to see how to achieve that too. So you see? Nothing will ever hinder you from opening your calculator +  vault App after going through this article very well.

What Is Calculator Vault App?


Calculator Vault App is a free mobile utility app, that can be used to hide media files, apps, behind a phone interface.

Hider hide, also known as calculator apps is mainly used by parents who wouldn’t want their kids to tamper with some of the media files in their phone.

However, a lot of youths use this calculator hide App to hide contacts, text messages, gallery and some apps from their phone. This is basically to avoid their friendship spying of their privacy.

This app enable you to put a password, which unlock the hidden media files when you put the password. And if eventually you forget the password, the below guidelines will show you how to open the hidden files without password. Carefully read the methods below;

Calculator + Vault App Password Recovery


Arguably, there are two reasons that triggers you to have the zeal to learn how to unlock Vault App.

  1. You forgot your calculator vault password.
  2. You want to spy on someone’s pictures, contacts, and other hidden files. Probably your spouse or children.

Well,  the only thing that doesn’t have solution is death. As long as it’s something that has to do with technology? We will try our possible best to help you get the solution to it.

How To Open Calculator Hide App Without Password


The information that I’m about to share now, works perfectly on iPhone, android, iOS etc. As a matter of fact, and phone at all can go. As long as you do exactly what you’re instructed to do here, definitely it will unlock and you will recover the password.

  • Get the phone you want to open the calculator vault App without password.
  • Enter 11223344 and press equal.
  • It will open instantly, that’s all. Make sure you enter exactly the above number.

N/B; this method is not guaranteed in all vault App. In a situation where the calculator Vault App is the advance one. It may not work. But don’t panic, follow the second method to clear everything at ones.

How To Unlock Vault App Without Password


Recall, I earlier told you guys that we have to different methods to open vault App without password. Here is the second method, Incase the first step didn’t work for you.

  • You will have to get the phone with calculator Vault App, and Go To Settings.
  • Navigate the App manager and locate the calculator+ vault App.
  • Then, open the app and clear the data.
  • That’s all, you now reset the password.

How To Recover Password On Calculator Vault App


If after going through this article and you weren’t able to unlock your calculator+ Vault App without password. Kindly watch this tutorial video till the end.



Wrapping up the tutorial on how to open calculator vault App without password iPhone & Android. I believe you have achieved your aim of being here today?

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