ALT Balaji Free Subscription Redeem Codes 2022 – New Redeem Codes

Have you ever thought of using a subscription based video provider without having to pay a dime? Do you use use Alt Balaji platform and want to find out about Alt Balaji Free Subscription Redeem Codes


You are at the right place because you will get every information you need about ALT Balaji and how to get a Free Subscription Redeem Codes in 2022. Stay tuned.

What Is ALT Balaji?



This might probably be your first time hearing about ALT Balaji and if not you would definitely learn more about the platform. ALT Balaji is a video streaming platform where you can enjoy all the latest shows and movies. 

The subscription based video on demand platform is used in India, the platform provides various digital entertainment which brightens your day, just like cable TV networks. 

It was founded 5 years ago by an Indian man known as Ekta kapoor, currently the subscription based video on demand platform is owned by Balaji telefilms limited. Since the launching of the platform, it has amassed millions of active paid users in india. Their website made claims that the platform is the largest content provider ever seen in India. 

How many users can use ALT Balaji?


In case you have been wondering and finding an answer to the number of users allowed to use ALT Balaji? The answer is ALT Balaji can be used by almost anyone but as it stands, a subscriber can log in from up to 5 devices with only one single account. The user can therefore access the platform’s content simultaneously.

Alt Balaji Free Subscription Redeem Codes


Many Alt Balaji users would like to get a free subscription of Alt Balaji platform, alt balaji free subscription redeem codes provides you with free access to so many entertainment content and web series such as romance, thriller, drama, suspense, romance, adult, comedy and many more. 

With alt balaji free redeem code, you would have access to unlimited programmes, more benefits are attached with using their application as new users get the first 4 episodes for free after that they will charge to subscribe on the next plan.

Here is a list of Alt Balaji free subscription redeem codes

  • Redeem code: ALTGHAQT
  • Redeem code: ALTRTCU
  • Redeem code: ALTGKEXP
  • Redeem code: ALTGN1FR
  • Redeem code: ALTGHAQT

With the above coupon code, you stand a chance to get a 15% discount on buying a one year subscription on the platform. In order to utilize this redeem code you need to initially visit Alt Balaji App or visit the Alt Balaji website, login with the necessary details and navigate to the free subscription offer page.

If you have found this, correctly input the redeem codes (ALTGHAQT). After doing this, you will then be able to enjoy a maximum discount while using the subscription based video provider.

Redeem code – ALTRTCU


The only difference between this coupon code and the first is the service they provide, applying this redeem code will enable an opportunity for you to get 3 months free subscription at rs.300.

Honestly, it’s a very affordable offer which you’ll definitely enjoy.

Redeem code – ALTGKEXP


A 20% discount is available on these coupon codes, all you need to do is to enter the above voucher code then boom, you get a full discount on a yearly free subscription to enjoy with friends and family.

Redeem code – ALTGN1FR


Getting loot discounts on your subscription plan has been made a lot easier with redeem codes. All you are expected to do is redeem Alt Balaji subscription promo code by visiting the subscription page, choose a package and input the code. 

Then, you are free to enjoy the unlimited offer with varieties of entertainment programmes.  

NOTE: One thing you should know is that the redeem codes come with a sort of different discount bonuses, so the quantity of your discount fee depends on the  Alt Balaji redeem code that was input into the platform. 

However, only online users can use this offer as it is very easy to activate. Although, the redeem codes might be valid for a very limited period of time.

Can I Get ALT Balaji Subscription For Free?


Although, you certainly can not get a subscription package on alt balaji for free totally. But you can get a discount bonus on every package you subscribe to if you make use of their free subscription redeem codes

I hope I have cleared your thoughts concerning this question, feel free to attempt the coupon codes on ALT Balaji platform.

How Do I claim My ALT Balaji Subscription?


Have you activated the redeem codes on your platform or are you having difficulties in claiming your ALTBalaji subscription? There is a way you can do this by logging into the ALTBalaji app or website, and locate a QR code on your screen.

You’re required to scan the code displayed on your screen in order to claim your subscription.

How Do I Scan QR Codes With ALTBalaji?


Not everyone has an idea about what a QR code is, this will make it a little tricky to scan on alt balaji website if you want to claim your subscription. A QR code is simply a system generated code which can be read by machines, they consist of an array of black and white squares. It is used for storing hidden information and URLs.

Nevertheless, Alt Balaji QR codes can easily be scanned using a mobile phone scanner or via other alternatives.

Can I Get A Free Alt Balaji Subscription Plan From Flipkart Plus Super Coin?


Another popular way of enabling free Alt Balaji subscription plans is with the use of Flipkart plus super coins. You need to have at least 250 coins in your account to begin this, if you have more than that, I think you can proceed with the activation.

You need to copy the redeem code you generated and login to ALT Balaji website, input the code as you select the subscription option on the left corner navigation menu bar. You will be requested to pick a subscription package, choose your preferred plan and confirm to pay Rs.0. 

After following the steps, you realize that ALT Balaji didn’t charge you any money as you can now enjoy the package, totally for free. Nevertheless, this applies only when you use Flipkart plus super redeem coins.

Alt Balaji Free Trial


There are only coupon codes which provide reasonable discounts on your package subscription, most huge bonuses are applied to long term subscriptions. Alt Balaji subscription contains both monthly and yearly packages.

It means that you might get a higher discount if you purchase a 6 months and a year subscription plan. They offer a three-month subscription for 100 rupees and a 12-month package for 300 rupees.



ALT Balaji video streaming platform is only available in India, so if you are in India, using this platform brings a lot of benefits as you can get these redeem codes to avail this offer. 

Although, moving from a free ALT Balaji subscription plan to the paid subscription option comes with a bunch of privileges and opportunities. Several interesting entertainment programmes will be provided for you to enjoy at will.