How To Stop Someone From Accessing Your Phone Remotely iPhone & Android

With step by step guide, I will teach you how to stop someone from accessing your phone remotely iPhone & android. If you notice that someone is accessing or spying on your phone remotely, and you want it to stop. Just take a chilled juice and digest it with this article. Because I will tell you what to do right now, and no one can be able to access your cell phone.


This method that I’m about to share right now, works perfectly on iPhone, android, iOS iPod etc. It’s not phone selective, you can easily apply this method and no one can access your phone remotely.

It’s cool, we are in the era of technology. We learn both good and bad, and make sure we apply them on our daily activities. Hacking or accessing someone’s phone has become, what some people feed from.


Though, in most cases” your phone is being access remotely by your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss or co-worker. This is merely to know what you’re up to. However, this can only be achieved when you give them the opportunity.

Anyways, you don’t need to bother yourself anymore. I will show you how to stop someone from accessing your phone remotely and also prevent it from happening again. It doesn’t cost anything, so you won’t spend a dime to secure your phone and privacy.

Someone Is Remotely Controlling My Phone – What To Do?


Whenever you discover that someone is remotely controlling or monitoring your phone, all you have to do is to perform the action posted here. You don’t need to worry yourself anymore, with the step by step guidelines provided here, you can easily put an end to it.

However, this mostly happen out of ignorance. Maybe you gave someone your phone to check something, without knowing that his/her intention is to hack and inject spying malware.

How To Stop Someone From Accessing Your Phone Remotely iPhone & Android

It’s very important to know people that tamper with your cell phone, apps and email files you download. Most times, they are softwares that give Phone data access to a third party.

How To Stop Someone From Accessing Your Phone Remotely iPhone & Android


  • Pick up Your Cell phone.
  • Dial ##21# and send
  • It will end Instantly
  • Ensure you dial the code to all your sim

The above is the primary action to take whenever you notice that someone is remotely controlling your phone. Or accessed your phone without your consent. The secondary method help you to prevent and also block the person from tapping your phone.

1. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi


Hackers can easily get access to your cell phone via public WiFi. You’re advised to try as much as you can to access your phone with private network.

This is mostly for those using Android phones, it’s easier to get most android phones hacked and data accessed than apple products. However, it’s not impossible to get access to iPhone data via WiFi, you should be very careful.

2. Don’t Give Your Phone To Strangers


A lot of people do this, more especially when they want to take selfie during summer and  vacation. Don’t give your phone to anyone you don’t trust, remember almost your day to day activities circles on phone. You may have data, you wouldn’t want anyone to know.

Though, in some cases” the people accessing your phone remotely are your loved ones. Probably your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. In issues like this, you will have to always dial the above code often” since they will be accessing your phone whenever your not around.

3. Do Not Install Unknown Apps


Some apps are very dangerous, more especially those that aren’t in Google play store and app store. Make sure apps you download are verified by Google play store and also read reviews about it before download.

Also, avoid downloading files from unknown email address. Most of them are hackers trying to tamper with your data.

4. Install Anti Spy Mobile Free


This app is super cool and will help you eradicate any form of unauthorized access to your cell phone. The app have a very good interface with good reviews. However, you can use it on both iPhone and Android.

Do you know the amazing thing here? It’s absolutely for free and you won’t pay a dime to start using it to protect your phone from being remotely controlled by someone. You get download the app directly from Google play store.



I will be dropping my pen here, and I believe you have see how to stop someone from accessing your phone remotely iPhone & android. If you have further questions concerning this topic, please feel free to ask us using the comment box below.

Prevention remains the better option, try as much as you can to protect your cell phone from being monitored remotely, by following the above guide.