Zelle Daily Limit – Zelle Weekly Limit ( How To Reset Zeller Sending Limit)

In this article, you are going to learn everything about Zelle Weekly limit, daily limit and how to reset Zelle sending limit placed on it. Zelle is like every other digital payment apps like Cash App and Venmo.


Zelle is however unique in the sense that it is backed up by many notable banks in the US. It allows you to send money directly to almost any bank in the US easily.

Despite its uniqueness, there is a transaction limit on every account. Join me as I take you through Zelle weekly limit for prominent banks in the US and how to reset your limit. 


What Is Zelle Limit?


Just like it is done with every other payment channel or bank, there is a limit to how much you can transact at a particular time with Zelle. This is what is referred to as the Zelle limit.

However, this limit is not just weekly. There are daily, weekly and monthly limits depending on the bank you operate with. 

Reasons For setting Up Zelle Weekly Limit.


You might be wondering why Zelle would have to set up a limit to withdraw your money. Why some see it as an insane act, others are left wondering the importance of placing a limit. Let’s examine two reasons. 

  • Security Of Your Account: security is one of the reasons for placing a limit on your Zelle Account. This is because if an unauthorized person gets access to your debit card, he would not be able to withdraw all the money in your account due to the limit placed on it.  Interesting isn’t it?
  • Government Policies: it might interest you to know that government policies are controlling the distribution of money in every economy. There is only so much that the bank is allowed to give out to its customers daily, weekly, or monthly. And as such, a limit is placed on every account.

With Zelle Limit, How Much I can receive?


Zelle limit does not affect how much you can receive in your account. However, there is a limit to how much the sender can send to you daily, weekly, or monthly.

All you have to do is to get yourself acquainted with the Zelle weekly Limit of your bank. 

Zelle weekly limit – For Top 7 U.S Banks


Another unique feature about Zelle is that it is supported by and partners with top banks in the U.S. The following paragraphs will highlight the Zelle  Weekly Limit for seven of these banks. And in cases where there are no weekly limits, we would look at the daily and monthly limits.

Bank Of America Zelle Limit


Bank of America, is one of the banks that partners with Zelle in the sending and receiving of money. The Zelle Weekly limit for Bank of America is dependent on the type of account operated by the customer, either an individual account or a business account.

For an individual account, you are allowed to transfer ten thousand dollars($10000) and a maximum of thirty (30) transfers weekly.  While for a business account, you are allowed to transfer forty-five thousand dollars  ($45000). 

Chase Bank Zelle Limit


For Chase Bank, there are no specific weekly limits. What it has is a daily limit that accumulates into a monthly limit. Chase has a daily limit of two thousand dollars ($2000) and sixteen thousand dollars ($1600) in a month.

However, for a private account, the customer is allowed to send five thousand dollars ($5000) a day and forty thousand dollars ($40000) per month. 

Wells Fargo Zelle Limit


Like Chase, Wells Fargo does not have a specified Zelle Weekly Limit. Clients of Wells Fargo have a daily limit of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2500) and a monthly limit of twenty thousand dollars ($20000).

With Wells Fargo Bank, however, this amount is subject to an increase depending on how long the person has banked with them. The limit changes from time to time do we advise that the customer continually check the information on Wells Fargo’s official site for updates. 

U.S. Bank Zelle Limit


U.S Bank is also one of the Zelle supporting banks. Its limits are daily and monthly. U.S Bank offers a daily limit of between 1500 and 2500 dollars per day.

And it accumulates into a monthly limit of 5000 and 10000 dollars. This amount is subject to change. 

Capital One Zelle limit


Zelle also partners with Capital One bank. Like its counterparts, Capital One does not have a weekly or seven days limit.

Rather, it has daily and monthly limits. A Capital One customer is allowed to send 2000 dollars a day with Zelle and 10000 a month. 

Citibank Zelle Limit


For Citibank, Zelle Weekly Limit is not known. The peculiar thing about Zelle as regards Citibank is that its limit varies with how long the customer has banked with them.

A new customer whose account is less than 90 days has a daily limit of 1000 dollars and 5000 dollars per month depending on the type of account. While a person whose account is above 90 days and operates a Basic and Access account, has a limit of $2000 dollars daily and $10000 dollars monthly.

However, if the account is Citigold or Citi private, the daily limit is $5000 dollars while the monthly limit is $15000 dollars. 

Ally Bank Zelle limit


Ally Bank has no weekly limit. Its daily limit is $500 dollars and the customer has up to 10000 dollars monthly limit. 

How To Increase Zeller Weekly Transfer Limit


We have earlier established that some of the daily, weekly, and monthly limits are subject to change or reset. Bank like Citibank will agree to change your limit but that will depend on how long you have been their customer.

They would also view your entire transaction history before setting a new limit for you.  To reset your Zelle limit, consider the following options.

  • Phone your bank to ask for an increase.
  • Choose a bank that has a higher weekly limit. 

3 Steps To Take When You Hit Your Zelle Weekly Limit.


Sometimes you are in serious need of money and have hit your daily, weekly, or monthly Zelle limit and you find yourself asking ” what do I do when I hit my Zelle limit? It could also be that there is an urgent need for huge amount money like payment of fees or rent and you sadly discover that you have hit four limits. Here are three things you can do in this situation.

  • Contact your bank for Zelle limit reset 
  • You can use an alternative payment channel like Cash App, PayPal, or Venmo. 
  • Visit a branch of your bank directly to make a withdrawal.

My Bank Does Not Support Zelle, What should I do?


If your bank does not offer or support Zelle, you can still send money by downloading Zelle App on your mobile phone and activating it. The limit for non-Zelle support banks is $500 dollars weekly. 



This article has been able to answer your questions bordering around the Zelle daily limit – Zelle Weekly limit and how to reset Zelle sending limit. Zelle offers you the security of your funds and serves as an easy way out for those who find going to the banking hall inconvenient.

The information on the article is subject to change, hence is advised that users always contact their banks for clarity.