How To Play Roblox On Google Chromebook

Probably you don’t wanna download the Roblox App because of one reason or the other, and you want to know how to play Roblox on Google, that is, how to play Roblox without downloading it; there is no need to worry as this article has got you covered.


Normally, there is no way to play Roblox on Google or on your web browser, without downloading the Roblox app. But due to one reason or the other, many people have been looking for any alternative way on how to play Roblox online, without downloading it.

And the good news is that we have come up with a sure strategy on how to play Roblox on Google or on your web browser, even without installing the Roblox App.


What Is Roblox And How Does It Work?


Roblox is a online gaming platform where game lovers can play different kinds of games they love.  One of the most interesting features of Roblox is that it allows users to create their own games on the platform. Because of this particular feature, there are over 50 million games available on the platform. This is because any game created by users are also available for any user to play.

The games created by users may be similar, but they don’t co-exist in the same gaming world. This means that each game created on Roblox is a different and separate game.

There are different kinds of games that can be found on Roblox, ranging from racing games, action games, and so on. However, users can always download any roblox game of their choice on the platform, and that is how to play Roblox for free.

One of the reasons Roblox has grown very popular since 2006 it was launched, is that it is available in almost any kind of gadget, including: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and so on. In any option you are going for, it is always required to create your roblox account before you would be able to play any game on Roblox.

What Should I Do First In Roblox?


Before we talk about how to play Roblox on Google, let’s first of all understand the first thing you need to do on Roblox to get started with their games.

The first thing you should do first once you access the Roblox Website is to create your account. Just as I have said earlier, you may not be able to play any game on Roblox until you have created your roblox account. Once you access the roblox official website, click on sign up, and fill out the fee details required from you to create account.

How To Play Roblox On Google


Normally, for you to be able to play Roblox, you would have to download the Roblox App. You may be able to create your roblox account on the Roblox Website, but for you to be able to play the Roblox games, you would have to download the Roblox App, either for your mobile phones, PC, Chromebook, etc. 

But if you are searching for how to play Roblox on Google, it means you probably want to play Roblox on your Google chrome web browser. You probably want to know how to play Roblox without downloading it.

However, we have got some tricks on how to play Roblox on Google, and that’s what we gonna share with you right away!

The only way to play Roblox on Google, without downloading it, is through a platform called “” This platform makes it very possible to play Roblox games right from your web browser, without having to download the roblox app.

  • To do this, you just have to visit:
  • Click on “Play in Browser”.
  • Click on launch game.
  • Sign in or sign up. 
  • Select any game of your choice and start playing.

How To Play Roblox Games


Having known the strategy on how to play Roblox on Google, let’s now understand the general idea on how to play Roblox online.

It would be nice to know that Roblox is not just a game, it is a gaming platform which has different kinds of games, over 50 million of them there.

Whether you are playing on Roblox app or you are playing without downloading the app, you can play Roblox on your mobile phone, PC, Chromebook, etc.

Playing Roblox Games on PC


Now that you have known the commands with which you can play Roblox games, let’s now take the bold step of playing our games for the first time.

  • Visit the official Roblox Website (
  • Create your roblox account or sign in to your account if you already have an account.
  • Locate any game of your choice click on the green Play button.

For those playing Roblox on PC, there are specific commands that are used to play/control the games. However, you can edit/customize these commands the way you want them to be.

But by default, here are some keys/commands for playing Roblox games, and what they do.

  • W or up arrow key = Move forward
  • S or down arrow key = to move backward
  • A or left arrow key = to move to the left
  • D or right arrow key = to move to the right
  • Spacebar = to jump

Like I said earlier, you can customize these settings and reassign different functions to the keys of your choice.

Gaming keyboards can also be equipped and unequipped using the Keys: 1, 2, 3. You can drop tools with the backspace key and use tools by clicking the left mouse button.

Understanding The Roblox Games


  1. To get a feel for Camera, you would have to get a feel for the right mouse button and move the mouse to pan the camera. It is also possible to turn it with left or right, using the keys <, >, or even the left & right arrow Keys.
  1. To climb a ladder, you would have to move towards the ladder using the W key or the upp arrow Key. 
  1. As you move about in your games, you may encounter objects. You can always move, delete or copy these objects, using the click, Copy or Delete tools.
  1. Setting your camera: There are two modes you can set your camera, they are: the Classic mode and the Follow mode. When you set the camera in classic mode, it will always remain in a fixed spot, unless you adjust it manually. But when you set the camera on Follow mode, the camera will always follow your character as you move towards any direction.

You can always change your camera mode by clicking on the menu button in the top left hand corner.

  1. Resetting your character. To reset your character, just click the top left corner, and click on “reset character” which is sometimes represented by the letter “R”. Then click enter.
  1. When you are done playing your games, and you want to quit, just press “ESC” key to leave the game.
  1. You can also chat on Roblox, as it’s also a social platform. To chat on Roblox, just click the key “/”.



Wrapping up the content here, I hope you have learnt how to play Roblox on Google? Feel free to use the comment box below to give us feedback.