Snapchat Device Ban Fix 2023 – How To Get Unbanned From Snapchat

Are you one of those searching for solutions to “Snapchat device ban fix?” Do you want to know how to get unbanned from snapchat on your phone? Could it be that you want to know the reason why Snapchat banned my iPhone? You are at the right place to learn about all of these so get rid of your worries.


In this article, we will see some reasons why Snapchat banned your iPhone and how to get it fixed. 

“Snap chat banned my iPhone” can be a very disheartening situation and what can be most accurately termed, Joy Killer. Snapchat is a popular social media platform where users are allowed to snap and edit photos, and share photos, videos, and messages with friends and contacts. 


This platform is used on mobile phones and PC as it is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. However, more and more users keep complaining about the Snapchat ban on their iPhones with the caption “snap chat banned my iPhone”

Why did Snapchat ban my iPhone, how long would it ban hold, would Snapchat unlock my account, how can I fix Snapchat banned my iPhone. Find out the answers to these and more as we proceed into the article properly. 

Does Snapchat Support iPhones?


To start the discussion on Snapchat banned my iPhone, let us see if it is permitted to use snap chat on iPhones. Fortunately yes, Snapchat is legally permitted on iPhones. As stated earlier, Snapchat is used mostly on mobile devices and iPhones are one of them. So it is not illegal to use Snapchat on iPhones as it is supported. 

Haven established its legality, the question that comes to mind here is why then did Snapchat ban my iPhone? The next paragraph has the answer to that. 

Why Did Snapchat Ban My iPhone?


As highlighted earlier, this is a common problem. So be rest assured that you are not the only one going through this. Carefully read with me to know the reasons why others like you complain about Snapchat banned my iPhone below

Violation Of Snapchat Terms


One reason why Snapchat banned your iPhone is when you violate the terms of service. There are guidelines as well as regulations guiding the use of Snapchat. So when any of those terms are violated like the posting of a drug-related snap, then Snapchat would ban your device hence you would say “snap chat banned my iPhone. 

Sending Spam Messages?


Snapchat does not allow the sending of spam messages with the app. It is an invasion of privacy and as such anyone who engages in it is at the risk of getting banned either an iPhone user or an Android.

So, if you are saying Snapchat banned my iPhone and you want to know the reason, this might be just it. If not, read the next reason. 

Adding Too Many Friends With An Unverified Account


Of course ” Snapchat banned my iPhone” might also be a result of adding many friends when your account is not verified. The verification process for Snapchat does not take a long time and it’s quite easy to do by sending your email and a few other information. Failure to do this on your iPhone can result in getting banned when adding many friends. 

Sending Unsolicited Sexual Content Or Nude Photos


Your account would also get banned if you send nude photos or sexual content or any other harassing messages or photo to people on the app. 

Snapchat App Update


The last reason Snapchat banned my iPhone that would be discussed here is the App update. When Snapchat releases an update, many accounts get locked or banned in the process. This however is not a great course of alarm in most cases as they are later unlocked. The Snapchat ban on iPhones was a big problem for a long time. 

As reported by Tech Crunch, this was due to an Ad sent to an iPhone user in 2018 that wasn’t recognized by the App. However, recent updates have helped to solve that. 

How Do I Know That Snapchat Banned My Phone? 



The easiest way to know that Snapchat banned your iPhone is when you get an on-screen notification reading “your account has been temporarily locked.

Please go here for more info on why this happened” this is the first way to know. When this message is sent, it is expected that you get some info to unlock it. 

Snapchat Device Ban Fix

However, after every effort, you get a notification saying “permanently banned”, then you should know that Snapchat banned your iPhone. 

Also, Snapchat banned my iPhone. It can be known when you log in with your iPhone and you get logged out within 2 to 3 minutes. 

Furthermore, the problem is visible when you are unable to create a new account using your iPhone but you can do that successfully with other phones or devices. 

Is Snapchat Ban On My Phone Permanent?


From several reports gathered, it can be said that the Snapchat ban on your iPhone is not permanent.  It would only last for some time after which it would be lifted. 

How Long Does Snapchat Ban On My Phone Last?


Moving further with ” Snapchat banned my iPhone” I would like to state here that there is no specific time frame that the ban would be lifted. However, speculations have it that a Snapchat ban usually lasts between a few weeks to about 6 months. 

Agreed that 6 months is a long time so let’s see how you can fix Snapchat banned my iPhone. 

How To Get Unbanned From Snapchat


At this moment, your unwavering attention is needed as I take you through how to fix “snapchat banned my iPhone.” We will be looking at 5 ways to do that below. 

Update Your Android/ iOS System


One way to fix Snapchat banned my iPhone is to update your iOS system to the latest version. After doing that, go ahead and uninstall all third-party apps and plugins. This might help to unlock the ban.

Reinstall Snapchat On Your iPhone


Going further with our discussion on “snap chat banned my iPhone” let’s see another way to fix it. This is quite simple to do. It requires that you uninstall the snapchat app on your iPhone, and redownload it. When this is done, it usually fixes any problem that you previously had with the app. 

Scan Your Phone For Virus Or Malware


One reason why you would experience a ban from snapchat on your iPhone is when there is a virus or malware. To fix this and get your snapchat running again, take these steps to scan for viruses and malware. 

  • Go to your App store and download SnapSentry. 
  • Open it and tap on start scanning. 
  • If it says there is no issue with your phone, click on start scanning again. 
  • Click on “find malware”

Update Date And Time


Updating the date and time of your phone is another way to fix the problem of “Snapchat banned my iPhone”. This will take the date forward to how long the ban was meant to last. This is how to update the date and time.

  • Delete your Snapchat app
  • Restart your device without changing the default settings.
  • Go to setting, click on General, and then on Date and Time. 
  • Change the date and time to between 2 to 6 months ahead. 
  • Download Snapchat again and create a new account. 

Contact Snapchat Support


This is the best way to solve the problem of snapchat banned my iPhone. This is done by logging into your account on the Snapchat website at or

  • Navigate to snapchat support
  • Select contact us
  • Choose I have a login issue and then click on I can’t log in to Snapchat. 
  • Choose either I forgot my password or I think my account was locked. 
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on “still need help” and then choose yes. 
  • Drop some information about your account or write a note to help the team understand the issue. 

After taking these steps, wait while your account is worked on and the ban lifted.



Throughout this blog post, you have learned the reason why Snapchat banned your iPhone and 5 ways to get it fixed. We also looked at how long the ban should last and so much more.

I hope that after applying the steps and methods described in this post, the issue of “Snapchat banned my iPhone” would be a thing of the past.