How To Fix” TV Remote Control Not Working

Is Your TV remote control not working? Do you want to know the causes and how to easily fix them without having to spend money? If you answered affirmatively then you don’t have to miss reading this article for anything in the world. 


Here we are going to expose you to the causes of TV remote control not working as well as 5 ways to fix it. Added to these, we will also provide answers to some other questions that bother around this topic. 

The TV remote control is an essential device made to monitor and direct the working of the Television. All brands and products of TVs either analog, digital, or even Android come with remote control. With the remote control, you do not have to use your hands to operate the TV directly on the screen. Remotes are usually handy and easy to use. 


TV remote controls are usually made of a circuit panel, buttons of various sizes and functions, and powered by batteries. We can say that the remote is the powerhouse of the TV. Little wonder it called for worry when the TV remote control is not working.

So in this piece, we would be looking at some of the causes of TV remote control not working which will then lead us to proffer solutions by learning how to fix TV remote not working as well as alternatives to TV remote in the operation of your TV. Read with me as we dive straight into it. 

Common Problems Of TV Remote Control


Let’s begin the discussion of TV remotes not working by presenting a list of common problems faced by the TV remote. This is because when people say their TV remote is not working, it comes in different ways. Some of the issues are

  • Remote not responding at all.
  • Remote responding slowly
  • All or some buttons not working. 
  • Voice option not operational, etc. 

Why Is My TV Remote Not Working? 


Haven seen how the problem of the TV remote not working manifest above. We would in this section look at the reasons why the TV remote is not working. 

Wear And Tear


One of the reasons for the Tv remote control not working is wear and tear. This results from long and continuous usage. As you use your remote every day, pushing the buttons against the panel, it ages gradually and it would get to a time when it would stop working. 

Spoilt Batteries


Another possible reason for the TV remote control not could be spoiled batteries. Remember we stated earlier that the remote works with a pair of batteries. Batteries do not last forever. So there is the likelihood that the batteries are bad hence it isn’t working. 

Improper Battery Installation


When your batteries are not installed into the remote control in the right way, it would not work. 

Dirt, Debris, And Water 


As you use the remote, there is the propensity of storing dirt and debris from dust and sand. When these are accumulated in the panel or below the buttons, then you would experience the TV remote not working. Also, when water gets into the remote control, it can stop it from working. 

Loosed Buttons


The buttons of your remote can get loose probably from falling and hitting it on the floor. When this happens, it loses contact with the panel thereby stopping it from working. 

Can I Fix TV Remote Control Not Working?


Of course yes you can fix it. When TV remote control stops working, do not be in a hurry to discard or replace it. You can work your way around it and fix it. Some of the ways or methods of fixing your TV remote control not working are discussed below. 

How To Fix TV Remote Control Not Working


In the paragraphs below, we would be discussing in detail various means, ways, or methods of fixing your TV remote not working. So continue reading with me. 

Change The Batteries


The first solution that comes to mind when the TV remote control is not working should be to change the battery. However, before going to get a new set of batteries, remove and reinstall the old batteries to confirm if the problem is improper installation. 

If it doesn’t work after reinstalling old batteries, then go ahead and get a new set of batteries. 

Fix Buttons With A Keypad Repair Kit


The keypad repair kit comes with brushes that can be used to repair TV remote control not working and other devices like calculators, door handles, etc. But the one that comes with brushes, alcohol-based cleaning fluid, and conductive paint. Then take these steps to use it. 

  • Snap the remote to know the positions of each button.
  • Wash The Buttons of your remote by removing them either individually or the entire sheet depending on the type of remote. Get a bowl of warm water, and detergent, and use one of the brushes in the kit to wash the buttons. 
  • Now rinse the buttons and the plastic case with running water till they are no more sticky and without debris. 
  • Keep them in a spot with good air circulation to dry. 
  • Deep a cotton bud in the rubbing alcohol and clean the buttons and circuit. 
  • Rub the keypad contact underneath each button with conductive paint and rest on the circuit board
  • Allow the remote to dry for about 72 hours before putting it back together. 

Fix Buttons With The Use Of Aluminum Foil


To fix the TV remote control not working using this method, first take a note of the buttons not working. Deep a button swap in your rubbing alcohol and rub the surface of all the buttons. Cut your aluminum foil into small sizes that can fit into the buttons.

Glue the foil to the none functioning contact. You can do this with either a contact adhesive or glue. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes, reassemble the remote and test it to see if it is working. 

Fix TV Remote Not Working By Cleaning The Battery Terminal


Take these steps to fix the TV remote not working by cleaning the battery terminal. 

  • Put on your gloves and allow ventilation to the area.
  • Take out your batteries and use either vinegar or lemon juice in a cotton swap to neutralize the area. 
  • With the cotton swab, scrub away all corrosive stains. You can add baking soda for stubborn stains. 
  • Use a piece of sandpaper to scrub the electrical contact area. 
  • Install new batteries and test your remote. 

How To Care For Your TV Remote Control


To avoid the TV remote control not working, take the following precautions to care for your TV remote. 

  • Keep it on a high surface away from the reach of children 
  • Do not leave the batteries in the terminal for a long time. 
  • Avoid stepping on your remote. 
  • Do not keep close to water. 
  • Clean it regularly with a dry piece of cloth to remove dirt and debris. 


How Can I Use My TV Without A Remote Control?


Most TVs have a power button or joystick located either beside, behind, or beneath the television. With that, you can power and use your TV. The only disadvantage with that is that you may not be able to do some other functions that the remote control will do like switching channels, volume, etc. 

Can I Use My Phone As A TV Remote Control? 


Yes, you can. All you have to do is to download the Google TV remote control from your play or App Store, install it and use it. Read more on Google TV Remote Here.



This article has explained the causes of TV remote control not working. We also proffered solutions to the problem by explaining 5 methods of how to fix TV remote control not working.

To avoid fixing your remote always, tips on how to care for your remote were clearly stated. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.