Fixed – Spotify AutoPlay Not Working On iPhone & Android Devices

Are you furious and fed up with Spotify Autoplay not working? Let’s help you fix it and get rid of your worries while enjoying your music on Spotify by reading this article on how to fix spotify autoplay not working you will in car, iPhone, Google home, android, PC or computer.


Spotify has become very much popular for music in recent times. This is because apart from its public playlist, it discovers other music for you in line with your choice of music. It also goes further to compile daily or weekly playlists for you to enjoy more music. 

Thanks to the autoplay feature of Spotify, your music does not stop when one song finishes playing. Instead, it keeps on playing similar songs to keep the party going and for much more entertainment.


Seeing how beautiful, entertaining, and less tasking the Spotify autoplay play feature is, it is quite understandable when users complain about Spotify autoplay not working. It is such a high nuisance but there is no cause for alarm. This article will teach you how to fix Spotify autoplay not working. 

Why Is My Spotify Autoplay Not Working?


Spotify autoplay not working has become a very common problem among Spotify users. Suffice to say here that it isn’t without a cause. There are some reasons why your Spotify autoplay would stop working. Although these are not always the case, there are chances that one or more of these are the causes of Spotify autoplay not working. Let’s highlight a few of them below. 

  • Spotify App needs an update. 
  • Interruption from battery optimization apps
  • Interruption from Cache clearing app
  • Having your Data or Power saving settings on can also mess up with the Spotify app. 

How To Fix Spotify Autoplay Not working On iPhone, In car, Android, Google Home, Alexa.


Since we have seen how previous the problem of Spotify autoplay not working is. And we also have seen some of the possible causes, join me as we proper solutions to the problem by explaining how to fix Spotify Autoplay not working in the next paragraphs. Every paragraph has a solution so do not skip any of them for anything in the world. 

Update Spotify App And Device Software.


Spotify autoplay not working may be a result of an outdated app or device software. So you can solve this by simply updating your Spotify mobile application and your Android or IOS software. 

Turn Off Battery Optimization Or Cache Clearing Application


Remember we earlier stated that having your battery optimization or cache clearing applications running on your device could be a reason for Spotify autoplay not working. 

So to make it work again, you can simply turn those applications off. Alternatively, you can add Spotify as an exception to those so they do not mess with the working of the app. Do the same if you have your data saver turned on. 

Reinstall Your Spotify App.


This is one of the best ways to solve the problem of Spotify autoplay not working. This process is termed Clean Reinstall ( “Clean reinstall” in this case does not necessarily delete and reinstall the app as you would do with other apps.

With Clean Reinstall, all corrupted files associated with previous installations are removed thereby reinstalling the app with a clean slate. Read on to know how to carry out a clean reinstall. 

How To Perform A Clean Reinstall


We will be looking at how you can perform a clean reinstall of your Spotify app using an iPhone as a case study. Let’s begin. 

  • Open the Spotify app on your iPhone and tap on the home icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  • At the top left corner of the next tab, click on the settings icon. 
  • Navigate downward and select storage. 
  • Click on delete cache. 
  • Select delete cache on the confirmation pop-up. 
  • Now go to Settings on your iPhone and click on General.
  • Tap “iPhone storage”
  • Tap to open Spotify from the list of apps. 
  • Click on “offload app”. This is to help you delete the app without deleting its data and documents. 
  • Tap on “Offload app” on the confirmation pop-up. 
  • Click on Delete App. 
  • Confirm it again on the pop-up prompt. 

Shut your phone down for some minutes after which you can switch on and reinstall the App. After reinstalling Spotify from your App store, open and log into your account.

With this, the problem of Spotify autoplay not working should be a thing of the past. If it still does not work after doing this, try other options that would be explained below. 

Play Song With Google Assistant


This solution works well for Android phones where Spotify autoplay is not working. This is done by asking google assistance to place any song of your choice on Spotify. After playing the desired song, autoplay will keep other songs playing. 

Remove And Re-Add A Song


Another option that would be explored in fixing Spotify Autoplay not working is deleting a song from the playlist and adding it again. The song to be deleted should be in the middle of the album. The essence of this is for the playlist to reshuffle. Add the song again and press play. Then watch if autoplay works now. 

Log In With Another Device


The last option to explore is like an additional pack to log in to your Spotify account with another device. If autoplay works well on that device then you should know that the problem is from the settings of your device. 

However on the other hand it does not work on the new device, then the problem is for your Spotify account. In this case, it is ad iced that you contact Spotify to fix the problem with your account. 

How Can I Contact Spotify Customer Service?


The best way to contact Spotify customer support is by logging in to Here you can work around the site to chat with a representative. 

You can also contact Spotify to get help by going to the Spotify community. There you can tweet the most knowledgeable people in the community called stars @askspotifystars

Furthermore, you can tweet a Direct message on Twitter at @spotifycares. 



As beautiful as playing music on Spotify is, Spotify autoplay not working can frustrate your fun hence there is a need to get it fixed.

Some of the possible causes of Spotify autoplay not working as well as how to get it fixed on your Android, iPhone, Redmi, or any other devices were discussed in the article above. If the problem persists after trying out all measures above, use the means articulated in the last paragraph to seek support from Spotify.