{ Fixed } Google TV Remote Not Working

Are you worried about why your Google TV remote is not working? Are you interested in knowing how to fix it? Don’t worry anymore, as we are here to help you with that need. 

In this article, we are going to expose you to the reasons why your Google TV remote is not working and also take you through the process of fixing it up for use again without going through much stress.  I bet you can tell that this is going to be very helpful already. So let’s get started. 

Google TV has become a vital appliance in many homes and offices, especially for streaming. It is even more effective when accessed with Chromecast. As you can do live recording and streaming of your favorite TV programs and channels. To heighten its effectiveness, the Google TV remote was introduced to help control and easily manipulate the TV. 

However, on many occasions, users are faced with the challenge of the Google TV remote not working. Why does that happen, what are the causes, how can it be fixed and what can be done to prevent future occurrence. These are the issues that will be handled as you read every bit of this article to the end. 

How Does Google TV Remote Work? 


Before we begin to answer the query about the Google TV remote not working, join me as we peer a little bit into the functions and how the google tv remote works. 

As recorded in the 2020 review of Google Chromecast on theverge.com, the Google Chromecast is a beautiful upgrade that is much different from the 2013 google streaming stick. It has a variety of amazing features and the Google TV remote is one of them. 

The Google TV remote is portable and very easy to use especially as it has well-spaced buttons for more convenient control. The google Tv remote also has a Google Assistance button which you can press and hold while making a voice search. Isn’t that amazing? What’s more? It also uses a shortcut for YouTube and Netflix searches. 

The Google TV remote has a power and volume button as well as an input button. With the input button, you can switch over your TV to the Chromecast without using another remote. It comes with two AAA batteries that help to power it. With the working established, let’s now see why your Google TV is not working. 

Why Is My Google TV Remote Not Working?


Despite the amazing features of the Google TV remote, users oftentimes make complaints like Google TV remote not working. There are several reasons why your Google TV remote is not working. 

This may be due to faults in one or more of the buttons like the volume button, power button, source button, Google TV remote light stays on but not working, Google TV remote is stuck in pairing mode, and so on. If you are experiencing one or any of these, join me as we troubleshoot some of the reasons why your Google TV remote is not working below. 

1. Wrongly Placed Or Uncharged Batteries


One of the reasons why your Google TV remote is not working is because the batteries were either placed wrongly or there is a shift in the battery placement. If this happens, there is no way the Google TV remote can work. So getting it fixed as we would explain later in the article is the only solution. 

2. Needs An Update


Your Google TV remote is most likely not going to work if you haven’t updated it in a while or it needs an update. There is a need to regularly update your Google TV remote without which it is likely going to malfunction. 

3.Pairing Problem


Google TV remote not working might also be a result of a pairing problem. This can be fixed by repairing the remote buttons and the Chromecast. So now let’s see how these issues can be resolved or fixed. 

How To Fix Google TV Remote Not Working


To solve the problem of the Google TV remote not working, here are some of the actions you can take. 

Check The Batteries


When your Google TV remote is not working, the first thing to do is to check whether the batteries are fully charged. After ascertaining that, remove the battery cover at the back of the remote to see if they are wrongly placed. Remove the batteries and reinsert new ones. 

Reinstall The Batteries


Here is another way to solve Google TV remote not working. Rather than inputting new batteries, you can also remove the old ones, allow them to rest for a while, probably a few minutes, and reinsert them. After this, press + home button for the remote to pair.

Reset Remote Buttons 


Carrying out remote buttons reset is another way to solve Google TV remote not working especially when it is associated with the malfunctioning of one or more buttons. Take these steps to set up your Google TV remote buttons. 

  • Navigate to the home screen and click on the avatar icon at the top right corner. 
  • Click on the setting gear at the top right corner of the next page. 
  • Navigate downward and click on “remote accessories”
  • Now click on Set Up Remote Button on the next slide. 
  • Choose your device 
  • Tap on set up buttons. 

With this process completed, your buttons would work appropriately. If the Google TV remote doesn’t work after that, try other options of how to fix Google TV remote not working. 

Restart Device


Restarting your device is another solution to Google TV remote not working. This is because many apps 

running in the background can result in problems. So restarting the device would help to close some of the apps running in the background thereby decluttering the system for proper functioning. 

To do this, unplug the power cord of your device and leave it for a minimum of one minute. Plug it again and see if it works correctly. 

Perform An Update


Moving further with how to fix Google TV remote not working, checking for and performing an update can help. To perform an update on your device, simply navigate to Settings, click on “System”, tap on ” About” and check for a system update. If there are any pending updates, launch them and your remote will work perfectly. 

Pair Remote. 


This is the last option that I would be discussing on how to fix the Google tv remote not working. To do this you have to download the Google TV remote app on your mobile phone. Install it and remove the remote through your phone in the Google TV Settings. 

After doing that, you can then go ahead and pair the remote with your Chromecast again. To put the device on pairing mode, press the home and the bank buttons together until it shows light. 


Why Is My Google TV Remote Volume Not Working? 


Your Google TV remote volume is most likely not working because it was wrongly placed. 

How Can I Fix Google TV Remote Volume Not Working? 


To fix this, simply take the following steps. 

  • Navigate to Settings on your home screen.
  • Click on Remote and accessories
  • Select “set up remote buttons” from the options given. 
  • Click on Add Device.
  • Select TV.
  • Click on Volume to configure the volume button. 

What Does The Light On My Google TV Remote Mean?


The light below the power button of your remote helps to tell you the status of your remote. Either the remote is off or on. 



The Google TV remote not working problem which is a common challenge among users is caused by several factors as discussed in the article. How to fix the problem and get your remote working perfectly again was also detailed in this post. Carefully follow the steps explained above and get yours fixed.