{ Fixed } Samsung Smart Lock Not Working

Have you ever tried unlocking your Samsung phone and you see such notification like “Samsung smart lock not working?” Seriously, it is always challenging. It’s just the same way you will if you lock your computer device and boom it refuses to unlock, that awkward moment is usually annoying. 

But have you ever imagined what could be the cause? No worries, in this article I succinctly pinpointed the major things that always cause the issue of Samsung smart lock not working. Stay tuned as I take you through the causes and possible solutions to Samsung smart lock not working issue.

What Is Google Smart Lock


Google smart lock as the name implies is a smart and intelligent way of securing your computer device. It is also known as Android Smart Lock and it was first introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. It’s primary objective is to constantly aid their users to unlock their phones even without the use of password or security code, isn’t that amazing?

Google smart lock automatically unlock your computer device when ever it recognizes a familiar scenario like your environment using IP address or once it recognizes your face. 

Though it is always annoying that with Google smart lock, if you are at home your device will stay unlocked but while you are at work, you would have to unlock it yourself.

However, most times, the Google smart lock may fail to unlock on your mobile phones, especially Samsung mobile phones. In this case, you will see such notification like “Samsung smart lock not working”. Seriously this situation is always challenging, but I have made this article to help you out.

How To Configure Your Samsung Device To Start Using Smart Lock


Before you start wondering why and how to fix Samsung smart lock not working, first of all ask yourself, is my phone in right configuration to use Google smart lock? Let me help you to answer the question now.

Smart lock feature is configured such that it unlocks your device automatically under some conditions, like you set it to unlock, for instance, when it recognizes your face or voice, when you are carrying it with you or when it is connected to a Bluetooth device. 

But your device cannot perform this magic without proper settings. To get your device ready for the above mentioned tasks, ensure you have an active Internet connection, preferably a wifi connection which can give you access to unlimited data, go to settings and choose the modus operandi for your device.

Causes Of Google Smart Lock Not To Work?


As we are aware that no technology is perfect, Google smart lock is not an exception, that is why I deem it appropriate to articulate what usually cause Samsung smart lock not working. Many users have reported that it doesn’t work for them but the good news is that the causes are here with the possible solutions. Below are some of the reasons why Google smart may not work in your device.

1.Compass Not Calibrated


As you are aware that Android utilizes in-built compass to select and retrieve location, If your Android has hardware issue or it is not properly caliberated, your device will not be able to determine whether your location is trusted or not.

2. Location Accuracy


If you have low location accuracy in your Android, there may be scenarios  where Google may fail to determine your exact location, hence, it will not unlock your device as expected. This problem of location accuracy can be solved by setting the location accuracy very high 

3. Bug In Android 8


Bug in Android version 8 is another challenge that several users faced because it use to have a “blank” smart lock screen when opened. But the good news is that this problem can be solved by updating the version to the latest bubuild.

4. Location Not Set Correctly


Another cause is if your location is not properly set, (for instance, the location is set your main street instead of your house), the smart lock will not work.

5. Work Email Is Associated


Once you register in your device with your work email, your work place will override all the security settings in your device, smart lock inclusive. In this case, the smart lock will not work unless you remove the work email and log in using your usual Google email.

6. Multiple Devices Using Google Account


When  you have multiple devices using the same Google account, there might be scenarios where Google gets confused, hence, your smart lock will not work optimally.

7. Play Services Are Battery Optimized


The working Principle of Google’s smart lock are play services that are present in Android. Recently, Google upgraded a feature where applications get their battery optimized which sleeps the application when not in use, there are instances were users optimized and their smart lock stopped working.

8. Third-party Applications


There are also scenarios where third-party applications confuses the Smart Lock, hence, it stops working. If you notice this, all you have to do is to boot your device in safe mode and then diagnose which one was causing the problem.

9. Bad Cache Partition


There are also cases where the cache partition in your phone gets corrupt or accumulated by virus data. All you have to do is to wipe it in safe mode and guess what?  The trick will work and your Google smart lock will work.

How To Fix Your Samsung Smart Lock Not Working


For  you to get your Google smart lock work again, follow this simple guide

  •  Calibrate your compass
  • Turning on High Location Accuracy
  •  Re-enabling Smart Lock from Trusted Agents
  • Using Coordinates for Trusted Places
  •  Checking if Google Account is used in more devices
  •  Removing Work Email

N/B; The above named causes and solutions is not the only reason why Samsung Smart Lock Not Working, there are many other numerous reasons why smart lock may not work. 

Categories Of Google Smart Lock


As you have known some reasons for  Samsung Smart Lock Not Working, let me still give you some types of Google smart lolock.

1.On-Body Detection


This help to keep your device unlocked whenever you are carrying the device with you.

2. Trusted Places


It  keeps your device unlocked when you are  in a trusted location.

3. Trusted devices


This helps to keep your device unlocked when a trusted Bluetooth device is connected to it.

4. Trusted face


Your device unlocks when it recognises your face.

5. Voice Match


This is one of the best category as it allow you to access and interact with Google Assistant even if your screen is locked. 


How To Enable Smart Lock


Below are the easiest way on how you can enable a smart lock on your device:

Step1: Ensure you have a set pattern, PIN or password for your screen lock

Step2: Find and tap settings

Step3: Choose your security code and advance to trust agents

Step4: Drag the slider beside Google smart lock to the right

Step5: Tap the back arrow nest to Trust agents and tap smart lock

Step 6; Enter your pattern, Pin or password.

And guess what? Your smart lock is enabled.

It is pertinent to note that you need to enter this screen lock any other time you want to change your Smart Lock settings. 

choose a Smart Lock type and follow the on-screen instructions to enable it. 


  1. The Smart Lock feature may not be available in every market, country or region. Keep in mind that Smart Lock as a security feature is less secure than a pattern, PIN, or password. 
  2.  The Smart Lock feature is developed and designed by Google and the exact functionality may change over time due to updates from Google as part of their policy



No doubt, you must have learnt how to fix Samsung smart lock not working. You can refer to our related articles for more guide. Or, use the comment box below to give us feedback after trying the above method.