How To Turn Off Google Smart Lock On Any Device

This article is going to show you how to turn off Google smart lock. Stay turned! Currently, technology is taking over almost all part of human endeavors including the communication sector. As the technology advances, cyber experts are working assiduously in improving  the security of high-tech devices, that is why Google smart locks are embedded in phones.

Hence, it is apt to know Where Google Smart Lock Is Located On Your Device. Since this security app is found in almost all computer devices, it will be appropriate if you know How To disable Google Smart Lock on your device especially when you don’t need it.

But have you ever asked yourself How You Can Turn Off Google Smart Lock? If you are worried about that, worry not as I have elucidated all you need to know about disabling google smart lock. Stay tuned as we do it together.

How To Turn Off Google Smart Lock


Google smart lock is an indispensable cyber security tool that is being used by all and sundry across the globe.

It is no more news that Google smart lock is embedded in almost all computer devices, hence, it is apt to know the  working Principle of this app” which will invariably put you on the limelight on how to turn off google smart lock whenever you don’t need it again.

The good news here is that I have succinctly penned down all the steps to follow and turn it off. Below are the easiest steps to follow and turn off your google smart lock

Step1: Switch on your computer device

Step2: Open the settings app

Step3: Tap on security and location

Step4: Tap on smart lock

Step5: Select None or swipe to unlock

If you follow the steps correctly, your Google smart lock will be turned off, isn’t that simple? yeah, it is and it won’t even take up to a minute. Give it a trial today and you will be happy that you did.

How To Turn Off Google Smart Lock On Android


Android like other computer device, also have Google smart lock on it, hence, if you want to turn it off, follow this step-by-step approach.

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Tap on security 
  3. Go to smart lock
  4. Type your password, pin or pattern
  5. Select on-body detection and deactivate it by turning it off.

Guess what? The Google Smart Lock On your Android is turned off and that’s all.


Why Does Google Smart Lock Come Up?


Google smart lock come up because there is a need for your device to be locked when not in use. Not only that, it secures your device even without the use of password or security code. One of the basic features of this smart lock is that it keeps your device safe by automatically locking it when you are not using it.

How Do I Turn Off Smart Lock On Instagram, Facebook & Spotify Apps?


As I have stated earlier, it is very simple to turn off smart locks on apps. Follow these simple steps:

Step1: Go to settings app

Step2: Tap on security

Step3: Go to smart lock

Step4: Type your password, pattern or pin

Step5:  Select on-body detection and deactivate it by turning it off.


What Google Smart Lock Does For Android Devices


What Google smart lock does for Android devices is very crucial and cannot be over-emphasized, could you imagine that with Google smart lock, your android devices is usually unlocked when they are in your pocket or you are close to home, not only that, it also keeps unlock whenever you are in a trusted location.

It is always amazing to know that you don’t need a pin, password or pattern to unlock your device once you have Google smart lock.

If you want to set up Google smart lock on your device, just do this:


Step1: Go to your device’s settings

Step2: Tap on Security and Location Step3: Tap on Smart Lock

Step4: Enter your screen lock password, pattern or pin.

Step5: Click either On-body detection, or opt to set up a trusted place (depending on your preference).

Step6: For on-body detection, check the next screen, simply switch that option on.

Step7: To set up a trusted place,you would either let your phone use your current location, or turn on “high accuracy or battery-saving location mode” though you will need to have Wifi network to access either option.

How To Set Up Google Smart Lock On Your Android Devices


To set up Google smart lock on Android version 12, All you have to do is:


  • Go to your device settings
  • Head to security
  • Select advanced settings
  • Choose smart lock
  • Enter your password
  •  Choose either on-body detection, trusted devices or trusted Places.

Follow the step tenaciously, and smart lock will be set up in your Android device.

How To Turn Off Google Smart Lock On Chromebook


If you want to turn off Google smart lock on Chromebook just follow this step:


  1. Navigate to the bottom right on your Chromebook
  2. Select the time
  3. Select Settings 
  4. Under “Connected devices,” select your Android phone
  5. Turn off Smart Lock.

Turning off Google smart lock on Chromebook is a very simple one, just follow the above steps succinctly and you will thank me later.

How Do I Remove  Google Smart Lock?


It is very easy to remove Google Smart Lock, below are the easiest steps to remove Google Smart Lock.

  • open the Google Smart Lock app
  • Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap Accounts.
  • Tap the account you want to remove.
  • Tap Remove account.

As simple as that, and your Google smart lock will be removed.

Why Does Google Smart Lock keeps Popping Up?


Google smart lock is popping because it is one of the smartest security apps that is very easy to handle without ambiguity.

As I earlier mentioned, Google smart lock is generally associated with unlocking a device or signing in to a Google account. If you don’t like the notifications accruing from the app, you can turn it off by:

  • Opening the settings menu
  • Selecting account
  • Selecting Google
  • Tap on sign-in and security
  • Tap on disable “smart lock for phone”.

Why Won’t My Smart Lock Turn Off?


Your Smart Lock won’t turn off because you have not done the needful, if you are doubting me, just try these simple steps and thank me later.

  1. Navigate to settings app on your phone
  2. Scroll down to security
  3. Tap on Smart Lock
  4. Once you are on smart lock, you will then be able to turn off the different kinds of smart lock that are enabled on your device. Isn’t that simple? yeah it is, enjoy!

What Is Smart Lock On Chromebook?


As I have stated earlier that Google Smart Lock has special features that enables you to get right down to play (or work) on Chromebook without going through the rigorous processes of inserting your password, pattern or pin. If you need it in your Chromebook, just go to chrome browser and select apps and download it. That’s all, as simple as that.



It is always good to glow with technology and new trends, that is why I deem it appropriate to pen down How To Turn Off Google Smart Lock because most of the high-tech devices in the market now contain Google smart lock, hence, there is need for you to get yourself equipped to avert frustration that may accrue from Google smart lock.