3 Ways To Know If Someone Is Busy On Google Duo

This page will provide you with accurate information on how to know if someone is busy on Google Duo. Hence, it will help you to figure out’ if the person is on another video call or doesn’t want to talk to you. In as much as there’s no special feature on Google Duo that shows you when its user is busy, that doesn’t mean that’ you can’t find out.


Have you ever imagined how life would have been without  social media? Social media like Google Duo is an indispensable tool that has made life worth living. One of the most annoying things about social media is that if you try checking on your loved ones and you realize that they are not responding, that awkward moment is usually bad but guess what? I will show you how to find out if someone is busy on Google Duo

Amazing Things About Google Duo



Google Duo is an entertaining app that is specially designed for video chat purpose, one interesting thing about this app is that you use it to gist, in fact, it is an excellent app for “Amebo”.  But sometimes if you want to gist, it is pertinent to know if your gist mate is online, hence, that is why I designed this article on how to know if someone is busy on Google Duo, where I succinctly took into cognizant everything you need to know about Google Duo.

If you haven’t been using Google Duo, you are missing a lot’ because millions of its users have attested that it is one of the best remedies for someone that needs joyous moments, don’t be left behind.

Brief History Of Google Duo


This amazing app, Google Duo was developed and designed in 2016 by Google incorporated as an alternative means to Google hangout. One special feature of this app is that with your phone number alone, you are good to go, unlike Google hangout which needs extra requirements before it could work.

One of the major limitations of Google Duo is that it only allows a limited number of users to video chat but trust me that it will still quench your unending desire to gist with your friends and loved ones.

How To Know If Someone Is Busy On Google Duo


It is always annoying when you try to video chat your friend but realize that the chat is not going through. That awkward moment, you will feel like you aren’t loved again especially if it is from your crush.

You may even think that your fiance has abandoned you or whatsoever, but do you know what? I have carefully penned down a step-by-step approach to know if someone is busy on Google Duo so that you won’t feel dejected. Because it is always disheartening if you initiate a video chat but someone didn’t respond.

Google Duo like every other social media app notifies users of callers identity before they answer the call, that is why it is vital for you to know when to initiate a video call. But the question now is how to know when someone is busy on Google Duo or they intentionally rejected your call. Below is the step-by-step approach to know if someone is busy on Google Duo;

Step1: Check the labels attached to people who are more frequent on the platform

Step2. Put a call across to your frequent user and If two users are trying to connect with a single user, the Duo will notify you if the person you are trying to reach is busy on another call.

Step3. If you really want to confirm if someone is busy or rejecting your call on Google Duo,  just spy on them on their other social media platforms.

N/B; As it stands now, there is no known comprehensive stepto know if someone is busy on Google Duo but trust me if you follow the few steps that I enumerated above that you would be able to detect.

Relationship Between Google Duo And Other Social Media App


Google Duo is just a video chat app that has the same modus operandi as other social media just that it has a limited number of users unlike other social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram etc.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Google Duo?


Though there is no precise way to know if you have been blocked on Google Duo, one of the ways that have been working excellently for the subscribers is that if you try calling someone but it keeps saying unavailable or the user is busy. Though you can still try other alternative means.

How To Know If Someone Declined Your Calls On Google Duo


In some circumstances, if you try calling someone and it is not going through, one of your suspicions may be that the person declined your call.

But the honest truth is that if you continue calling someone and it keeps saying that the user you are trying to reach is not reachable, this means that the person eventually declined your call.

Can People See When You Are On Duo?


Yes, people see you when you are on Google Duo. The person from other end can see live video of you while their device rings only if they have you as a contact, though you will not be able to see the person you are calling untill they answer.

Is There Call Waiting On Google Duo?


Yes, there are call waiting on Google Duo. The app receives the incoming calls, while the caller can decide to wait in line or choose to call back at a specific time.

It is pertinent to know that the incoming calls are recorded in a call log which whenever the agents logged in, he or she can easily manage from their display. The call receiver in Duo decides which messages patients should hear while waiting not only that they also chose how often the message should be played.

How Can I Know My Mobile Number Is Busy Or Not?


It is very easy and simple on how to know whether your mobile number is busy or not, all you need do is to dial 114, after that, follow the voice note promptly. Then dial the telephone number that you want to check. The computer will help check if that number is busy on another call, hence, you will be notified.

Can Call Be Forwarded On Google Duo?


No, for now Google Duo doesn’t have a call forwarding feature. As we all know that other social media chatting apps have call forwarding features but Google Duo has none for now though the developers who are cyber experts are working assiduously to ensure that all the necessary features are embedded in the app in the nearest feature. 

How To Check Google Duo Last Seen


It is not interesting to note that Google Duo doesn’t have features that would help you to check the last seen status of the frequent users. But the interesting thing is that the management of Google incorporated is working tirelessly to upgrade the essential features of Google Duo.

It is also worthy of note that this app allows you to see users who are more frequent on the social media app whenever you try searching for their contacts on Google Duo.



For now, there is no established protocol on how to know if someone is busy on Google Duo, except the tricks explained in this article. But the developers are working tenaciously to ensure that all the needed features are embedded in the app sooner than expected.