Engraving For Airpods: 150+ Best Airpod Engraving Ideas 2022

Do you want to engrave your Airpod but do not have an idea about how it works or what to write? Hey there! Worry yourself no more because this is what this blog post wants to show you. In the article, we will be giving you a lot of Airpod Engraving Ideas for father, mother, daughter, son, sister, wife, husband, etc.


Not only that, but you will also see the rules to follow when writing an Airpod engraving idea, who to do it, the limit, benefits and so much more. This is going to be mind-blowing so read carefully as we begin. 

Apple, which is one of the world’s leading tech companies, recently announced a mouth-watering offer that is irresistible. It is the engraving of Airpods. What this means is that users can now add personalized texts, names, messages, emojis, etc to their Airpods at purchase. 


However, the big question mostly asked is what should I engrave on my Airpod? To answer this question, we have written this article to give you Airpod Engraving ideas depending on the purpose for which you are purchasing it not forgetting the Engraving rules and where to submit your Airpod engraving text. Without further ado, let’s delve straight into it. 

Why Should I Engrave My Airpod? 


Let’s begin this post by looking at the importance and benefits of engraving your Airpod before going into the details of Airpod Engraving Ideas. Engraving your Airpod is an interesting and beautiful idea but many people would need a clear explanation of its importance to grab it. Here are some reasons why you should engrave your Airpod. 

  • It helps to retrace the Airpod if lost. In other words, you can easily search for them and others would be able to identify the owner in case of lost items. 
  • They are not easily stolen if engraved because the imprint cannot be removed. 
  • They serve as thoughtful gifts to loved ones. 
  • Adds style and aesthetic beauty to your Airpod. 

Are There Rules To Follow In Creating Airpod Engraving Ideas?


Yes, when creating Airpod engraving ideas, there are certain rules, guidelines, and limitations that must be followed and not taken for granted. Failure to keep to these rules, your text would be rejected thereby making the journey futile. Let’s see the rules in the next paragraph. 

Rules And Limitations For Engraving Your Airpods


  1. Characters: When creating an Airpod engraving idea take note of the dimension of your Airpod and the characters that it supports. Airpod supports a maximum of 14 characters only while Airpod Pro and Airpods Max support 22 characters respectively. 
  2. Spellings cannot be uttered once engraved hence you must check your spelling carefully over and again before sending. 
  3. Engraved Airpods take longer to deliver than their engraved counterpart. 

150+ Best Airpod Engraving Ideas


Now let’s get straight into the bone of contention which is Airpod Engraving Ideas. This is to guide you and probably save you the stress of racking your brain to get an engraving idea.

The Airpod Engraving Idea depends on who you want to get it for and for what purpose you are buying the Airpod. Based on those factors, see 120+ Airpod Engraving ideas below. 

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Your Spouse


This category of Airpod Engraving ideas can be used for your husband or wife. To make them know how much you love and cherish them. 

  • Mine Forever
  • Soul Mate.
  • My Better Half
  • Together Forever
  • Yours Till Death
  • Sweet Choco
  • My king 
  • Forever Queen
  • My Best Part
  • Bone Of My Bone
  • I Love You Always.
  • Life Partner. 
  • Sweetest Love
  • Darling Wife 
  • Darling Husband
  • My Safe Place
  • My Favourite
  • Sexy Mama

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


Giving your boyfriend or girlfriend an Airpod with a beautifully engraved text can strengthen the bond of your relationship and make them fall head over hills in love with you. Here are some awesome Airpod Engraving ideas for your boyfriend/ girlfriend. 

  • Love you always
  • Marry me
  • Say Yes
  • My best choice
  • Heartcode??❤
  • LOML ❤
  • My Sunshine
  • Soul Mate
  • Made For You
  • I Love You
  • Stay With Me
  • Rock My World
  • My Reality
  • My Sweetness
  • Endless Love
  • Still The One
  • Always Yours. 
  • Honey Bunny
  • Honey Bunch

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Your Daughter


  • Little Princess
  • Cutie
  • You rock
  • Shining Star
  • Cutie Pie
  • My Angel
  • World Best
  • Reach The Sky
  • Love From Mum
  • From Mum And Dad
  • Unlimited
  • Daddy’s Girl
  • Mummy’s Girl
  • Love From Dad.
  • For My Girl.

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Your Son


  • Best Son
  • Proud Dad
  • Daddy’s Boy
  • Mummy’s Mum
  • We Love You
  • Keep Shining
  • For My Boy
  • Reach The Sky
  • Daddy Loves You
  • Love From Mum
  • Proud Of You

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Your Son At Graduation


  • Dad is Proud Of You (Airpod Pro)
  • From a Proud Mum
  • From A Proud Dad
  • Congratulations 
  • Bright Future
  • You Made It
  • Excellent
  • You’re The Best
  • You Did It. 
  • High Flyer
  • A New Phase 

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Your Son/Daughter’s 18th Birthday. 


Wish your son/daughter well as they turn 18 with the Airpod engraving ideas below. 

  • Happy Birthday
  • Time Flies
  • Welcome To 18
  • Now An Adult
  • Certified Adult.
  • You’re 18 Now
  • Welcome To Adulthood (Airpod Pro)
  • Long Life 
  • Live Long
  • A New Phase.

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Fathers


Let your dad know how you feel about him by gifting him An Airpod bearing any of these engraving ideas. 

  • World Best Dad
  • Fathers Are Pillars
  • Best Father
  • My Hero
  • Best Dad
  • My Everything
  • My Pillar
  • Thanks Dad
  • Lovely Dad
  • Caring Dad
  • Supportive Dad
  • Proud Father.
  • #1 Dad

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Mothers


Show your mother how much she means to you by giving her Airpods with these Airpod Engraving Ideas. 

  • Thanks Mum
  • I Love You, Mum
  • My Mum, My friend
  • Best Mum
  • My Mum My Hero
  • My Confidant
  • World Best Mum
  • You Rock My World
  • Supportive Mum
  • My Treasure
  • Live Is A Mother.
  • Sacrificial Mum
  • #1 Mum

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Anniversary


  • Always The One
  • Love You Forever
  • Forever Mine
  • Cheers To More
  • I Got You
  • Better Days Ahead (Airpod Pro)
  • Yours Forever
  • Mine Forever
  • World’s Best
  • My One And Only
  • Slaying For 10 years. (Airpod Pro)
  • My Comfort Zone.

Funny Airpods Engraving Ideas


These Airpod Engraving ideas would do for those who intend to give out some funny impressions. See them below. 

  • Don’t Steal
  • Take Virus
  • Contaminated
  • It’s Infectious
  • Dope
  • All Mine
  • Charge Them
  • Listen Up
  • Just Listen
  • Ear Drug
  • Sound Proof
  • Come Get Love
  • Love Y’all
  • Always Smile
  • I love Music
  • Sounds Great

Airpod Engraving Ideas For Peers


  • You’re The Best
  • For My Bestie
  • You Got This
  • Love You
  • Thanks Always
  • Always There
  • Friend For Life
  • The Best
  • My Playmate
  • My Lunch Mate
  • Workaholic
  • You’re Amazing. 

So these are some of the Airpod engraving ideas. No trick about it. Just get creative putting the rules in mind. You can also engrave your name, Email address, home address, and other personal information. 

Would I Be Charged To Engrave My Airpod?


No, you will not be charged a fee to engrave your Airpod. It is done for free on the Apple website before you place an Order for the Airpod during purchase.

However, if you fail to send in your Engraving text or emoji before placing the order, you can no longer do so. The only alternative is to search for a store to do it which is most times not encouraged and you would be charged. 

Can I Engrave My Apple Airpod In Stores?


No, you cannot engrave your Airpod in stores. The only place to engrave your Apple Airpod is at the official site Apple during purchase which is

Can You Return AirPods If They Are Engraved?


Yes, you can return an engraved Airpod. This is because the Apple warranty covers all rightly purchased Airpods be they engraved or not. When it is replaced, you can also engrave the new one. 



Engraving your Airpods for free is a fantastic offer from Apple as it helps to add beauty, class, style, and more to the device. You can gift a loved one, friend, or family an engraved Airpod that will leave a long-lasting impression on the heart. The Article has given over 150+ best Airpod Engraving ideas cutting across several occasions. Hope you get yours done soon.