10 Android Apps To Delete – ( Harmful Apps To Delete From Android Phone )

We have listed out about 10 irrelevant android apps to delete from your cell phone and have enough space to accommodate other important files or applications. It is very important to know how to maximize the space of your Android phone which would invariably help you to store important documents in it and enjoy your android device to the fullest without restrictions by inadequate space.

There are android applications that consume lots of space in your device, some of the apps are not only occupying space but they are also harmful to your android devices. How can you identify these dangerous Apps? This question is pending for an answer and that’s why I wrote this article on 10 android apps to delete, and I believe that once you are done reading this write up, that you would be able to Differentiate Useful Apps From Potentially Harmful Ones

Android Apps To Delete


Unfortunately, you may not be aware that there are lots of android applications that do more harm than good to your android devices, and that is why it is imperative for for you to delete them before condemn your android.

The funniest thing is that you maybe thinking that these apps are beneficial because it is programmed such that it portrays good features but in the real sense, those apps are among the most dangerous android Apps. Below are some of the android Apps to delete from your phone;

1. Cleaning Apps


I know that the first question that will come to your mind is why should I delete this app? Right! Now listen to me, you don’t need to clean your android phone frequently unless your device needs space even at that, if your device needs space, there are provisions in your device that could enable you clean them up. If you want to clean your phone, do this

  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap on Storage 
  • Tap on  Cached data
  • Clean the cache for all the applications. 

Alternatively, You can also clean the cache for individual applications by following this steps:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap onApplications 
  • Downloaded and delete the cache of specific app. Isn’t that simple? It is. No need for you to install separate app to clean your phone.

With the above mentioned steps, we can agree with me that cleaning apps have no special function in your phone, hence, they are just there consuming space.

2. Virus Cleaner – Antivirus Free  And Phone Cleaner


This app seems to be everyone’s favorite as over  10 million people across the globe install it in their device. It would be apt to note that this app is from Super Cleaner Studio, to say the least, Antivirus and Phone Cleaner is the major problem of the Android eco-system. 

Reasons Why You Don’t Need Virus Cleaner In Your Android.


1.If you have noticed, this app comes with a ton of ads, some of which are for services and brands of questionable repute. 

  1. The app also promises to an “efficient security master, phone junk cleaner, WIFI security, super speed booster, battery saver, CPU cooler and notification cleaner and lots more”, but none of these is realistic. For me, I would personally skip any app that claims to be a CPU cooler

Solution To Virus Cleaner


To remove virus from your phone, it is advisable to check any of these three apps

  •  Avast (Free)
  •  AVG (Free)
  •  Kaspersky (Free)

The interesting thing about these three apps is that you can download them for free. I know that you will like it.

3. UC Browser


This is a popular browser but for your information, that it is a famous browser doesn’t make it safe for your android device.  UC Browser which was developed by UCWeb is a subsidiary of Chinese tech giant, Alibaba. 

Why You Should Delete UC Browser


  1. According to cybersecurity analysts, they said that UC Browser doesn’t protect it’s data adequately, hence, would predispose you to hackers and intelligence agencies when using it.
  1. UC Browser is an unsecured app that should be deleted this is because research has revealed that the browser uses weak cryptography, and some no coding at all which makes it  very dangerous to your android devices.

Best Apps To Replace UC Browser On Android


There are numerous secured and encrypted browsers that can serve you better, some of which are:

  • Mozilla Firefox (Free)
  • Google Chrome (Free)
  • DuckDuckGo Browser (Free). 
  • Privacy-conscious users should also check Firefox Focus (Free)
  • Tor Browser (Free) majorly for advanced users.

As it is indicated on it, you can get all these amazing apps for free, that’s feels good? Right.

4. RT News


I am skeptical about some apps promising to deliver heaven and earth but end up delivering nothing. RT News(Russia Today) was funded by Kremlin who is regarded as the official mouth piece of the Russian Government.

The app promises to offer news channels, multiple mobile apps in English and blogs which is primarily aimed at western audience.

But inspite of what it claims it offers, Experts in journalism said that the channel is often used as propaganda outlet for Vladimir Putin Government, hence, it has been cited by western Security agencies like M16 and CIA as a source of misinformation on US politics.

Recommended News Apps That Can Replace RT News


  • CNN (Free)
  • BBC (Free

5. Battery Saving Apps


On the normal ground, all of us know what to do to save our battery, for instance, if you want to save your battery, you can use control android or stop using energy consuming apps. If you want to save your battery, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Battery
  • Search and dentify the power draining apps. 
  • Force Stop the app.

If at all that you would need it again, just enable when required.

6. RAM Savers


The most annoying things about this Random Access Memory (RAM) memory saver is that it consume the power and the  RAM even when the device is not active.

If you  have been keen enough, you would observe that even though you close these RAM saver apps, they tend to restart soon, haven’t you asked yourself why they do so.

For your information, Android OS handles the RAM usai judiciously, hence, you don’t need a third party RAM saving app

7. CLEANit


This app claims to be an effective junk file cleaner but to say the least, the app cleans nothing. 

Why You Should Delete CLEANit App?


1.The app needs a lots of permissions, if actually it wants to help you clean junk files, why will it demand for tons of permission? You reason it now.

  1. It also advertises lots of frivolous android devices with powerful hardware, which sometimes makes me to wonder if it is a advertising app or a cleaning app.

Recommended Cleaning Apps


  • Greenify (Free)
  •  CCleaner (Free)

You can download all of them for free.

8. Dolphin Browser


This is another popular browser that people use as a third party browser app that claims to offer alot but ends up offering “air to you”.

Reasons Why You Don’t Need Dolphin Browsers.


  1. Dolphin save your incognito mode browsing sessions which is very dangerous.
  2. It also reveals your original Internet Protocol (IP) address even while using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 
  3. If you have noticed, it also comes with a bunch of additional ‘features’, like speed boosters and video players
Below Are Best Browsers That Can Replace Dolphin Browsers


  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • DuckDuckGo Browser 

9. Fildo Music


It would be recalled that this app was once band as an illegal music downloading app. Fildo Music has since been stopped as the music downloading app after coming under scanner, but it was repackaged and reprogrammed and now reorientated as a music management app.

It is important to note that Fildo Music is a known controversial Chinese entertainment company, Netease. With all these complicating features, there is no need for you to have this app in your Android device because it will do you more harm than good. Instead of using Fildo Music App, use these below music Apps

  •  VLC (Free)
  • AIMP (Free)
  •  Poweramp (Free)

10. Default Browsers


Sometimes, some manufacturers of some certain Android device may embed custom-made web browsers. It is pertinent to uninstall the default web browsers, hence, install the most reliable apps which are available on Google Play Store for remarkable output.

How To Delete An App On Android


For those asking how to uninstall or delete apps from Android phone, I want you all to know that’ it’s very easy.  The easiest way to delete apps from Android phone is to click and hold the app you want to delete. Then’ press uninstall and it will delete instantly.



We are wrapping up the content here, and I believe you have seen the harmful android apps to delete from your phone. If you encounter any challenges or need more android tips, kindly scroll down to navigate more of our related articles.