Code To Listen To Another Person Call In Uganda 2023

Have you been searching for a secret code to listen to another person call in Uganda? If yes, this article is meant for you. We have gotten a new code to dial and start monitoring all your spouse incoming calls. To all our Uganda fans, this is the code to use and listen to your wife or husband phone calls.


If you’re suspecting your boyfriend or girlfriend to be cheating on you, please don’t confront him or her yet. Use this code to listen to another person calls in Uganda to find out, it works like magic” and definitely you will be amazed after going through this article.

Technology has made it possible for us to monitor our partners phone calls without them knowing. The amazing thing here is that your husband or wife, won’t know that you’re monitoring their calls” you can as well record the calls and play later.


How To Listen To Another Person Call In Uganda


This code that I’m about to share with you guys now, is absolutely for free” that means, you won’t pay anything to start monitoring your spouse phone calls in Uganda. All you have to do, is to follow the step by step guide provided here” so that it will work for you.

Code To Listen To Another Person Call In Uganda 2021

NOTE: for this code to monitor another person call or work for you? Just note that you will have to tap the persons phone. You need to use his or her phone to dial the code and it will connect automatically.

But if you can’t have access to his or her phone, probably as a result of distance or maybe he or she might suspect something. Then, you have to consider going for the premium App.

Yes, you will have to purchase thespycode premium App. In that spy app, you will monitor all partner phone calls, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram chats without touching his or her phone. It’s a one-time payment, no renewal” you can use it to monitor anyone’s movement without touching their phone.

Thespycode Premium App is sold $215 only. No monthly charges or renewal, it’s a lifetime, until you feel like deleting it.To make payment >> CLICK HERE

If you encounter any challenges while trying to make payment, kindly contact the developer via WhatsApp, email or phone call.


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NOTE: that’s the only means to monitor your partners phone calls, social media chats, see all the pictures in his or gallery without touching the persons phone.

But if this free one that we are about to share now is okay for you, then enjoy. Now, let’s quickly proceed to what brought you here” read below;

Code To Listen To Another Person Call In Uganda


For you to listen to anyone’s calls, the first step is to get their phone. Tell the person that you want to use his or her cell phone to make call, that you ran out of airtime. Or, that you want to view his or her pictures, anything at all to convince the person to give you his or her phone. After you have gotten the persons phone, follow the instructions below;

  • Code To Listen To Another Person Call In Uganda is **06*phone number#
  • Now, dial **06*your phone number# and send it. Dial as if you want to make call or check data balance.
  • Example: **06*0774 000 000#
  • Make sure the two of you have airtime before dialing this code, if not” it won’t work.
  • That’s all, you will see the magic ?

if it didn’t work for you, which I’m sure is not possible. Kindly purchase the thespycode premium App, it’s the best so far. As that one also monitors all your chats without touching the persons phone.

How To Listen To Your Girlfriend Calls In Uganda


Have you been suspecting your girlfriend to be cheating on you? If yes, don’t confront her yet” use this magic secret code to monitor all her incoming calls without her consent. The code to listen to your girlfriend calls in Uganda is **06* your number# and catch her red handedly.

Make sure you dial the number on her phone, so as to connect it. If you still want to carry out the investigation to her social media chats, kindly purchase thespycode Premium App and receive all her messages on social media without touching her phone.



Now that you have seen the code to listen to another person calls in Uganda, I hope you feel satisfied? Please don’t forget to give us feedback. If you still need further explanation on how to activate this code, feel free to ask questions using the comment section below.

Also bookmark our blog for any kind of tricks to catch your spouse without him or her knowing. Sharing this on social media won’t be a bad idea, let’s put hands together and expose cheating spouse.


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  1. Dial *”6*Your phone number#

    Please use your Uganda country code ( +256)
    Meanwhile, this code doesn’t work for everyone. We recommend you purchase our spy App.

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