Chase Wire Transfer Fee 2022 – Chase International Wire Transfer Fee

Wire transfer is a special form of electronic money transfer where the users can send funds from one financial institution to the other. But, with stipulated banking fees. Chase Wire Transfer has been in existence for years now and millions of United States citizens have been carrying out their financial transactions both locally and internationally using Chase Wire transfer. 


But if you don’t know how much Chase company charges for wire transfer, worry not as this article on Chase Wire Transfer Fee contain all the Chase company fees for both local and international wire transfer.

Wire transfer is one of the safest and fastest way to send fund globally. Interestingly, wire transfer permits you to send huge amount of money up to $500,000 from your own personal account to another financial institution.


What Are The Benefits Of Sending Money With Chase Wire Transfer?


The importance of using Chase Wire Transfer to send funds globally are enormous and can not be overemphasized. Some of the benefits of sending fund through chase wire transfer are:

  • Chase allows you to transfer funds internationally to over 140 countries across the globe.
  • It permits you to transfer funds directly from your Chase checking account to your payee
  • Chase keeps up to thirteen months of your wire transfer history
  • It helps you to save the details of your regular payees in case of future transfer
  • Chase also permits you to request for fund transfer at any given point in time
  • It also permit their customers to access their online mobile banking for wire transfer.

Most importantly, chase processes all wire transfer request that are made as late as 4:00pm ET for those using personal accounts and 5:00pm ET for corporate business accounts.

Chase Wire Transfer Fee


Chase as a financial company offers wide range of financial services ranging from local fund transfer to international money transfer.

Chase Wire Transfer Fee

 Chase Wire Transfer can be categorically divided into two with different fees attached. The two categories of Chase wire transfer fee are:

Chase International Wire Transfer Fee


All the fund transfer going outside the United States through wire transfer usually incur charges.

Below Are The Fees:


  • Chase bank’s charges for incoming foreign wire transfers are $15 per transaction
  • Chase bank charges $40 per transaction for outgoing foreign wire transfers sent in United States Dollar 
  • Interestingly, Chase Bank doesn’t charge fees for online transfers sent to a financial institution outside the United States in foreign currency for amounts which is equal to $5,000 U.S Dollar or more but chase bank charges only $5 Chase bank wire fee for transactions which is less than $5,000 USD.

N/B; Chase bank doesn’t charge any fee for wire transfer that is been carried out between accounts at Chase be it locally or internationally. It is also pertinent that you note that this benefit is only available for a customer that uses Chase online banking. But if you visit a Chase bank branch, you will be entitled to pay $50 per international transactions.

Chase Domestic Wire Transfer Fee


If you want to make local wire transfer within United States, it is very simple most especially if the recipient of the fund banks with Chase company. Below Are The Fees:

  • Chase charges $15 USD for each incoming domestic wire transfer 
  • Chase company charges $25 USD for each outgoing domestic wire transfer
  • Also, Chase charges $35 for each outgoing domestic wire transfers that is carried out in-person at any chase branch.

Meanwhile, you can still transfer funds with your personal Chase account with the help of Zelle. Zelle is a fund transferring app that is incorporated into the Chase online banking. Most times, this app is free for most Chase bank customers though it solely depends on the recipient’s bank.

It is also an alternative to analogue wire transfer. However, there are factors which affects your abilities to complete wire transfer through Zelle, some of the factors are but not limited to recipient’s bank, the bank location, the amount of money you are sending etc.

Requirements For Chase Wire Transfer


Before you can complete wire transfer using Chase company, there is necessary information that you need to provide before this transfer can be successful. The details needed are:

  • Recipient’s name
  • The bank name
  • The account number of the recipient
  • The recipient pickup details

N/B; In some scenarios, customers can still initiate their wire transfer through the bank itself, though this is primarily determined by the banks that the sender and the recipient operate.

How To Send Chase Wire Transfers Online


Now that you have known Chase Wire Transfer Fee, let’s quickly go into the step by step approach on how you can send wire transfer via Chase online.

How To Send Wire Transfer Via Chase


  • Go to playstore and download Chase app
  • Log in to the app and fill the necessary information
  • Toggle to the top of the phone screen
  • Click on pay and transfer
  • Select wire money
  • Tap on add recipient 
  • Fill in the necessary information of the recipient like routing number, recipient banks’ country and any other information.
  • Once you are done filling the recipient’s details
  • Tap on make wire transfer
  • Fill in the details of the transfer
  • Check the transactions details
  • Click on the submit tab and guess what? You are done making your wire transfer.

How To Send Chase Bank Wire Transfers Offline


If you are not conversant with online banking, to avoid making mistakes during wire transfer, you can simply visit any Chase Bank closest to you and meet their customer care unit where they can assist you to carryout your wire transfer without hitches.

International Wire Transfers Online Via Website


If you want to stay at the comfort of your room to perform international wire transfer, you can use website for easy transfer. If you want to use website for international wire transfer, the Chase company charges $40 for international wire transfer that were made using US dollars while it charges $45 for any international transfer that were made using a different currency.

However, there is a daily limit of $100,000 on international wire transfers that were made using Meanwhile, a Chase customer needs user ID and password to be able to make transfers. Also, you can initiate wire transfers in every 24 hours but it can only be processed during a normal working business hours.

International Wire Transfers Through Calling Chase


Conveniently, you can make an international wire transfer from your comfort zone just by calling Chase company on phone. Chase charges $50 for calling them for an international wire transfer whether it is in the United States dollar or in a different currency.

Meanwhile, if you call chase, there is no limit to the amount fund that you can transfer, all you need is a user identity and functional transfer  PIN.

How To Send Chase Wire Transfer: Video Guide


Is There A Wire Transfer Fee For Chase?


Yes, there is a wire transfer fee for chase. Chase company charges $35 for local wire transfer that is initiated by a banker while it charges $25 for the same transaction if you do it online by yourself.