Wells Fargo Phone Number : Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone Number

Getting in touch with the financial services company has been made easy for customers via Wells Fargo phone number. Now you have the opportunity to make complaints regarding any difficulties experienced while making use of their service. 

Wells Fargo is typically among the top ten banks that are located in the United States, the financial services company provides service to millions of users across the country. Wells Fargo bank initially has a vision which is focused at satisfying the financial needs of customers and help them make success regarding their finances.

How Does Wells Fargo Bank Work And Its Pros?


In order to become a user of this diversified and community based financial institution, you will be required to register as a new user as opening a checking account is free for college students.

  • Wells Fargo gives you access to an online banking service through their mobile application. This application makes your transactions simplified alongside other offers.
  • The financial services company is a large branch network, they can easily manage your finances efficiently.
  • If you have a checking account, you can actually earn interests and rewards with most financial services companies.

Note: The next section of this article will be focused on Wells Fargo phone numbers and ways to connect with their customer support service.

Wells Fargo Phone Number: How To Call Wells Fargo


If you have been trying to get in touch with Wells Fargo customer support service through their active phone line, you will get all the information you should know regarding this in this segment below;

0091 775-335-1115 is the Wells Fargo customer support service number you will be required to dial if you intend to connect with the bank. Perhaps you reside outside the United States, customers can call the Wells Fargo customer service toll-free phone lines below. 

For complaints related to managing your personal accounts, you are required to dial 001-800-8693557. Dial 001-800-2255935 on your mobile device to get in touch with Wells Fargo customer service if you have complaints related to having a business account. 

However, this Wells Fargo phone number001-800-9564442” can be dialed on your mobile device if you intend to request for online customer support service. 

For checking out other wells fargo phone lines if you are outside of the United States, you need to click on the link below for detailed information. https://www.wellsfargo.com

What Are The Wells Fargo Emergency Phone Numbers?


Are you aware that Wells Fargo has a particular customer care representative that is assigned to separate queries. This implies that you can specially call one of the following categories of wells fargo phone number based on your complaints. 

Wells Fargo Phone Number

These customer service issues and inquiries include transaction limits, frozen accounts, investment services and many more.

  1. Personal Banking 
  2. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
  3. Home Equity – +18663551540
  4. Auto Loans – +18002898004
  5. Personal Loans – +18772696056
  6. Inquiries On Debit/Credit Card +18008693557 or +18006424720
  7. Small scale business 

Let’s briefly explain in details, how to contact Wells Fargo customer representatives for each department.

  • Personal Banking 

For issues related to your personal banking information, you will be required to dial this customer service support number +18008693557 for inquiries. 

Nevertheless, this well fargo mobile number directly leads to a customer care service agent, who provides a solution to your financial needs, regarding personal banking issues specifically.

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

In order to apply for a home mortgage loan, you need to get in touch with a Wells Fargo mortgage consultant or by contacting +18888189147. Following the application of home mortgage, a Wells Fargo customer will be able to purchase a home or property at ease.

  • Small Scale Business

The emergency phone contact for small scale business is +18002255935. For more details on the emergency phone contacts, visit the website @ https://www.wellsfargo.com

Nevertheless, we will discuss whether or not a customer can chat with a live person through Wells Fargo’s phone number in the next section of the article below.

How Can I Talk To A Live Person Via Wells Fargo Phone Number?


Unfortunately a lot of Wells Fargo customers have been trying to find a perfect answer to this question. You need to know that the financial services company does not offer any live chat support to attend to your queries.

Meanwhile, apart from Wells Fargo phone number you can proceed to attempt other contact alternatives as a few lists have been highlighted in the following segment of this article below.  

Alternatives To The Wells Fargo Phone Number?


Definitely, there are some other alternatives to making use of Wells Fargo toll-free phone line. You might experience a significant delay or difficulties while trying to get in touch with the financial institution on the phone, this is why an alternative to this has been compiled for you below;

  • Visit Any Wells Fargo Bank Branch
  • Wells Fargo Mobile Application
  • Wells Fargo Mailing Address
  • Make An Appointment
  • Social Care

Careful read the alternative ways to reach out to wells Fargo customer representatives.

Visit Any Wells Fargo Bank Branch


The first alternative to Wells Fargo phone number is by paying a visit to any Wells Fargo bank branch. You need to locate a branch of the financial services company in your area, in order to do this, follow the procedures below.

  • Click on the link below to find a Wells Fargo bank branch in your location.
  • https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/
  • The next step is to enter your ZIP code, state or city to proceed to find a branch.
  • After doing this, a nearby Wells Fargo bank branch will be displayed. All you will be required to do next is to visit anyone and make a complaint.

Make An Appointment


If you intend to make an appointment in order to connect with a banker at Wells fargo. All you need to do is follow the steps below for the action to get initiated.

  • Visit the link below to schedule an appointment to meet with a banker.
  • https://appointments.wellsfargo.com
  • At the next stage, a user will be required to sign in to their account with their unique username and password, or proceed with the appointment as a guest.
  • Now, you will have to decide whether you are using a personal or business account. The specific reason for your visitation will be required.
  • To schedule an appointment, you would have to input your ZIP code or state and find out if your location accepts an appointment at the moment.

Wells Fargo Mailing Address


For complaints and feedback, an alternative to wells fargo phone number is to send a mail to the following address below which is the address of wells fargo corporate office. 420 Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94104.

Social Care


Assistance can also be provided for customers who use social media platforms as the financial services company shares unlimited updates and guidelines. You can contact Wells Fargo on facebook or twitter to make a complaint and expect feedback as soon as possible. 

Perhaps you have questions regarding your account setup, account access statement request, account transaction limits, overcharge on account, cancellation of accounts and other related customer service issues, the above listed alternatives regardless of Wells Fargo phone number should be prioritized.

Does Wells Fargo have 24/7 Customer Service?


Wells Fargo provides their customers with a 24 hours customer support service, a representative will always be on site to attend to your queries. Despite always being active, it is recommended that customers call their phone lines on business days in order to get a quick response.



Basically, in the article above we highlighted a broad explanation on Wells Fargo phone number, their customer services, other mediums to get in touch with the financial services company, the emergency phone contacts and some other related topics.