Chase Routing Number Ohio – Chase Routing Number In Ohio

Are you from Ohio and you need details about Chase Routing Number Ohio? Worry no more because in this article you will be given the full details of Chase Routing Number In Ohio  and other regions in US. Do you know the meaning of Chase Routing Number, How to find it and what it is used for? If not then this article is definitely for you.


Chase is a bank that  is very helpful as they provide different types of  transaction benefits to their user, no charges will be deducted from their user when  making payment of bills online, and their users have an opportunity of  a free chase debit card.

Chase bank try as much as possible to give their customers the best banking services. They are very helpful to their customers who live in states where the bank has multiple branches, chase bank also give you multiple accounts sign up bonus, they also offer you a reliable overdraft protection, they have many branches and they also have mobile app for banking. isn’t that great?


Chase Routing Number


Chase Routing Number are 9 digit’s codes that is Mostly used by banks and some financial agencies to know and detect where your account was opened.They have multiple uses. They are mostly used for series of online transactions.

Anytime you see an RTN just know that it’s the acronym of Routing Transit number. Also if you come across ABA just know it is by no doubt the same thing as American Bankers Association Routing Number.

Also know that chase Routing Number Ohio is Not the same as Chase Routing Number California. They are very different. Every regions has their own different Routing Number, don’t get confused.

What Is Chase Routing Number Ohio?


Ohio Chase Routing Number is 044000037.   Ohio is one of the United States region, it is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. Chase bank made banking easy to the extent that they have branches almost everywhere in US. Region like Ohio, California and Colorado e.t.c has their own different Routing Number.

Chase Routing Number For Wire Transfer


There are two types of chase Routing wire transfer and both of them have the same routing number which is 021000021. The two types of chase wire transfer Routing includes.

  • Domestic wire transfer Routing Number
  • International wire transfer Routing Number

Domestic Wire Routing Number


Chase uses only a  nine digits number for their domestic wire transfer, it was made in such a way that every chase branch within US has the same number. 

These numbers cannot be changed. The chase domestic wire routing number is 021000021 same as international wire transfer Routing Number.This domestic wire transfer means transfer within the state.

How To Find Your Chase Routing Number


You can check it online and also check it using the mobile app. To check it online, sign in to, select the last four digits of the account number that displays above your account information, select see full account details.

That’s where you will find your routing number To find your Chase Routing Number using the chase mobile app follow this step and you won’t have a problem locating your routing number.

  1. Signing into the Chase mobile app
  2. Choose your account tile
  3. Tap on show details. 

Finding Chase Routing Number is easier when you have the mobile app. To get the mobile app all you have to do is to open your Google play or apple store and download the Chase mobile app Easy as that.After downloading open the Chase mobile app and sign in.

Types Of f Chase Routing Number


Money sent by customers from their bank can be completed in different types of ways. Money can be deposited through paper transfer (issuing cheque) wire transfers, and electronic transfers. To confirm and make sure  that the transfer Routing was  done properly the bank needs information which is provided  by bank routing numbers.

The routing number is also known as the Bank routing number. The nine digit numbers are located at the left side of the bottom of the check, they help in notifying The US financial agencies where the money is being transferred to or being removed.

Every financial institution or bank poses a unique pin that is different from each other and the pin identifies a specific bank in a specific state. There are two types of Chase Routing Number, we have ACH routing number and ABA Routing Number.

ACH Routing Number


The nine digit ACH number (automated clearing house) routing number is used by financial institutions for electronic transaction.This number is unique to every bank.

And they play a huge role in recognizing the banks clearing house. All banks possess an abundance routing number and each branch has a unique code. Examples of Regions and their Chase Routing Number:

  • Ohio Chase Chase Routing Number: 044000037
  1. California Chase Routing Number:322271627
  2. Colorado Chase Routing Number:102001017
  3. FloridaCase Routing Number:267084131
  4. Connecticut Case Routing Number:021100361

From the above list you will observe that the routing number of the regions are not the same. Chase have more than Twenty routing numbers.

ABA Routing Number


The ABA routing number fully known as American Bankers Association routing numbers was introduced in 1910 to identify banks and financial Institutions.

These numbers are used for transferring money through wire transfer. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ABA routing Number and ACH routing number are the same, no they are not. ABA routing numbers are used for executing paper or check transfers while ACH routing numbers are used for electronic transactions.

What Is Chase Routing Number Used For?


The main purpose of the Chase Routing Number is to know or identify the bank that will either pay, give credit or receive payment during an electronic transaction.

The nine unique numbers serve as an address of your bank. It is also used when making electronic transaction such as transfer of funds, payment of bill and making direct deposit.



Is the content above too bulky for you to read?  Don’t worry we got you covered, although the content above contain full details on chase routing numbers. In this summary the important key points in the above content will be brushed here. Firstly I explained chase as a bank in the US.   Secondly I explained chase routing number as a nine digit code used for online transactions.

Thirdly types of Chase Routing number, in which I included Ohio Chase Routing Number and Five other regions Routing Number. Fourthly I discussed the uses of Chase Routing Number.Some of the uses include detection of the bank that will either pay,give credit or receive payment during an electronic transaction. It’s also used for transferring of funds.