7 Ways To Get Random Money On Cash App – Get Free Money On Cash App

Do you want to know how to get random money on Cash App? Read this article carefully to find out if it is possible and how you can get random money on the cash app. 

In this simple guide, you will learn the procedure to get random money on Cash App and virtually everything you need to know concerning free money on this app. So roll with me as we kick start the discussion. 

The idea of sending and receiving money online is gradually replacing manual banking and as such, several mobile payment applications are being developed. Some of them are Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App. 

Cash App is a fun and safe payment app that is so much easy to use not just for sending and receiving money but for buying stock and bitcoin. However, in the process of growth, some forms of scams are rising prominently among which is the clearance fee on Cash App and the random person sent me money on Cash App. 

However, Cash App users often ask “how can I get free money on Cash App?” Is it possible? If yes, how do I go about it? These and more are the questions that this article will show you. 

Is There A Way To Get Free Money From Cash App?


This is a very pertinent question because how can I get random money on Cash App cannot be discussed if we have not established its possibility. 

Yes, you can get random money on Cash App in several ways. And that is one interesting benefit of the Cash App. These ways are legal and all accepted. 

How To Get Random Money On Cash App


There are many ways to get random or free money on Cash App. These could be achieved by carrying out some simple tasks and getting paid in the end. We are going to be 7 discussing them. So pay close attention to learning how to earn random money on Cash App. 

1. Cash App Sweepstake


This is an official competition occasionally conducted by Cash App where the winners are given prizes at the end of the competition. Prices could be in the form of money, stock, or bitcoin. The competition is usually conducted on the official social media pages of the Cash App while the prizes are paid directly to the verified Cash App accounts of the users. 

The Cash App sweepstake has its instructions and guidelines but is currently available to US users alone. Note that Cash App would not ask you to pay a clearance fee to claim your sweepstake prizes. 

2. Invitation Bonus


I bet you didn’t know that this is one of the ways to get free money on Cash App. You will be rewarded if you invite somebody to sign up on Cash App using your referral code.

When the invited person signs up, Links a debit card, and transfers at least $5, you will be given a referral bonus of up to $30. To invite someone to Cash App, click on the Activity Tab on the home screen of your Cash App, select “invite friends” and choose an inviting medium from the options provided. 

The simplest way to go about this is to simply send your code to a friend and credit them $5 and ask them to send it back to you in a few hours. With that, you will get your bonus while they also get theirs. You can refer as many friends as possible. The more you refer, the larger the money you earn.  

3. Sign-up Bonus


Still on how to get free money on Cash App. Signing up using the referral code or invitation link of the person who invited you also attracts some bonuses to your account. The condition attached to getting this bonus is that you will have to link either a debit card or bank account and send a minimum of $5 within 14 days of signing up. You get a bonus of $5 when you sign up.

4. Trading Bitcoin On Cash App. 

Although not free money, this is one of the ways to get extra money on Cash App. I believe you are familiar with how the cryptocurrency trade works already. So all you need to do is to learn how to buy bitcoin on Cash App, leave it to appreciate for some time and thereafter, you can sell it or withdraw your bitcoin. Take the following steps to sell your bitcoin on Cash App. 

  • Locate the bitcoin tab on your Cash App home screen. 
  • Click on Sell
  • Select an amount or click “…” to enter a different number.
  • Use your touch ID or put your PIN in and tap “Confirm.”

5. Cash App Earn


In this type, you will get free money on Cash App by doing a few tasks on Cash App earn like this. 

  • Visit Cashappearn.com and enter your Cash App user ID and click on Install
  • You will be asked to grant permission to install the app from other devices. Click on Allow
  • After the app is downloaded, go to downloads and tap on “Install.”
  • Now open the application, it will show you that you will earn $75 after completion of each task and the money will be transferred to your Cash App once you have earned $150 or more.

The app asks users to install the application and once the apps are installed and used, the user receives $150 on their Cash App in a short duration.

6. Cash App Direct Deposit.

Setting up Direct Deposit on your Cash App is another way to get random money on Cash App. With this, you can get up to $100 if your income is up to $300 in 30 days. 

You can even get another free $50 if your income totals to $300 monthly. Totaling to  150 dollars random money from Cash App by setting up Cash App Direct Deposit. 

7. Random Money Request. 


Requesting money from people you do not know on Cash App is another way people get money on Cash App. This works well when the amount you are requesting isn’t large. All you have to do here is to search for Cash App names to request money from.

And go through the usual way of how to request money on Cash App to ask them for money. You may be lucky to have them send you that money that you requested. 

So these are the seven ways to get random money on Cash App. 


Can Strangers Send You Random Money On Cash App?


Yes, strangers do send people random money on Cash App. Most times, this is done in error, and in other cases, it may be a form of Cash App scam. This is because there is a rise in Cash App scams recently. 

Is It Safe To Request Random Money From Strangers On Cash App?


Remember that while we explained how to get random money on Cash App, it was stated that you can request from strangers. That option is however not safe.

Requesting money from strangers on Cash App can destabilize the person at the other end who is afraid of being scammed. So also, you are at risk of being scammed. 

What To Do When You Receive Random Money From Strangers On Cash App


The best thing to do when you receive random money from strangers on Cash App is to contact Cash App support on your app. Otherwise, you can refund the money that may have been sent in error. And also you can use the option of blocking the sender. 

Why Do I Get Random Money On Cash App?


The first reason that should come to mind on why you get random money on Cash App is that it is done in error. This can happen if someone had saved your $cashtag in place of someone else own. 

Another reason could be that you are on your way to being scammed. So the best way to handle these is to quickly block the person on Cash App. Then if you discover that it isn’t a scam or error, you can also unblock them. 



Now that you have learnt how to get random money on cash app, what next? We expect you to take action as soon as possible following any of the above mentioned ways. Also check our related articles on cash App.