How To Track Cash App Card – 5 Easy Ways

Are you one of those searching everyone for information about how to track Cash App card? If your answer to that is yes, I want to assure you that this is the right place to get informed. 

In this blog post, we will first see if a Cash App card can be tracked before we move on to how to track a Cash App card. We would also be discussing other sensitive issues relating to your Cash App card like what to do when you lose your card, how to protect your Cash Card. 

Tracking is one of the commonest ways to locate or find missing electronic gadgets and devices. When items such as cars, phones, computers, and others are either stolen or misplaced, they are tracked and are most times found.

 So stemming from that, Cash app users are wondering if their missing or stolen cash app card can also be found through tracking hence they search for how to track their cash app card. I believe we all know that Cash App is a peer-to-peer mobile payment application majorly used to send and receive money, buy and trade bitcoin as well as for bitcoin withdrawal

What is a Cash App Card? 


In a bid to make the process of withdrawal or Cashing out money from Cash App easier for its users,  the company decided to introduce what is referred to as Cash Card. The Cash App Card is a debit card used for making purchases in-store and for the withdrawal of money from the ATM.

It is used just like your usual bank ATM debit card. And there are times when you misplace this card or it gets stolen and you begin to search for how to track a cash app card. Read the next paragraph to know how to get a Cash App card before we proceed. 

How To Get A Cash App Card


Before we move further to know how to track a Cash App Card, let’s briefly outline how to get the card. Your Cash App card can be gotten when you fill out a request form on the app after signing up and verifying your account. 

To request a Cash App Card, tap the Cash Card tab on the home screen of your Cash App. Thereafter Press Get Cash Card,  click on Continue and follow the prompt. Upon a successful request,  you are expected to get your card in the email at most 10 days later. 

When the Cash App card arrives, all you have to do is to set up a PIN that can be changed and then proceed to use it. What then happens if the card gets missing or stolen? Follow me to know how to track a Cash App Card. 

Can I Track My Cash App Card?


Knowing if you can track your Cash App Card is as important as how to track a Cash App card because they both walk pari passu. 

Unfortunately, you cannot track your Cash App Card. Cash App card does not have a smart chip or GPS with which it can be tracked. The chip on the card only stores information about your Cash App account and transactions.

Therefore, it cannot be physically tracked. However, there is a way to monitor transactions to see what’s going on with the card. Continue reading to see how. 

How To Track Your Cash App Card Transactions


Since the card cannot be located when lost, you can track its transactions to know if it’s been used by someone else. Here is how to track your Cash App transaction history. 

  • Click on the Activity tab on the home screen of your Cash App.
  • It will show all your transaction history with each payment tagged by the method used either debit, credit, wallet, etc. 
  • Tap on each payment to view the details. 

With this, you will be able to ascertain if the card is used by someone else or not. Peradventure you are not satisfied with leaving it open, there are other options you can use to protect your funds. 

How To Track Cash App Card


We established earlier that there is no way to track a cash App card. However, instead of leaving your fund at the risk of being stolen, I will explain other actions you can take below. 

Block Or Disable The Cash App Card


One very quick and reliable thing to do in place of how to track your Cash app card is to disable it. And this is very easy to do. 

  • Click on the Cash Card tab on the home screen of your Cash App. 
  • Tap on the image of the Cash Card
  • Select “disable cash card

With these steps, no one will be able to use your Cash card again. However, if you find the card, you can Enable it by using the same steps but this time, you click Enable Cash Card instead. 

Report The Missing Or Stolen Cash App Card


Another thing you can do to protect your funds since there is no how-to track a Cash App Card is to report the card. This step should be taken immediately if the card gets missing or you notice any phishing activity coming up with your Cash App card. This is to help Cash App deactivate the card immediately. 

How To Report A Lost Or Missing Cash App Card


    • Log into your Cash App account. 
    • Navigate to the cash card section.
    • Click on the Cash Card image and select “problem with card
    • Select “stolen card”
  • Input either your touch ID or Security PIN to continue. 

After deactivating this card, you can use the steps stated at the beginning of this article to order a new cash App Card. 

Contact Cash App Support


Additionally, contact the Cash App support team either through the app, website or through the toll-free number to report the situation. The Cash App support is always there to help you out when contacted. 

How To Protect Your Cash App Card From Being Stolen


  1. Enable two teams authentication to be alerted when someone tries to access your Cash App Card or phone. 
  2. Enable Security Lock on your Cash App. so that you will have to enter a password before accessing your cash app. 
  3. Do not share your Cash card PIN or password with anyone. 
  4. Keep your card away from the reach of others. 

Requirements For Getting A Cash App Card


Recur that we said above that “how to track a Cash App Card” is impossible. So you have to block the card and order a new one. However, for you to get a Cash App card, you must have completed 18 years of age, have an SSN, provide your full name, date of birth, and email address. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A New Cash App Card? 


Just like the initial one you ordered, the Cash App card you will get since it is impossible to track a cash app card will arrive in your email in 10 days. 



In this article, we have given answers to “how to track Cash App Card”. And established that since the Cash Card cannot be tracked protect your funds by taking the actions explained above while you contact Cash App Support for help.