Answer: Can You Deposit A Paper Check On Cash App?

Are you one of those going through your search Engine in the quest to get answers to “can you deposit a paper check on cash app?” Glad to let you know that your search is over as this article is written to give you every answer you seek on this topic. 


In this blog post, we are not only going to answer the question of “can you deposit a paper check on cash app” but also show you how it is done, the requirements/qualifications to do that, its limits, how long it takes as well as fees and much more. Every piece of information is very important as you read through to the end. 

Cash App which was primarily built as a peer-to-peer payment method for sending and receiving money seems to be growing bigger and better daily. 


It was initially launched in 2013 to be used in the United States alone. After a few years, it increased its tentacles to include the UK and everyone seems to be looking forward to Cash App Canada soon. 

Like its users, Cash App has also grown its features hence including the use of a debit card in 2018 to aid the process of cashing out on Cash App. It has also included the making of Direct Deposit of various forms hence other users are asking “can you deposit a paper check on Cash App?” The answer to that is the reason this post is written. So pay rapt attention as we move through it. More Details on how to send and receive payment on Cash App Here

What Is A Paper Check?


It’s vital to understand what a paper check is before we see if we can deposit a paper check on Cash App. A Paper Check simply put means a form of payment written on paper to enable a person to draw money from a Checking Account.

Can You Deposit A Paper Check On Cash App

It involves the payer writing the name of the payee as well as other information like amount, and signature. It is expected that the payee would cash the check at the bank. However, with recent trends in online banking, people want to know if they can deposit a paper check on Cash App. 

Can You Deposit A Paper Check On Cash App?


Let’s begin by answering the question because this will aid us in answering other questions that would come up. 

Yes, you can deposit a paper check on Cash App. The app has included the option of depositing your paper check as well as E-check without going to the bank. This is in line with the quest of Cash App to make banking easy, safe, and enjoyable for every user without having to visit the banking hall. 

This, however, comes with several requirements which we are going to briefly state below. 

What Is Required To Deposit A Paper Check On Cash App?


As we continue in giving you an answer to “can you deposit a paper check on Cash App”. Join me to see what is required of you below

1) Must Not Be A Dishonored Check


If the check has previously been dishonored or probably rejected by the bank, you should not deposit it on Cash App as such a transaction may not be successful. 

2) Must Not Have Been Cashed 


Make sure that the check in question has not been cashed or deposited previously elsewhere. 

3)  Must Not Be Altered


Another requirement that must be met when depositing a paper check on Cash App is that the Check should not be altered or mutilated in any way. 

4)  Date Of The Check


This is very important. Cash App would not process a paper check that has no date on it. And be sure that the day of depositing the check is not later than 90 days after the issuance. In other words, if you want to cash a check 92 days after it was issued, such a check will be declined. 

5) Must Not Exceed the Limit


There is a limit to how many checks can be deposited on Cash App. So be sure to know the limit and make sure that the amount on the check does not exceed the limit. More about the limit will be discussed as we go on. 

Lastly, on the requirements before we move on with the topic of “can I deposit a paper check on Cash App?” Make sure that the check can be payable in dollars and it is duly signed. The check will be written to the order of you, or jointly with you and another individual.

How To Deposit A Paper Check On Cash App


The answer to “can you deposit a paper check on Cash App” is useless without knowing how to do it. So let’s see how it is done as you read the steps below. 

  • Log into your Cash App and click on the balance tap. 
  • Navigate downwards and select the option of “deposit a check
  • Follow the prompt and enter the amount on the check
  • Take a photo of the front and back of the check with your camera
  • Click Deposit

With this, your paper check will be deposited in due time. 

Why Can’t I Deposit A Paper Check On My Cash App?


You would not be able to deposit a paper check on Cash App if the app has not enabled the check deposit function on your app. To enable Mobile Check deposit, you must have provided Cash App with all hardware and operating permissions that it requests, including permission to access the camera of your phone or any device, files stored on your device, device time, and information of your geographical location. 

How Much Is The Limit Of Depositing A Paper Check On Cash App?


There is no official information about the paper check deposit limit on the Cash App website. That is probably because this function is still new. However, there are assumptions and speculations that the paper deposit limit on Cash App is a maximum of 5 deposits a month. Up to $3500 per deposit maximum and $7500 monthly limit

How Much Does It Cost To Deposit A Paper Check On Cash App?


Moving on with the answer to “can I deposit a paper check on Cash app” let’s see the attached fee. 

Fortunately, there are no fees for depositing a Check On Cash App. The service, like other Cash App services, is free of charge. 

What To Do After Depositing A Paper Check On Cash App


Cash App recommends that after depositing the paper check, you should wait a few minutes till the app confirms the submission is successful. 

After confirming the submission, keep the check safely for about two weeks. If you were not contacted either through text or mail for any issue regarding the deposit, then you can dispose of it. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Paper Check Deposited On Cash App? 


It takes about 4 business days for a paper check deposited correctly on Cash App to reflect in your Cash App balance. This does not include deposits made on weekends. It must be deposited before 7 pm on Mondays till Fridays



Therefore the answer to “can you deposit a paper check on Cash App?” is yes. The requirements, how to do it as well as time are all explained above. If in the process of carrying out the deposit you encounter any problem, do not forget to contact Cash App Support.