4 Ways To Edit Memoji Or Emoji On iPhone ( Fast Methods)

This post will teach you on how to edit emojis on iPhone. Obviously, computer device at your hand can now do wonders more than you have ever imagined. Have you ever pictured a scenario where you can use emojis to communicate without necessarily typing words? Guess what? It is very easy and simple to communicate using emojis and that’s why we have decided to show you guys how to edit the emojis, so as to fit in to your current expression.


Before you use an emoji, the first question you should ask yourself is what information do I want to pass and how can I use emoji to express my feelings? The answers to these questions seem impossible, right? But the good news here is that’ this article also contain information on how to create an emoji that looks like you.

Do you know that it is possible for you to create and edit your own emoji? If you don’t know, worry not as I have succinctly itemized How You Can Create Your Own Emoji in this write. All you need to do is to chill and relax as I will be taking you through on all you need to know about creation And Editing Of Emoji


How To Create Your Own Emoji


Before we proceed on how to edit emojis, let’s first of all learn how to create ours because if we can create, then editing won’t be our problem. Below are the easiest steps to follow and create your own emoji or memoji.

  • Open Messages
  • Tap the Compose button 
  • Compose a message to start a new conversation. Or better still, go to an existing conversation
  • Tap the emoji button 
  • Swipe to the right 
  • Tap the New emoji 
  • Add a new emoji button.
  • Customize the features of your emojis — like skin tone, hairstyle eyes, and lots more
  • Tap Done.

And guess what? You are done creating your emoji, as simple as that.

How To Edit Emojis On iPhone 


Now that you have learned how to create an emoji, let’s proceed on how you can edit emojis in case you made mistakes during creating them. But before we proceed to sharing information on how to edit emojis, let’s take the first step first, 

Firstly, you have to update your iPhone to iOS 13, after that, double click on your iphone settings. Now that you have done that, let’s proceed. Below are the steps to follow and edit emojis on any iPhone;

Step1: Open Your Messages App:

Tap to open a current conversation which can be  with a single contact or a group chat. Or better still, You can also tap to start a new message.

Step2: Tap on the Apps icon and then tap the emoji tab above your iPhone keyboard.

Step3: Tap to select the emoji you wish to change.

Step4: Tap on the three dots on the  left corner of your iphone

Step5: Tap “Edit” to begin making changes.

Step6: Browse through emoji options on your iphone to make changes, such as changing hair color, adding glasses, jewelry and any other features that you wish to add.

Step7: Tap “Done to complete the process.

N/B; If you follow the above mentioned steps succinctly, the menu of your iphone will close and it will bring you back to emoji keyboard, hence, your changes would be reflected immediately.

How To Create Emoji Stickers On Your iPhone


Since you have learned How To Create And Edit An Emoji, you can use the skill to create any emoji of your choice, not only that, you can add any feature that can best describe your mood. Below are steps to follow whenever you want to create emoji stickers on iPhone;

  • Open the keyboard
  •  Tap the emoji stickers button
  • Select the sticker that you want to send. 
  • Tap the Send button and that’s all.

How To Use An Animated Emojis In Messages


Step1: Ensure that you have a compatible iPhone or iPad Pro.

Step2: Open Messages 

Step3: Tap on the Compose button 

Step4: Start a new conversation. Or better still go to an existing conversation.

Step5: Tap the emoji button

Step6: Swipe to the left to pick your emoji.

Step7: Tap the Record button to record 

Step8: Tap on the record icon to stop recording


  • You can record for up to 30 seconds.
  • If you want to choose a different emoji with the same recording. See what you will do:
  • Tap another emoji that you created.
  • To create a emoji sticker
  • Touch and hold the emoji 
  • Drag it to the message thread. 
  • To delete an emoji, 
  • Just tap the Trash button and it would be deleted
  • Tap the send button and send your icon.

How Do I Add Custom Emojis To My IPhone


If you want to add emoji to your iphone, follow this steps:

  • Install a new keyboard, which is as simple as selecting the emoji keyboard from the phone’s settings.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General
  • Select Keyboards 
  • Tap on add New Keyboard.
  • Swipe through the list until you find Emoji
  • Tap on it to enable it.

How Do You Put Custom Emojis On Your Keyboard


  • Go to settings 
  • Move to General 
  • Go to keyboards 
  • Add New Keyboard 
  • Go to emojily 
  • Add the emojily keyboard to your phone 
  • Tap on sending  and send your custom emoji to your friends, it’s really easy.

How Can I Make My Own Emoji For Free


It really feels good for one to save cost. As you have learned how to Create And Edit An Emoji, I will show you the best websites where you can make your own emoji for free.

The sites are listed below:


1.Emoji Maker:

This site is very good because it allows you to create emojis with many functions 

2. Labeley:

It is another amazing site since It allows you to make emojis with different features.

3.Flat Icons:

With  Flat Icon, you can develop and design custom emojis for free, and it’s also very easy to export your work 

  1. PiZap 
  2. Appy Pie

What Is The Best Emoji App For iPhone?


Below are the best emoji apps for iphone:

  • Bitmoji
  • SMS Rage Faces
  • Emoji Keyboard by LINE
  • Kaomoji
  • Moji Edit
  • Guess The Emoji.
  • Memoji.

How Do I Create An Emoji That Looks Like Me


It is always amazing to see your picture in a mirror. The same feelings also follow if you create an emoji that looks like you. If you want to create an emoji that looks like you, do This:

  • open iMessage
  • Tap on the emoji Stickers icon (it’s the little monkey)
  • Tap on the plus icon.


If you follow the three steps correctly, it will open the creator, hence you will find out that you have lots of options to customize your avatar.

How Do I Get Free Emojis On My iPhone


  • Tap on the Settings icon and scroll to General. 
  • Go to Keyboard option 
  • Tap the Keyboards submenu.
  • Select Add New Keyboard to open a list of keyboards available and choose Emoji

Can You Change Hair Color On Emojis?


Yes, you can change hair color on emojis. Though this is possible but most times, it depends on the specific emoji you are choosing.

It will be apt to Know that some emojis don’t have additional hair color options while some emojis change hair color with skin tone but some like the redhead emojis only have the red hair color.