Why Is Spotify Not Working 2022?  6 Quick Fix.

No doubt, you are one of the lovers and users of Spotify but recent development is making you worried and somewhat confused hence you, like many others, are asking why is Spotify not working? Here is a quick guide to help you fix it easily. 

Spotify is a Swedish music and Video streaming service known all over the world with over 350 million users. Users love the platform since thousands of music are uploaded daily hence anyone searching to listen to the latest or trending music gets it on Spotify.

Another amazing fact about listening to music on the Spotify platform is the unique autoplay feature and arrangement of a playlist. With these beautiful features, music lovers see Spotify as an indispensable platform. 

Furthermore, users get worried when they attempt to use Spotify and discover that it is not working. Hence they keep asking why is Spotify not working? Continue reading to know the reasons why it is not working and how to fix it easily. 

Can I Fix Spotify Not Working?


Yes, whenever you try to log into your Spotify app or you log in and it isn’t working, there are steps that you can take to fix it and get it working again. However, the step to use is greatly dependent on the cause. Hence it is necessary to see some of the causes of Spotify not working. Read some of them in the next paragraph before we proceed to the solutions. 

Why Is Spotify Not Working?


If you are asking why is Spotify not working? Then here is your answer. I know you wouldn’t want to skip this so read the several reasons why your Spotify isn’t working. Yours may be due to one or a combination of the reasons below. 

Spotify Server Issues


Sometimes the reason why Spotify is not working on your device is that the Spotify server is down or having some issues. Spotify server issues occur frequently but take just a few hours to fix. So you might just wait for some time and see if your Spotify starts working again. 

Bad Internet Connection


Going on with answering the question “why is Spotify not working?” The answer might be as little as bad or poor internet connection. So if you’re experiencing Spotify not working on your device, check that your internet is well connected. 

Spotify App Needs Update


Still asking Why is Spotify not working? Then your App might be needing an update. Spotify updates the app periodically to the latest version. So if you haven’t updated yours, it might just be the reason why your Spotify is not working. 

Wrong Date And Time Settings


There is the possibility that the answer to “why is Spotify Not working?” is in your date and time settings. This is because the Spotify server might not be able to sync your device if the date and time us wrong.

This problem is common with tablets and laptops because they move between time zones without automatic time zone settings. 

Cache Needs Clearing


When the Cache of your app is full, there is the likelihood that the app will stop working. And this also goes for Spotify.

So if you’ve tried other options and your Spotify doesn’t work still, then clearing Cache might be needed. Clearing your App’s cache helps to get rid of every one of its data including custom settings. 

Device Not Supported


Another reason why Spotify would not work on your device is hen your device is not supported. Although Spotify is supported on most Android and IOS devices as well as desktops and laptops, there are a few devices that do not support Spotify. 

Browser Issues


If you are using Spotify on a browser, then Spotify not working might be a result of your browser. It is most likely that your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) needs an update. Sometimes, Adblockers and extensions can also stop Spotify from working. 

Device memory full


Spotify would not work on your device if its memory is full. Your device should have at least 250MB of memory for Spotify to work optimally. 

Firewall Blocking Spotify


This is the last reason for “why is Spotify not working that would be discussed here. And this is firewall blocking Spotify. This occurs when you are using a desktop to listen to Spotify.

So if you are experiencing Spotify not working, check the firewall of your desktop. Now let’s move on to see how to fix Spotify not working. 

How To Fix Spotify Not Working


After seeing the answers to why is Spotify not working, let us proceed further by seeing how we can fix the problems or issues explained above to get your app working again. In the next paragraphs, I will detail the solutions. So continue reading. 

1. Update Your Spotify App And Your Browser


This is one of the ways to get your Spotify app working again. Remember we earlier stated that one of the answers to Why is Spotify not working is App needs an update. Here is how to update Spotify for your various devices. 

How To Update Spotify On Your Desktop


  • A blue dot would appear on the menu icon at the top right corner of the app if there is an update available. Tap on the icon. 
  • Choose Available Update. 
  • Tab restart Now. 

How To Update Spotify For Android


  • Go to your Google Play Store
  • Search for Spotify
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Check for Auto-update. 

alternatively, it can be done manually by using the search bar to find Spotify and clicking on update in your Play Store. 

How To Update Spotify For iOS Devices


  • Go to the Settings of your device. 
  • Click on iTunes and App store. 
  • Switch on App Updates.

Alternatively, you can do it manually by doing to your App store, and clicking on the Apple ID image at the top right corner. Click on Spotify and then on Update. 

2. Log Out


Another way to fix why is Spotify not working is to log out and log in again. Here is how to log out on your desktop, mobile devices, and the Spotify website. 

For mobile devices click on home, tap settings, navigate downward, and tap log out. 

For Desktop, click on the menu icon that looked like an inverted triangle at the top right corner and click on log out. 

To log out on the Spotify website visit www.spotify.com, log in, click on your profile and select log out. 

3. Reinstall Your Spotify App


Another way to his Spotify not working is to delete the app and reinstall it. Go to either your play store or App Store, download the app again and install it. 

4. Restart Your Device


Restarting your device is also a solution to why is Spotify not working. This usually works well if the problem is with your device. To restart your device, hold down the power button and confirm the process. 

5. Clear App Cache


To fix the problem with the app, go to Settings on your device, click on Apps, tap on Spotify, choose the storage option and click on clear cache. 

6. Turn On Automatic Date And Time


We earlier noted that the wrong date and time can also be a reason why Spotify is not working. To fix this, click on the Settings icon on your device, tap on date and time, and turn on the automatic date and time. 

After taking these steps to resolve ” why is Spotify not working”, if it doesn’t work then contact the customer service of Spotify. 

How To Contact Spotify Customer Service


  • Search for @SpotifyCares on Twitter. There you can ask your questions and get replies from stars. 
  • Visit www.spotyfy.com and search for support. 



This article has successfully shown you why is Spotify not working. We looked at several reasons and how to quickly fix them in 6 ways. After you have tried out all the 6 options provided, if Spotify doesn’t work, contact the customer service using the two options provided above.