10 Common Issues With Spotify & How To Fix Them

Are you pissed off with issues coming up with your Spotify? Are you seeking solutions to the common issue with spotify and how to fix them? Take a deep sigh of relief because, in this article, we are going to take you through 10 issues with Spotify and how to fix them. Excited? Then you don’t have to miss any part of it as we begin. 


Being one of the best audio and video music streaming services in the world, Spotify has built a great name and reputation. It is supported by many devices and has a huge number of users as well as a music catalog that keeps users glued to it and always coming for more. 

With such a large number of users, it is not surprising that Spotify develops issues or problems. The good news however is that these problems can be resolved hence this article is aimed at showing you common problems with spotify and how to fix them. The problems and the solutions will be taken simultaneously in the course of the article. So don’t go away. 


What Is Spotify? 


 Let’s begin the discussion on Spotify issues and how to fix them by taking a short overview of what Spotify is. 

Spotify is a media service provider for streaming Audio and Video music. It is a Swedish organization that was founded in April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It has its headquarters in Stockholm Sweden with subsidiaries in several other continents and countries like the USA, Mexico, etc.

 Playing music on Spotify is free but you can choose to upgrade to premium services. It gives a wide range of musical content from all over the world and you can build a collection of music and podcasts on Spotify. Seeing all its wonderful features and the number of users, it is not uncommon that it can come up with issues. Now let’s see the issues with Spotify and how to fix them. 

How Do I Fix Spotify Problem?


The method for fixing Spotify Problem is dependent on the problem that you are facing. There are so many issues that come up with Spotify. So go through the list of Spotify issues and how to fix them discussed below to identify yours and get it fixed. 

Issues With Spotify And How To Fix Them 


Here is a list of 10 common Spotify issues and how to fix them. Remember I earlier noted that the issue and how to fix it will be taken simultaneously. The list cuts across issues with desktops, laptops, iOS devices, and Android devices. So let’s go. 

1. Unable To Add Local File To Playlist. 


One interesting feature of Spotify is the ability to import local music files from your desktop and play them with Spotify. This feature is available to only premium users. Requirements to do this include files must be from a legal source, must be MP3 and MP4, and your Spotify must be of the desktop version. 

However, this feature seems not to work for many users. Here is how to fix it. 

  • Log in to Spotify on your desktop
  • Click on your profile and choose Settings
  • Click to Enable Show Local Files
  • Tap Add A Source
  • Select the folder where the music is stored on your computer (make sure all music is located in one file)
  • Add the songs to the playlist. 

2. Spotify Not Working


This is a common problem and it is usually caused by several reasons like outdated app, full cache, memory full, device not supported, Server issues, and poor internet connection amongst others. 

To fix this, perform some activities such as checking your Internet connection, logging out and logging in again, restarting your phone, reinstalling Spotify, clearing Cache, updating your Spotify app, etc. 

3. Mistakenly Deleted A Playlist


This is another common Spotify issue caused by users. Users spend a lot of time creating a playlist hence the despair over the accidental deletion of a playlist due to wrong clicking. However, there is a way out. 

To recover a playlist that was mistakenly deleted, log into your Spotify account on the official website of Spotify at after that, navigate to Recover Playlist and click on Restore

4. Spotify Autoplay Not Working


Moving on with Spotify issues and how to fix them, let’s see Spotify autoplay not working. With Autoplay not working, you have to manually play every song which is really tiring. 

This can be caused by interruption from Cache clearing Apps, data or power-saving apps, the need for Spotify updates, and more. 

To fix this, update Spotify and your device software, reinstall Spotify, play music with Google Assistant, turn off battery and data saver, etc. 

5. Music Does Not Produce Sound During playback


Furthermore on Spotify issues and how to fix them. Let’s see how to resolve the problem of no sound during playback. One reason why this occurs on a desktop is either a muted device or the line out is misconfigured. 

To fix this on a desktop, select Windows, right-click on the volume icon and select Volume Mixer. On a Mac device, press the Option button and select the speaker icon. 

6: Stuttering Songs While On Playback


Another common Spotify issue that can hinder your smooth listening to music is when the song stutter on playback. It gives a crack sound as though it hasn’t buffered completely. 

To fix this issue, simply open your Spotify app, scroll and click on More, select View, and turn on Hardware Acceleration. 

7. Unable To Download Music For Playback Offline


One amazing feature of Spotify is that it allows you to download music in the app which you can play offline thereby saving your internet data allowance. Issues arise with this when you are unable to download music.

This often happens when you have reached your limit. Spotify gives a maximum of 1000 offline music at a time after which you are unable to download more. 

The only way to fix this is to delete some music to give room for more and also to clear your cache. To delete music, tap the More Menu on your Spotify app and toggle the playlist download.

Alternatively, clear your cache to make it faster. To clear cache, open the Settings app on your device, click on Apps, search and click on Spotify, go to Storage and Cache, click on Clear Cache, then on Clear Data

8. Spotify App Closing On Its Own


This occurs most times with Android devices. It is mostly caused by your SD card’s failure. So the easiest way to fix this is to remove the SD Card and get another one or format the SD Card. If however, that doesn’t fix it, then you can delete and reinstall the App on your device and update frequently. 

9. Spotify Not Connecting To Wifi


This is one of the Spotify issues and it makes using the free plan useless. Spotify not connecting to Wifi is usually caused by issues with your router or firewall setting. 

So to fix it, read through the guide on how to set your router or wifi correctly because the process differs with the device and the type of router. 

10. Hacked Spotify Account


Oftentimes, users also complain of accounts being hacked. Some of the visible signs of a hacked account is playing unfamiliar music. 

To fix this Spotify issue, you have to log out on all devices that you’ve previously logged into. To this by going to the Spotify website, scroll to Account Overview, and click on Sign Out Everywhere. After doing this, change your password and passwords on all linked platforms like Facebook. If you are unable to log in after this, contact Spotify for support. 

How To Contact Spotify Directly To Resolve Spotify Issues


You can do that in several ways including. 

  • Fill out an online form at
  • @spotifycares on Twitter
  • And on the Spotify Facebook page. 

Can I Download Music From Spotify?


Before we wrap up with Spotify issues and how to fix them, let us see if it is possible to download music from Spotify to your device memory. In other words, is it possible to export music from Spotify? 

The answer to that is NO. Spotify only gives you access to music and podcasts on the App. However, its license is against exporting the content outside the App. 



Throughout this article, we detailed 10 common issues with spotify and how to fix them. Added to that, it was stated that after using the methods explained in the article and the problem is not fixed, use any of the media stated above to contact Spotify for help.