5 Steps To Disable Qustodio On Iphone Without Password

In this article, we are going to show you how to disable Qustodio on iPhone without password. Obviously, people are now tired of virtual imprisonment, someone can no longer explore the cyberspace without been monitored. This high-tech application regulates all your activities without your consent. Hence, there is need to disable Qustodio app before it disables you. 


This is why we decided to make this article to show you steps to follow and disable Qustodio on iphone without password.

Qustodio And Advance In Technology



With the advancement in technology, the world is now becoming a global village, things that where not possible in the past decade is now very much possible in this present dispensation. As the saying goes “Advance in technology leads to advance in criminology”.

As the world is technically enhanced, there is no activities that is hidden again as mechanism such as Qustodio helps to regulate activities of individual once it is been installed on a computer. Because of this, people (s) are searching for how to disable Qustodio on iphone without password, so as to maintain a level of privacy. If you are one of such persons, worry not as I have penned down the easiest way to disable Qustodio on iphone without password.

Working Principle Of Qustodio


We cannot be talking about disabling Qustodio without first of all looking into it’s working Principles. So, before talking about how to disable Qustodio on iphone without password, let’s first understand the working principle of qustodio.

Qustodio is one of the remarkable softwares when you talk about parental control. Qustodio is of utmost importance since parents can’t keep an eye on their children’s activities all the time. This software seems to be “omniscient” because it helps to keep all records of your child’s online and report to you all the time with alerts. Not only that, Qustodio restrict specific sites, social media contents and it also will not allow your child to use mobile phone late hours.

Sequel to the above, most people don’t always want to be in virtual prison all the time, that’s why some people really want to know how to disable Qustodio on iphone without password.

Qustodio was developed and designed by Eduardo Cruz, Josep Gasper and Josh Gabel  who are cyber security experts in 2012. It’s primary aim is to protect children from moral decadence accruing from increased exposure to online risks due to more digital devices, such as tablets, smartphones and other high-tech devices coming into the home.

It is important to know that the inventors have been working assiduously on improving the qualities of the software since it’s launch in 2012.

Features Of Qustodio


As at 2021, Qustodio software had the following features:

  • Game and app blocking
  • Screen time limits, quotas and downtimes
  • Website and content category filtering
  • Activity reporting: real-time, daily, weekly and monthly summaries
  • Safe search
  • Activity alerts and panic button
  • Geolocation (Family Locator)and geofencing (Your Places)
  • Short Message Services (SMS) and Call monitoring
  • YouTube monitoring and Facebook monitoring

How To Disable Qustodio On Iphone Without Password


If you are tired of being in virtual prison all the time and you don’t know what to do, to worsen the whole situation, you don’t even have password or you have forgotten the Qustodio password, calm down and relax as I will be taking you through the step-by-step guide on how to disable Qustodio on iphone without password.

Below are the step-by-step approach on how to disable Qustodio on iphone without password:

  • Restart your mobile phone 
  • Open it in safe mode. To access safe mode, you need turn off your mobile and press the volume up and volume down key along with the power button.
  • Activate the Airplane mode
  • Go to Settings>>Security>>Device Administration
  • Click on Qustodio and select deactivate.
  • Go to the mobile home screen and tap Qustodio app icon
  • Select uninstall or move to trash. 
  • Your iphone maybe showing error while doing so but keep repeating this 2-3 times and it will definitely going to be uninstalled completely
  • Restart your mobile normally 
  • Access games, sites and social stuff without being monitored.

Alternatively, if you have Qustodio app on your iphone and you don’t need it again but you know your password, follow this step:

Step1: Open the Qustodio app on your iphone device

Step2: Select Disable protection

Step3: Insert your password if you if you remember or have it

Step4:  Remove your mobile profile from Qustodio family portal

Step5: Remove the Qustodio app the way you remove other normal applications

What Does Qustodio Do?


Now that you have known how to disable Qustodio on iPhone without password, let’s take a little look into some of the things the software does.

As I have earlier stated, that Qustodio is a regulating software that controls the activities of whosoever that is having it in his or her computer, it leads to virtual prison because all your activities can be checkmated without your prior knowledge. Some of the regulatory activities of Qustodio are:

1. Call monitoring


With the aid of Qustodio software, parents can view call logs, duration and history of their kid’s mobile.

2. YouTube Monitoring


Qustodio enables you to view what your kids watches on YouTube, hence, you can easily restrict them from watching pornographic movies and other immoral movies.

3. Time Duration


This characteristics of Qustodio compels your kid to use mobile device on limited hours.

4. Web Filtering


This is one of the essential feature of Qustodio software as it blocks harmful and not suitable websites for your children. 

How To Hack Qustodio


This is hilarious, though hacking Qustodio isn’t the best option but nevertheless I would advise you to disable Qustodio app entirely instead of hacking it.

It would amaze you to know that each app in your iphone needs at least 1-2 minutes to start during the restart of your iphone, that medium was utilized on disabling Qustodio to enable you access any site without your care givers knowledge.

Follow these simple and easy step to disable Qustodio app instead of hacking it.

  • Restart your mobile phone and turn it to safe mode. In order too access safe mode, ensure that you turn off your mobile and press the volume up and volume down key along with the power button simultaneously.
  • Activate the Airplane mode and move to the Settings to Security then to Device Administration, ensure that you click on Qustodio, then press on deactivate.
  • Move to the mobile home screen and select  Qustodio app icon and tap uninstall or move to trash. This maybe displaying an error while doing it but worry not, repeat this 2-3 times and it will definitely going to be uninstalled completely
  • Restart your mobile device normally and access games, sites and social stuff without being monitored by your parents.

How Do I Completely Remove Qustodio?


As I discussed before that to remove Qustodio completely, you need this simple guide.

Step1. Remove the Qustodio profile through the Qustodio family portal

Step2. Uninstallation of the Qustodio application from the kid’s mobile.

Can You Bypass Qustodio?


Yes, you can bypass Qustodio though it isn’t all that easy but trust me, this under listed tricks would be of immeasurable help to you. Below are the easiest way to bypass Qustodio

  • Step1: Go to the settings of your iphone
  • Step2: Turn off the your data.
  • Step3: Search for the virtual private network (VPN)
  • Step4: Select the VPN and  you will get a message which would say Qustodio.
  • Step5: Click the info button next to Qustodio 
  • Step6: Turn the info button off.
  • Step7: Restart your device after 2-3 minutes to use your mobile without the monitoring of your parents.

Why Is Qustodio Disabled?


There are several reasons why Qustodio may be disabled, some of which is that in cases where kid might have tried tricks to bypass Qustodio or that they successfully removes it from the mobile device.

Another instance, may be a technological hitch from a Qustodio server.

How To Delete Qustodio Account


It is very simple to delete Qustodio account, all you need to do is to contact support through Qustodio official email i.e., and inform them that you want your Qustodio account to be deleted and they will delete for you. And that’s all.



We are wrapping up the content here, with no doubt” you must have learnt how to disable Qustodio on iPhone without password. Do you have further questions? If yes, feel free to use the comment box below to voice them out.