11 Best Underground Credit Card Sites ( Big List of Card Shops )

We have pointed out about 11 best underground credit card sites, that are also in the list of big card shops. Credit Card sites and organizations try to stay underground most times, with some being on the dark web and not-so-easy to find. This helps the carding business bloom and ensures the security of the carders.

A large credit card site/organization, Joker’s Stash announced that they will be ending their carding services in 2021, leaving other underground credit sites like Brian’s Club, Thefreshstuffs, and others to keep running the carding business.

This article lists the top underground credit card sites and explains how their activities are carried out.

Underground Credit Card Sites


  • Brian’s Club
  • FERum Shop
  • Thefreshstuffs
  • Valid Dumps 
  • FindSome
  • CVV Union Card Shop 
  • Yale Lodge Card Shop
  • SwipeStore Card Shop 
  • CVV.ME Card Shop 
  • Real and Rare Card Shop 
  • Big Money Card Shop

Brian’s Club


Brian’s Club is one of the top underground credit card sites with a large number of users. Briansclub has been growing rapidly since it was established. In 2019, there were reports of how a group of hackers breached the security of Brian’s club database and stole the credit card data. Since then, Brian’s Club has grown very large to be at the top of the underground credit card sites.

At Brian’s Club, users can get credit card dumps and CVV information. Registering an account with Brian’s club is very simple.

To create your account, Brian’s Club only requires your full name, username and password. Users must fund their accounts within the first five days of registration, as dormant accounts that have never been funded get deleted five days after they were registered.

One of the most impressive features of Brian’s Club is that users can run DOB and SSN lookups. You can also purchase ZIP codes and credit card dumps with track 1 and track 2 codes. By running the lookups, users of Brian’s Club can change CC pins and carry out large transactions with the credit cards.

Underground Credit Card Sites

Another feature of Brian’s club is that there is a lottery section where users can win huge amounts of money. Frequent users are rewarded with points that become very useful when accumulated. The most important feature that all underground credit card sites must possess is how they secure the information of their users. 

Brian’s club website works without the browser using Javascript. Before beginning anything on these underground credit card sites, turn off Javascript in your browser settings and use VPNs. Brian’s club helps its users secure themselves and hide their locations so it can be considered one of the best underground credit card sites.

FERum Card Shop


FERrum Shop is also one of the top stable underground credit card sites that offer credit card dumps with pins. On the Ferrum website, it says the platform was created to help people get wealthy by buying and selling credit card dumps. It advised visitors to leave boring hard jobs that pay so little and start buying and selling credit card dumps as it is very lucrative.

One unique feature ferrum shop has is the information it relays to its users every now and then. Credit card dumps are also not very costly and users can get CC dumps with pins including track 1 and track 2, which are the most important tracks.

The support system at Ferrum is also a fast one and users who have problems get answers quickly. According to the reviews, what users love most about Ferrum CC shop is the responsiveness and refund system. Users can request refunds if they have problems with the card info purchased.

 There is also a reserve system at Ferrum CC shop where users can select bins and keep them for up to three days without making payment yet. This means users can buy bins before making payment, a kind of booking that will come in handy if you do not have funds but need to buy bins. 

The funding service is also fast, compared to some other underground credit card sites. Ferrum users can fund their balance using BTC or LTC cryptocurrency.



The Fresh Stuffs is one of the top underground credit card sites that offer a lot of quality. You can buy credit cards alongside the CVV, credit card dumps, and packs of CC dumps. Just like other underground credit card websites, new users can register with just their names and password. This helps to keep users information safe. Adding emails to the accounts can easily get users in trouble.

On The Fresh Stuffs you can run DOB and SSN lookups too, enabling you to select just the right credit cards or CC dumps for purchase. A nice feature of The Fresh Stuffs is the well organized filter in the shopping category. Credit cards also start from $3, a low price for most underground CC sites.

Users can easily get platinum cards with DOB or any other features by using the filter. You can also select specific types of cards or companies using the filter.

The Fresh Stuffs is no doubt one of the best underground credit card sites to get incredible offers for credit cards with CVV, credit card dumps, credit card packs, and other digital CC info. The onion site for The Fresh Stuff is also very stable, enabling users to turn off Java Script for their security.

Users of The Fresh Stuffs are advised to remain strictly hidden, and on no account should they reveal their location. If their location is revealed, the users can get in trouble easily after carrying out large transactions using credit card dumps.

Premium VPN would be ideal for browsing the dark web and sites like The Fresh Stuffs. The Tor browser should also be used to keep users safe from breaches and hand-shake interceptions in case of tracking or hacking. 


Here are some answered questions you may have about underground credit card sites.

What Is A Credit Card Dump?


A credit card dump sounds legal but is actually a crime. The criminal produces digital copies of credit cards and uses them for fraudulent purposes. Credit card dumps have existed for many years and its more difficult to commit this crime, but the criminals have evolved too, so this still works.

Where Can I Buy A Credit Card Number?


There are free websites where you can get credit card numbers with a CVV. Some of these websites are:

  • Getcreditcardnumber
  • Coolgenerator
  • Creditcardvalidator
  • Prepostseo

What Is Brian’s club?


Brian’s Club is a well known system used to trade stolen credit cards. It is one of the most popular systems where you can buy stolen credit cards data and information. However, dormant accounts that have never been funded get deleted before one week.

Which Website Is Best For Carding?


There are more than a couple of websites that are some of the best websites for carding. Some of them are listed below:

  • Valid Dumps 
  • FindSome
  • CVV Union Card Shop 
  • Yale Lodge Card Shop
  • SwipeStore Card Shop 
  • CVV.ME Card Shop 
  • Real and Rare Card Shop 
  • Big Money Card Shop

Final Words


It is becoming a little difficult these days to get underground credit sites that offer quality cards and higher VR on the CVVs. There are also some credit card sites that are fraudulent and do not pay their users. New underground credit card sites are also in development following the recent closure of about five credit card sites (Rescator, VaultMarket, ValidCC and others).

There have also been disturbing reviews from some of these underground credit sites users recently. Some users claimed that the cards do not work or only few ones work among the ones purchased. The drop in quality of these cards can be due to reduced competition caused by crackdown on some card sites.