How To Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers To Get Cash 2022 ( 6 Proven Strategies )

How to use a stolen credit card to get cash, how to use a stolen credit card numbers, how to use stolen credit card details online to shop etc. We are going to disclose every single information you need to know.


You probably for once get your credit card stolen? Did you get scammed through the credit card? Do you wish to know how the heck scammers use stolen credit cards? No problem! All you need to do to make this happen, is to stay with us to the end of the content in order to grab the information we offer. 

It is not a new phenomenon to lose a credit card, as several millions of credit and debit cards are reportedly being stolen on a yearly basis. All you need to do is to stay calm and tender the issue to official personnels such as the bank that issued the credit card. 


How To Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers To Get Cash

Details on how cyber fraudsters use stolen credit card number to get cash. Obviously, there are different kinds of scam with various intents, what I mean is every fraudster has a motive or aim for attempting to get hold of your credit card information, CVV, cardholder name and others.

How To Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers To Get Cash

In this section of the content, we will be revealing detailed information on how to use a stolen credit card number. Such as fraudulent purchases, cloning, connecting credit cards to virtual cards, selling card numbers and paid advertisements.



One of the common ways to make use of a stolen credit card number is to clone the card, although this is legally unacceptable and may have a negative impact on you but despite that, a lot of scammers do this and make a lot of money. It is one of the main things they use a stolen credit card for. 

Cloning a credit card is a theft in which scammers create a copy of a credit card with the card details (card number). To do this, you need small devices that can be affixed to hardware like a POS terminal or even an ATM machine. These devices will collect all the victim’s information, which will be used for fraud purposes.

Fraudulent purchases


This is perhaps the most common and preferred use of a stolen credit card. Most scammer’s goal is to get your card and use them in purchasing expensive Items in addition to living a luxurious lifestyle with someone else’s hard earned funds. 

However, you can use this method to purchase products from Amazon as you would not be required to input an OTP code to complete the transaction. 

In order to avoid being caught, scammers do a smart job by hiding their identity and using bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrency networks. This is because the cryptocurrency networks can’t be traced back to the fraudster. 

Connecting Credit Cards to Virtual Cards


Cyber criminals do connect stolen credit card numbers with virtual cards so as to avoid being traced. This is very useful to them as they are provided the opportunity to use the virtual to buy online products to their own satisfaction, meanwhile the virtual card is funded by the checking account linked to the stolen credit card.

Selling the stolen credit card number


Another way to make use of a stolen credit card number is to sell them and generate revenue. Scammers do sell credit card numbers to their fellow cyber criminals through online marketplaces. 


Some of the online marketplaces where scammers chat about stealing card information are Carding Forums, all those shops of dark web criminals sharing stolen financial data and so many others.

Running Paid Advertisements


As we moved on to the next option on the list of how to use stolen credit card numbers, we came across a medium which is using stolen credit card numbers to run paid ads. A lot of scammers also use stolen cards to run advertisements on their platforms, either a website or social media account. 

Pin Cashing


According to financial institutions, “pin cashing” is a fraud that allows a fraudster to gain access to the bank or credit account of the victim with the use of a stolen credit card. This normally occurs after the cardholder must have input his or her PIN when trying to withdraw from an ATM.

It gives cyber criminals the capability to access people’s confidential account information.

WARNING ⚠️: Do not practice any information on this page, it’s strictly to enable you learn how credit card frauds Operate” and how to avoid them. We don’t encourage our readers to indulge in fraudlent activates.

Ways Through Which Scammers Steal Credit Card Numbers?


Your credit card number can be stolen via so many different ways, the surprising aspect of this is that the owner of the card might not even notice any suspicious activities for a while. Here are some popular ways of how fraudsters steal your credit card number.

Credit Card skimming


One of the most popular methods utilized by fraudsters in order to get hold of your credit card details is via skimming. What this means is that scammers make use of a device to illegally steal your card number from its magnetic stripe.

They install skimmers on card readers to copy your information and there is no way you could suspect this, these skimmers are mostly attached to ATM or a merchant’s terminals. Sometimes, fraudsters would just brush past you with a credit card skimmer and instantly obtain your credit card number. 

Credit card theft


This however, occurs in different ways such as losing your wallet or perhaps the credit card gets pickpocketed. If any of these happens, scammers can therefore have free access to your credit card number. As the card gets stolen,it can actually be used for several illegal activities on the internet.

Phishing calls and emails


Emails and call phishing is a little bit tricky, and that is why it’s preferred by several cyber fraudsters in getting your credit card information. With this method, they send you a message via email or a phone call pretending to be a bank representative.

In a few minutes, you would actually think these people are real bank representatives with the way they talk, and are very skilled. 

Nevertheless, they proceed to ask you questions to the extent of requesting your credit card details, you might lose your cash and get scammed provided you gave them your card number.



The last method on our list is a procedure called “formjacking”. This is when cyber criminals make use of malicious codes to steal your credit card number, actually this normally occurs during the checkout process on online retail websites. So you should be always careful.



We, providing information on ways to utilize a stolen credit card number does not imply that we support credit card fraud or theft. We only provide information on how cyber criminals use stolen credit card numbers and what other details you’re supposed to be aware of. 

You should not go ahead and steal a credit card to practice this as it is very illegal, unprofessional and is reportedly punishable by the law. Thank you.