Zenith Bank Transfer Code *966# – Zenith Bank USSD Code

This blog post will guide you properly on how to use Zenith Bank Transfer Code *966# – Zenith Bank USSD Code. Days are gone when everything has to be done in the bank. Right now, you can easily send money, fund your bet9ja wallet, buy airtime, pay your electricity bill and much more” without visiting any zenith bank branch.


It’s easy, and I have been doing this for the past five years I started banking with them. The amazing thing about this zenith bank ussd code is that’ it doesn’t require internet connection. With it, you can easily transfer money to any bank account.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code *966# - Zenith Bank USSD Code


But the truth remains that, you can’t wake up in the morning and pick up your cell phone to transfer money with this zenith bank transfer code *966#. No, you will have to register/activiate online banking with the phone number you used to create your zenith bank account.

Meanwhile, you can easily activiate your zenith bank ussd code by visiting any nearby zenith bank. Or better still follow this tutorial below to achieve that.

How To Register/Activiate Zenith Bank USSD Code


  • For your zenith bank transfer code activation, dial *966*00# and send it.
  • You will be asked to enter the last 4 digit of your ATM card.
  • In the next option,  you will see the name you used to create your zenith bank account.
  • At this point, you will have to create a 4digit secret PIN for your zenith easy banking.
  • Next, confirm the 4digit PIN.
  • Finally, when successful” a notification message will be send to you.
  • That’s all.

N/B: this can only be achieved with the phone number you used to create your zenith bank account. If not, it will never work.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code To Other Bank  – How To Send Money With Zenith Bank USSD Code


  • To make transfer from your zenith bank to another, simply dial *966*amount* account number# and send it.
  • Example: *966*7000*212998076#
  • After send sending it, you will see a pop up on your screen showing the name of the person you want to transfer the money to, and the amount you want to transfer.
  • Then, you will have to cross check if they are correct.
  • Finally, enter your ussd transfer PIN and send it
  • That’s all, it will send immidiatly.

NOTE; You can only send 20,000 with this PIN. If the amount you want to send is more than twenty thousand naira, you will be asked to enter the last 6digit number on your ATM card.

Normally, zenith bank daily transfer limit with ussd code is 100,000. But you can only make it hundred thousand naira, with the help of the 6digit number on your ATM card. This is for security reasons.

How To Buy Airtime From Your Zenith Bank Account


You can’t possibly have a zenith bank account and run out of airtime, when you can easily purchase call card from your account. It’s 24/7 available, so no need for paper card. Kindly follow the guidelines below to see to to buy airtime from your zenith bank account;

  • If you want to buy airtime for yourself using the phone number associated with your zenith bank account.
  • Dial *966*amount# and send it.
  • Example: *966*300#.
  • But if you want to buy for your loved ones. Or to your other sim card.
  • Simply dial *966* amount * phone number#.
  • Example: *966*300*09068709899# and send it.
  • Then, enter your zenith bank PIN and you’re good to go.

Zenith Bank USSD Code To Open Account


On a normal chat, I usually advice my loved ones to visit any nearby zenith bank whenever they want to open account. For security reasons, since it’s something that has to do with money” we all should be careful.

But if you’re sure you want to open account, with zenith bank ussd code” simply dial*966*0# and follow the prompts.

How To Check Your Zenith Bank Account Balance


For you to check your zenith bank account balance, dial *966*00# and send .

But the truth is that, checking your zenith bank account balance is not for free. Yes, I noticed that zenith Bank do charge me ₦15 to ₦20 each time I request for my account balance using this ussd code.

Here is my humble advice to you. If you want to check your account balance for free. Simply download zenith bank mobile App from Google play store or App store.

Register and view your remaining balance through the App. All these small small money they are charging us is something.



At this junction, I’m convinced that you have learnt everything about Zenith Bank Transfer Code *966# – Zenith Bank USSD Code.

But if you still find anything complicated or confusing. Kindly use the comment box below to reach out to us. You will definitely get feedback within some hours.

Meanwhile, you’re advised not to disclose any of your banking details here” keep them to yourself and be safe.