Ecobank Transfer Code To Other Bank – Ecobank USSD Code

With step by step guide, I will teach you everything about ecobank transfer code to other bank – ecobank ussd code, for mobile banking. With this code, you can easily transfer money from your ecobank aaccount to another bank. Buy airtime from your account, pay bills, check your account balance and more!

You can as well call it ecobank ussd code, it doesn’t require any internet connection” for you to be able to send money to someone else. So, you can easily use any phone at all to make the transaction.

Ecobank transfer code is *326#. But then again, I will teach you how to transfer money to other banks with it. Meanwhile, before you can be able to make use of this ecobank ussd code *329#, you must register/ activiate for mobile banking.

Ecobank Transfer Code To Other Bank - Ecobank USSD Code

For you to register, you will have to visit any nearby ecobank. When you get there, tell any of their customer service to help you do it. Or rather follow the guidelines below to do it by yourself.

How To Register/ Activate Ecobank USSD Code


Ecobank ussd registration/activiation is absolutely for free. Just follow the instructions below to get started;

  • For you ecobank transfer code registration dial *329#.
  • You will be asked to enter your ecobank debit (ATM) card details.
  • Make sure you enter all the prompted details correctly
  • Create your ecobank ussd secret PIN, for quick mobile banking.
  • And finally click submit.

N/B: all these must be done with the phone number associated with your ecobank account. If you have lost the sim card, you will have to visit ecobank.

That’s by the way, we will proceed to sharing information on how to easily transfer money from ecobank to another bank with this ussd code. Carefully read below;

Ecobank Transfer Code To Other Bank – Ecobank USSD code


  • We earlier stated that ecobank transfer code is *329#
  • So to make transfer from your ecobank to another bank, dial *329# and follow the prompt.
  • Select transfer >> enter account number >> and amount you want to send.
  • You will cross check if the name complement with the account number, and also the amount you want to send.
  • Finally, enter your ecobank ussd secret PIN for mobile banking.
  • Send an wait for some seconds to see a message saying transaction successfully.
  • And you will also receive debit alert shortly.
  • That’s all, enjoy.

Very easy right? Ohh yes, let me quickly show you how to achieve some other things with this ussd code.

How To Buy Airtime With Ecobank USSD Code


Recall I told you guys earlier, that you can use ecobank transfer code to achieve whatever you want to achieve. But yet, you will be properly guilded on how to achieve that so easily.

Well, excluding from making transfer” you can as well buy airtime from your ecobank bank account. To buy it,

  • Dial *329*amount# and send it. You will have to do this with the phone number linked to your ecobank bank.
  • Example: *329*300# and send it.
  • That’s all, you will start see a notification message telling you successful or declined.
  • Meanwhile, it can only be declined due to poor network or when you didn’t do it as instructed here.
  • That’s it.

How To Buy Airtime For Others With Ecobank USSD Code


You can also buy airtime for your loved ones or to other of your sim card through your bank.

All you have to do is to use that same number associated with your ecobank and follow this guilde:

  • Dial *329*amount*phone number# and send it.
  • Example: *329*200*08170989888# and send.
  • You will be asked to enter your ussd secret PIN.
  • Enter the PIN correctly and send.
  • That’s all.

Just as I said earlier, with this ecobank ussd code’ you can easily perform so many banking activities from the comfort of your zone. Simply dial *329# and follow the prompts, it’s very easy, safe.


At this junction, I believe you have learnt everything about ecobank transfer code to other bank – ecobank ussd code.

By now, you can easily send money and perform other mobile banking using this ussd code.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to use the comment box below to let us know. We will get back to you after some hours.

Remember! Always keep your banking information secret and safe, don’t share it here or anywhere else.