Wema Bank Customer Care Number – Wema Bank WhatsApp Number

Do you want to get Wema Bank Customer Care Number – Wema Bank WhatsApp Number? If the answer is yes” please search no further. We have provided you with real wema bank customer care phone number and WhatsApp number.

If you want to get in touch with their customer care over the phone or via WhatsApp chat, hopefully this article will be very helpful to you.

Visiting the bank is basically for few issues to be sorted out. As you can easily use their customer care phone number or their WhatsApp number to tell whatsoever you want them to do for you.

After we discovered that a lot of people who have account with Wema Bank are desperately searching for their customer care number. So, we decided to dig out their real WhatsApp number and customer service number as well.

Now, you can easily contact whenever you’re having any issues with your Wema. However, if it’s something that has to do with mobile banking with ussd code, then’you are advised to refer to our related articles here.

Wema Bank Customer Care Number


Wema Bank has Purple Connect (24 hours Contact Centre), which means’ you can call them for help’ anytime and anywhere. They’re available 24/7hrs to make sure you get any issues you’re having sorted out immediately. Wema Bank Customer Care Number are;



07000PURPLE (07000787753)


Wema Bank WhatsApp Number


If you don’t have time to call wema bank customer care on phone, you can as well chat their customer care on WhatsApp. Though it might take little or no time to get feedback/reply.

But it’s more easier and less stressful, rather than visiting the bank” for issues that doesn’t worth it. You can use the below number to chat with wema bank on WhatsApp;


Both the phone number, WhatsApp number, and email are correct. You can as well visit their website and use their contact form to file your complains..HERE



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Hopefully you have contacted them by now, feel free to ask questions if you have.