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Are you interested in getting a Wells Fargo debit card? Are you one of those that are worked up in search of Wells Fargo debit card designs? Well, you don’t have to stress yourself out anymore since you’ve arrived on this page. 

In this piece of a blog post, I will be extensively teaching you everything you need to know about Wells Fargo debit card designs. Excited already? Then waste no more time as I get straight into it. 

Humans are mostly moved by what they see and what appeals beautifully to their sight. This most times propels our purchasing power. I would rather buy a piece of time with beautiful and appealing color and design even with a higher price than a cheap plain item. 

Wells Fargo understands this very well thus it rolled out the Wells Fargo Debit card designs feature. Read this article carefully to get a full understanding of this feature and how to get yours. It promises to be highly informative. 

What Is Wells Fargo Debit Card Design?


The Wells Fargo Debit Card design is one of the packages of the Wells Fargo card design studio. The latter is a feature of the Wells Fargo bank that allows you and other customers to customize their debit, credit, prepaid, or business cards. 

By doing this, you add a little more life to your card through various designs thereby personalizing it to reflect your interest, personality, hobby, profession, or business. 

How Does Wells Fargo Card Design Work?


The Wells Fargo debit card design works with the customer requesting the card either by calling the customer support number or visiting the Wells Fargo website. You would be asked to put in the design of your choice which could be your photo or any other photo or design of your choice by laid down rules. 

After you must have done that, the card would be designed and sent to you for use. The Wells Fargo customized debit card works the same way as a usual debit card for withdrawing money from the ATM, and paying, for goods and services both online and in stores. 

Can I Design My Wells Fargo Debit Card?


Yes, you can design your Wells Fargo debit card. Remember we said that the Wells Fargo debit card design studio is open to every customer with a Wells Fargo bank account who has passed the eligibility criteria. 

Do you want to know what naked you are eligible for Wells Fargo debit card design, then you shouldn’t skip the next paragraph. 

Eligibility For Wells Fargo Card Design


To know if you are eligible for Wells Fargo debit card design, you have to access the Wells Fargo Card Design Studio service page and follow the prompt to enter your card details. If you are eligible for a debit card design, you will find your card listed as Eligible. However, the following are the eligibility criteria. 

  • Your debit card must be activated and active. 
  • A debit card must not be a private bank card
  • It must not be an ATM deposit card or ATM card. 
  • And your debit card must not also be a Campus card. 
  • Your Wells Fargo account should be in good standing. 
  • And you should be able to access your card through Wells Fargo Online

Where Can I Design My Wells Fargo Card?


As stated earlier, the Wells Fargo debit card design can be done when you visit and log into your account on the Wells Fargo card design studio service page. If you can, call customer service at 1-800-869-3557 for directions. 

How To Design My Wells Fargo Card


To design your Wells Fargo card, take the steps below

  • Sign in to wells Fargo Card design studio. 
  • Navigate to ascertain your eligibility.
  • Click on Customize my card. 
  • Choose a background image from the library or upload a personal photo or logo.
  • Preview the image and follow the prompt to confirm the process

Note that the photo or logo to be uploaded must be in line with the guidelines of the bank. Read on to briefly see the guidelines. 

What Are The Image Guidelines For Wells Fargo Debit Card Design?


The image or photo that you intend to design your card with must meet the following requirements. 

  • Your image must be in one of these formats jpegs, .jpg, .gif, .png, or .bmp.
  • Your file must be more than 10MB
  • You must either own the image or logo or get the approval of the owner. 
  • The pixel dimension of the background image must not be less than 840×840
  • Photos must not be altered with emoji or filters from a third-party phone. 
  • Personal photos must not contain images of flags. 
  • Must not contain any unacceptable social behavior or signs like alcohol, drug abuse, gangs, etc. 
  • Image or text should not portray religion or political views. 
  • Must not include telephone numbers, URLs, account numbers, addresses, or email addresses.
  • Must not include provocative or sexual content, etc. 

What Design Can I Put On My Wells Fargo Debit Card?


Thankfully, there are several design options that you can choose from. You can decide to use the custom photos in the library or upload your photo. Here are some of the options. 

  • A photo of yourself
  • A photo of your loved one
  • A family photo 
  • A photo of your favorite animal or pet such as a Cat or fog. 
  • An image of your favorite celebrity
  • A role model’s photo
  • The logo of your best sports team
  • The logo of your business
  • The name of your business/company. 
  • Your name
  • Your company’s tagline
  • A nature picture, etc. 

You are at will to pick any image or logo as well as text. Just make sure that they meet the guidelines. 

Wells Fargo Card Design Ideas

Wells Fargo Card Design

How Much Does Wells Fargo Debit Card Design Cost?


Thanks to Wells Fargo, this service is done at no cost. There are no fees for using the Wells Fargo Debit Card design studio. All that is required is your eligibility, after which you can go ahead to design your card. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Wells Fargo Debit Card Design?


It takes about 5 to 7 days to receive your Wells Fargo debit card after your design has been approved. After designing your card, you are expected to receive an email within two days to confirm the approval of the process all things being equal. 

Within these two days, the bank would go through your customization and email selection. If it goes well, you will receive your card in 7 days maximum. 

Why Does My Wells Fargo Card Design Fail? 


Your Wells Fargo debit card design would fail if it does not meet the eligibility criteria explained in the post above. Even if it is listed eligible and the customization process fails, it could be one of the following. 

Processing Card Status: this happens when you are eligible and have requested a Wells Fargo debit card design with is still under review. 

Available Soon Debit Card Status: it could be that your card is in this status hence you are unable to design the card. If your card is about to expire, stolen or lost, or you just activated a new card, then this would be your status. It will take some time to fix issues regarding the card for it to be available for design. 

Can I Remove Or Redesign My Wells Fargo Card?


Yes, you can. To redesign or remove customization from your credit card, call +18006424720. While to do the same for your debit or prepaid card, visit the  Wells Fargo card design studio, navigate to the next step and click remove

You can also visit the nearest Wells Fargo branch to get a new card without a design. 



Wells Fargo debit card design is a beautiful way to personalize your card. This article has extensively shown you how, where and the criteria needed to get your card designed successfully. You can call the number stated above for more inquiries.