Can You Use Cash App Card At ATM? Yes, Learn More

Can you use cash app card at atm? Is there a limit attached to the amount of cash you can withdraw using the debit card issued by the financial platform which is known as Cash App. Most financial services companies provide their customers with an opportunity to apply or request for a debit card in order to aid their financial activities.


This is one of the services offered to Cash App users by the financial platform. As we know that a cash app enables you to spend, send, save and invest money on the platform you can also do a lot of transactions and withdrawals with their application.

In the end of this article, in contrast, readers will definitely be enlightened on whether or not they can use cash app card at atm, ways to get the cash app card to use, the amount of money you can take out of an ATM with a cash app card and other related queries regarding this topic at hand.


What Is Cash App Card?


Apart from facilitating direct deposits, transferring of funds and other services, the cash app also offers its customers a debit card known as the cash card. This debit card is normally connected to your cash app account, and you can apply for it and it will be sent to your mail.

In addition to this, the cash app visa debit card can be used to pay for goods and services directly from your cash app balance. It can also be utilized at any automated teller machine for withdrawal of funds.

A good feature of the cash app card is that it’s free to apply for its Visa-verified debit card and can be utilized anywhere Visa is widely accepted, both on the internet and in stores. 

Can You Use Cash App Card At ATM? A Quick Insight


If you have been in search of an answer to this particular question, you will hopefully get them answered in this certain section of the article. 

Can you use a cash app card at atm? Yes of course! You can definitely make use of your cash app debit card at any automated teller machine center at any location. However, there are a certain amount of fees that will be charged once you use a cash app card at any ATMs. 

Customers also need to be aware that most ATMs deduct additional fees if a different type of debit card is used at the atm center. 

What Are Cash App Card ATM Fees?


In the section of the article above, we stated that a cash app definitely charges a little amount of fee whenever a customer makes use of their optional visa debit card at any atm. The exact amount of fees that would be charged will be highlighted below.

  • Cash app does not charge any fee if you make payments with a debit card on their platform.
  • The fee attached to mobile payment service ranges from $2 to $2.50 aside other applied fees.
  • However, the financial services company will reimburse a certain fee if you initiate at least 3 ATM withdrawals every 31 days. Customers need to be aware that they will be activated the moment they receive a particular direct deposit which amounts to $300 or more above.
  • Note that any withdrawals made within 31 days will be automatically charged at $2.
  • Lastly, the cash app charges $7 per withdrawals made at an atm.

Nevertheless, the peer-to-peer (P2P) payment service’s fees should not really stop you from obtaining the Visa debit card. 

If you are satisfied with the fees attached with a cash app visa debit card, you can learn how to apply and get the card so as to make it ready for use at atm centers.

How To Get Cash App Cards To Use At ATM?


If you just opened a new cash app account with a unique username and password, you would likely be granted access or an option to get a free cash App debit card. Go through the following steps below to get your free debit card.

The above link is specifically for android device users as iOS devices users should follow the download link below.

  • After downloading and installing the application, the next step is to login and navigate through the app interface.
  • At the top of the home screen, tap on “cash card” and press get card. 
  • Users must be at least 18 years and above before applying for a Cash Card.
  • Follow the necessary procedures in order to get your card.

Moreover, your Cash Card can be used the moment you order it as the company will definitely send your card to your mail within 10 business days.

Note that there are no fees charged for the application and purchase of the Cash App Visa Prepaid Card. Additionally, no monthly usage fees are also applied. The customizable debit card is totally free to get.

How Can I Use My Cash App Card At Atm?


Once your cash app card has been delivered to you by the financial services company, you will definitely be able to use it as it’s directly connected to your cash app balance.

  • Locate a nearby atm stand if you are willing to make use of your card, either for withdrawal or other activities.
  • Insert your debit card and enter your personal information, your PIN.
  • Once you’ve inputted your pin, you would be given access to make transactions with the card.

Cash App Card ATM Withdrawal Limit


In terms of withdrawing cash via an atm using a cash app card, customers can freely withdraw any amount of money but there is a certain limit attached to this, it’s called withdrawal limits.

However, the maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn with a cash app card via an ATM is basically $1,000 per transaction. The maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn using a cash app card via an ATM in a week is $1,000.00.



Gradually we have come to the end of the article, we initially discussed whether or not you can use cash app card at atm, the fees attached with using a cash app card, how to make use of a cash app card, and the maximum amount of cash that can be cashed out at once.

We hope you’ve been able to understand whether or not to use cash app card at an atm? If not, note that you can surely go through the content again if you find it difficult to understand some sections. Thank you.