Venmo Privacy Settings – All You Need To Know

Venmo Privacy Settings should absolutely be an utmost priority if you are the type of personality that has interest in keeping your information confidential and for the sake of security purposes. 


When it comes to sending and receiving money from your friends and family, venmo is the easiest way to do this as the financial services platform is backed by paypal and it syncs with both your contacts list and social media friends to make it easy to pay for bills, dinner split or donate cash without a second thought.

Unlike most other popular mobile payment applications, venmo works and has its own version of a social network designed along with status, posts and most especially a means to set up your Venmo privacy settings.


Whether you’re looking to change your privacy on a payment you already made or you want to change your whole privacy settings to suit your preference. 

The following article will highlight a step by step guide on how to set up or change your privacy settings on the venmo application and many other related information you need to be aware of.

What Are The 3 Privacy Settings Options In Venmo?


Before proceeding to find out how to change your privacy settings, you need to know the three venmo privacy settings options that are available in the venmo application. 

  • Public Privacy Option
  • Friends Privacy Option
  • Private Privacy Option

A brief breakdown of this is as follows; a public privacy option implies that your information can be viewed by anyone as long as they are online.

The friends Privacy Settings implies that only your friends will have access to your information and this also applies to the other privacy settings which means your information and transactions will not be shared apart from your personal transaction feed.

How To Change Your Venmo Privacy Settings?


You need to realize that knowing how to manage and set up venmo privacy settings with the venmo application will be of great advantage to you. 

Alongside changing your privacy settings, since you will definitely also need to ensure that your feeds are not being public to other personalities you can’t trust and many more.

However, for instance if you already posted a payment, changing the privacy settings is as easy as finding the payment you want to change.

  • Navigate To Venmo Application
  • Locate Settings And Find Privacy Settings
  • Choose Your Preferred Default Privacy Settings
  • Save Settings And You Are Done

1) Open the full payment information in your app then tap on the blue icon underneath the date which should show Public, Friends or Private.

2) Here you can change the privacy to any of the three options, we just listed you’ll also notice that you can view what your privacy default is. 

You can change your default privacy setting which is mostly ‘Public’, which means visible to anyone online and friends, while ‘Friends’ means visible to your entire friends list along with the recipient. 

  • What if you want to change the privacy settings for all your posts going forward? Tap on the menu icon then select settings and look for privacy underneath preferences.

Users can also make use of this menu to change your entire past transaction privacy settings either to friends or to private. Additionally, there’s no way to make each payment public at once but generally keeping your payment set on Friends or Private is the way to go.

How To Change My Venmo Transaction Privacy Settings?


Venmo has long allowed its users to keep their transactions private depending on their interest. This particular section of the article will show how easy it is to check and adjust your venmo transaction privacy settings in the venmo app.

  • Locate and Open the venmo app On Your Mobile Device.

You will be able to see all your transactions that were carried out between you and your friends. Here you will be able to see people who haven’t changed their privacy settings.

But this does not necessarily mean you should leave your privacy settings public, you may prefer more privacy for your own transactions. 

  • Click On The Tab At The Upper Right Hand Corner.

The second procedure is to click on the tab at the upper right hand corner which is also known as the hamburger icon. Following this procedure, you will be required to tap ‘Settings’ and proceed to the privacy settings in this option after this.

At this point, you can set who is able to see your transactions either to anyone on the app, just your venmo friends or only you which is referred to as private privacy settings.

  • Setting The Privacy For Each Transactions

There are also options to set the privacy for each transaction individually which is totally fine, but to confirm this you will be required to tap on “change anyway”. 

Now any future transactions will be private but the old ones are still out there. You can decide to make the same privacy changes for your past transactions also. 

Tap past transactions and then select “change all to private”, the app makes you confirm this change twice. 

Like we stated earlier, you can’t change the settings at once, you need to go back and promptly follow the procedures and then tap the back arrow to return to the privacy page when you are done and everything is all set. 

Why Should I Change My Venmo Privacy Settings?


Venmo privacy settings assists in determining whether or not you choose to keep or disclosure your transactions or personal information.

It offers you convenience and makes you comfortable while making use of venmo products and services.



In a bid to put the article to an end, I believe you ought to grab a little information on venmo privacy settings and how to successfully change your setting on the venmo application.

In addition to the guidelines, perhaps you fail to find a particular privacy option on the venmo app, this probably means you don’t have the latest version of the venmo app. Fortunately, you can easily fix this by updating the app on your apple or play depending on your mobile device.