USAA Zelle Limits 2022 ( Daily, Weekly & Monthly Limits )

Do you have questions about USAA Zelle limits that you have been looking for answers to? Has your search for USAA Zelle limits been stressful? Worry no more! We have compiled the best and simplest answers that you can ever get on USAA Zelle limits in this article. Do not waste any time further before digesting the content of this article. 

Does USAA Have Zelle? Yes, USAA which stands for United Services Automobile Association has Zelle in its mobile banking app. It is one of the numerous banks including Bank of America that have realized how important Zelle is in partnering with banks to achieve its aim.

Hence, it has Zelle. I believe you already know what Zelle is and that it is used for sending and receiving money from between bank accounts of individuals in the United States. 

So, with USAA having Zelle, the customers of USAA can access the services of Zelle through their USAA account. However, this is not without meeting some requirements. Let us see what is required of you to use USAA Zelle in the next paragraph. 

Requirements To Use USAA Zelle


The following are the requirements for using USAA with Zelle. 

  • Must have registered and created an account with Zelle
  • You must not be less than 18 years of age. 
  • You should have the latest version of the USAA mobile banking application to easily log in. 
  • You must have an active USAA Checking and Savings account that is not less than 10 days old. 
  • Must be a citizen of the US or reside in the United States.
  • You must provide a valid email address.
  • You must have a valid US phone number. 

When you have provided all of these requirements, you can then use USAA Zelle for sending and receiving money. I know before you proceed to use the service for that purpose, you would be interested in knowing if you will be limited. As we forge ahead, let us see if there are USAA Zelle limits. 

Are There USAA Zelle Limits?


Yes, there are USAA Zelle limits. By this, we are referring to the number of transfers as well as the amount that you are allowed to send at a specific time using Zelle with USAA. There are maximum and minimum limits placed on each transaction which cannot be exceeded once you have reached them. 

These barriers, extent, or restrictions in the use of USAA Zelle are what we call the USAA Zelle limits. Why are these limits fixed? Interesting questions there. You will find the answer to that question in the next section.

Reasons For USAA Zelle Limits


From our research, there are many reasons for the USAA Zelle limits but the highest of them all is security. To ensure the security of your funds with the bank, limits are placed on how much you can send at a time.

With this, if peradventure thieves get access to your banking credentials, there would be a limit to how much they can take. Thereby protecting your money and your account. 

Another reason for the USAA Zelle limit is Government policy. There is a limit placed on how much people can transfer each day, week, or month. This has been enacted by the government and must be held strictly by the financial institutions. So to obey the policy of the government, you have the USAA Zelle limits. 

There are several other reasons but I believe you are satisfied with the explanations here. So let us proceed to know the limits in detail. 

What Are The USAA Zelle Limits?


We earlier noted that the USAA Zelle limit is the margin set on your banking transaction on USAA using the services of Zelle. In this, there are several types of limits. There are the minimum transfer limits, the maximum transfer limits, the receiving limits, as well as daily, weekly and monthly limits. 

We will take them one after the other for easy identification and perfect understanding in the paragraphs that follow. So continue reading to see each of the USAA Zelle transfer limits. 

Daily  USAA Zelle Transfer Limits


Let us begin with the USAA Zelle transfer limit for each day. If you are a USAA customer using the services of Zelle for transferring money then you should pay attention to this. The USAA Zelle daily transfer limit is $1000. And for each day, you must not perform more than 3 transactions.

In other words, the total of the 3 transactions put together should not exceed the daily limit of $1000. So bear this in mind before initiating transfers each day. 

Weekly USAA Zelle Transfer Limits


Just like the day limits, there are also USAA weekly limits. That is the limit for every 7 days. The USAA weekly Zelle limit is $2500. You must not transfer more than $2500 in a week. And you also have a maximum of 21 transactions within the same period. 

As explained in the daily limit section above, what this means is that you must not perform more than 21 transactions in a week and the total of the 21 transactions should not exceed $2500. There are more limits so continue reading. 

Monthly USAA Zelle Transfer Limits


The USAA Zelle monthly transfer limit is $10000 and a maximum of 90 transactions. This is for a 30days period. 

What Is The Minimum USAA Zelle Limit?


So we have seen the daily, weekly, and monthly maximum transfer limits. Let us now see what the minimum transfer limit is. The USAA Zelle minimum transfer limit is $1. This is very fair in my opinion as no one would want to transfer less than $1 at a time. 

Does USAA Zelle Have Receiving Limits?


No, there is no USAA Zelle receiving limit. There is no limit to how much you can receive. The limit is only on the funds sent out. 

When Do The USAA Zelle Limits Reset


The USAA Zelle limit resets at the end of each day. For the weekly limit, it will reset at the end of the 7th day. In the same way, the monthly limit resets at the end of the 30th day of the month. 

So, if you have exceeded your limit, you can simply wait till the limit resets to continue the transaction. However, if you need to do some urgent transaction you might be interested in knowing if you can increase your USAA Zelle transfer limits 

Can I Increase My USAA Zelle Limits?


Yes, if you need to make a transaction that exceeds the various USAA Zelle limits, you can increase the limit. However, this can not be done by yourself. See how to increase the limit below. 

How To Increase My USAA Zelle Limits


The following are some of the ways to increase your USAA Zelle transfer limits. 

    • Visit the USAA bank nearest to you. 
    • Visit the USAA customers service center at
    • Call any of the following numbers. 
  • 800-531-8555
  • 210-531-8722
  • 800-531-8722.



USAA Zelle is an easy way to send and receive money. Sending and receiving money with this service however is limited. This article has shown you the various USAA Zelle limits as well as how to increase your limits.

We also highlighted the reasons for inputting the USAA Zelle limit. I hope we have answered all your questions in this post.