Venmo Fee Calculator – ( Calculate Transaction Fees )

In this article, we are going to be talking about the Venmo fee calculator; how to use it, how to calculate Venmo fees, and so on. Venmo is a mobile banking app that is designed by PayPal to carry out financial transactions through electronic money transfer.

But like any other financial institutions, Venmo charges fees for their services but the fees vary depending on the amount of money that you want to transfer. Hence, Venmo Fee Calculator helps you to know that exact fee that a particular amount incurs.

If you have ever tried carrying out any financial transaction with Venmo like transferring funds from your Venmo wallet to your linked personal account but you got confused on how they calculated their charges.

Well! No worries as this article on Venmo Fee Calculator is designed to keep you informed on How Venmo Works  and other related aspects of this article.

However, if you are transferring money from your Venmo to another Venmo account, they don’t charge fees, it’s free. Meanwhile, when carrying out other types of transactions, it may incur some charges but the charges are totally dependent on the kind of transactions you are making.

Hence, knowing how these fees are calculated will definitely help you to know the exact amount you can transfer to your account with the transaction fees.

Venmo Fee Calculator


In this section, we are going to take a look at how Venmo fee calculator is used to calculate Venmo transfer fees that emanate from Venmo instant transfer to your linked bank account or through other ways of carrying out financial transactions.

As it is with other financial institutions where fund transfer incur charges, Venmo is not an exception as it charges a certain fee for transferring funds from Venmo account to your personal bank account. 

However, the fees charged by Venmo for fund transfer vary slightly depending on the amount of money that you want to transfer.

For instance, let’s assume you want to transfer $500 from your Venmo wallet to your personal bank account, now transferring $500 will cost you $8.75 fee as charges. What this means is that the total amount that would be transferred to your personal bank account will be calculated thus:

$(500 – 1.75%) = 491.25, this implies that the exact amount that would be transferred to your bank account will be 491.25. Hence, if you want to send a total of $500 to your linked bank account, just add the 1.75% charges which is equal to $8.75 to the $500, it will be, thus;

$500 + 8.575 = $508.75, once it is like that, the $8.75 will now be deducted from the $508.75 will a total of $500 which will be sent to your linked bank account.

However, having said that, the next question is, since the amount you may want to transfer may vary, how can you know the fee that such a transfer will attract? Now let’s look at the three staz that Venmo free calculator comes with.

Venmo Fee Calculator Stages


1.The exact amount you want to transfer.

  1. The fee/charges.
  2. The Actual amount will be transferred to your bank account after the charges.

The Amount


Amount = Total Amount + Charges/Fees

This contains the exact amount that you want to transfer to your bank account plus the fee that is applied to such financial transactions.

For example, if you want to transfer $900 to your bank account, it will be the $900 + 1.75% charges.

The Fee


The fee depicts the exact charges or fee that will be deducted from the amount you want to transfer, as usual, higher amount attracts higher fee and vice versa.

Interestingly, Venmo transfer fee charges contain both minimum fees and a maximum fee. The minimum fee is from $0.25 to $25 maximum fee per transaction.

The Actual Amount


Actual Amount = Total Amount – Fee/Charges


In this aspect, the actual amount represents the amount of money that will be deposited into your personal bank account, this means the amount of money minus the fee charges which will give you the exact amount that would be deposited into your account. For further clarification, you can revisit the intro to this section.

How Are Venmo Fees Calculated?


Having known what Venmo fee calculator is and how it works, let’s quickly look at how we can calculate Venmo fees with ease. But before we proceed, let me still remind you that it is important to understand how Venmo Fees Are Calculated because it will help you to know the exact fees that each transaction will incur so as to make your budget before transacting your business. Let’s Look At The Example Below:

Let’s assume you want to transfer $800 to your bank account.

The fee will be 1.75% of $800 = $14 Dollars

Hence, the amount that will be sent to your bank account will be $800 – $14 = $786.

Therefore, a total of $786 will be deposited into your personal bank account.

Guess what? That’s how a simplified Venmo fee calculator works, isn’t it simple? Yea, it is.


Does Venmo Have A Calculator?


Yes, Venmo has a calculator.

Venmo has a fee calculator that helps you to calculate the exact fee that follows a particular transaction before making your payment. The calculator is located at the down left corner of the Venmo app.

What Is Venmo Transfer Fee?


Venmo transfer fee is the charge that Venmo deducts from your money when you transfer funds from your Venmo wallet to your personal bank accounts. Venmo allows instant transfers from your wallet to any verified United States bank account or Visa/Mastercard and the transactions will be completed within 30 minutes.

The Venmo standard fee is 1.75% of the amount of money you want to transfer. Meanwhile, Venmo minimum and maximum fee is $0.25 and $25 respectively.

Is There A Fee To Receive Money On Venmo?


No, Venmo doesn’t charge a dime if you receive money from other people, if someone who uses the Venmo app transfers money to your Venmo account, none of you will be charged a fee.

How Many Instant Transfers A Day On Venmo?


The Venmo instant transfer limit is $2,999.99 daily. This is totally dependent on the amount of money you have in your Venmo wallet. 

On a weekly basis, the Venmo transfer limit is about $19,999.99 weekly.

How Much Does It Charge To Send $ 1,000 On Venmo?


This is not static as it is dependent on the type of transfer you want to  carry out. Because if you want to transfer $1,000 from your Venmo to your Venmo account, it is free of charge but if you are transferring funds from your Venmo wallet to your bank account, the fee is 1.75% for each transaction.

Transferring Funds From Venmo To Your Bank Account


If you have a Venmo account and your full identity has not been confirmed, the maximum weekly transfer that you can carry out is $999.99 but the good news is that you can raise the limit by confirming your identity with Venmo company.

Once your identity is confirmed, your weekly maximum transfer will be up to $19,999.99. Meanwhile, the per transaction limit at a time is $2,999.99

Interestingly, if you want to transfer money instantly, you can transfer from $0.26 or more but if you want to transfer any amount less than $0.25, you can always use the standard bank transfer option.

How Long Does It Take to Send and Receive Money With Venmo?  


If the transfer is between two Venmo users, the recipient will receive the money instantly once it is sent. 

But for external transfers from another bank, if you use standard electronic withdrawal, it would take about three to five days before the recipient will receive it. It is free but if you opt for Instant Transfer, it will be delivered within 30 minutes but it will cost 1.75% of the amount being sent.