Does Fashion Nova Accept Klarna? Explained

Does Fashion Nova Accept Klarna? This is a pressing question we shall be addressing in this article. Fashion Nova is a popular American fast fashion retail company that makes their sales online, as an online clothing firm, Fashion Nova accepts most online banking app but Does Fashion Nova Accept Klarna as payment method? Well! This is a regular question that is still pending for an answer and I shall be doing justice to that in this article. Stay tuned.

Klarna card is accepted by most retailing shops that uses Visa but Fashion Nova doesn’t accept Klarna card for direct payment on their official website but there are Alternative Means To Use Klarna For Fashion Nova, it is very simple and anyone can use Klarna card to transact business.

If you are a new subscriber and you don’t know how Klarna card works, no worries! As I have penned down the Klarna working principle and other related aspects of this article.

Does Fashion Nova Accept Klarna?


No, Fashion Nova doesn’t accept Klarna for direct payment on it’s official store. But no worries as there are ways Klarna users can shop on Fashion Nova and make their payments on installments basis.

Interestingly, Klarna as a special payment option allows their subscribers to purchase items without paying all the bills at once, hence, they permit upfront payment which gives their users financial peace of mind. Alternative Means To Use Klarna For Fashion Nova

Having known that Fashion Nova doesn’t accept Klarna as a direct payment option on their official storefront, let’s quickly look at the alternative means through which you can still shop on Fashion Nova with Klarna. The steps to the alternative means are listed below:

Download Klarna App


You can download Klarna App from App Store or Google Playstore and use it to make purchases. Klarna also has a browser extension which enables the subscribers to make purchases directly from their official website.

Link Your Credit Card To Klarna


Once you have downloaded the Klarna App, then link your credit card to your Klarna account after you have registered to enable you make direct purchases.

Shop And Select Preferred Items


Go to the official website of Fashion Nova  and choose your preferred items. Remember to add all your preferred items to your shopping bag before proceeding to checkout.

Choose Your Linked Card At Checkout


Knowing fully well that Fashion Nova doesn’t accept Klarna, you will need to select the credit card that is linked to your personal account.

However, if Klarna approves your purchases, you will be able to make your purchases instantly and guess what? Your items would be delivered to your doorstep.

Select Payment Plan


Once your credit card purchase is approved, you will be required to choose your preferred installmental payment plan to pay Klarna back.

Fashion Nova Accepted Payment Method


If you don’t want to follow the tedious processes of Klarna to bypass the Fashion Nova barriers and you want a direct payment options without long procedures, then you can try any of these payment options that are widely accepted by  Fashion Nova. 

Fashion Nova Accepts These Following Payment Option:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Zip or Quadpay
  • Afterpay
  • Fashion Nova gift cards
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Brief Note On Some Of The Fashion Nova Accepted Payment Method


  • Zip (Formerly Quadpay)

Fashion Nova Accepts Zip as a direct payment option. It is currently available in the United States and other few countries. Shoppers can go to the Fashion Nova official website to buy their preferred items and checkout.

Meanwhile, Shoppers with Zip account can visit Fashion Nova checkout page and choose Zip as their preferred payment option.

But if you are a new subscriber, you must open an account with Zip if you don’t have one before. And Zip will redirect shoppers to the Fashion Nova checkout page to complete a purchase after registering an account.



Fashion Nova accepts Afterpay as a direct payment option. Buyers can visit Fashion Nova official website to shop for their preferred items into their shopping bag.

Once you have selected your preferred items, you will need to check out, at checkout, Fashion Nova offers their shoppers option to choose their preferred installmental payment option but if you are a first time buyer, you will be required to open an account with Afterpay before you can access the above options.

Once you have registered, first time buyers will be redirected to the checkout page to verify and confirm their purchase.

However, it is pertinent to note that Afterpay services is only available to Fashion Nova shoppers within the United States billing address. Also, Fashion Nova doesn’t allow all their items on storefront to be purchased with Afterpay services.

PayPal Credit


Fashion Nova accepts Paypal credit card as a direct payment option. Fashion Nova allows instalmental payment option for PayPal credit card users because PayPal credit is directly linked to the shoppers main account.

Meanwhile, with PayPal Credit, buyers can make purchases and make instalmental payment which is spread over six months. But PayPal Credit check option isn’t available in countries where PayPal doesn’t operate.

Lastly, PayPal Credit permits buyers to opt for instalmental payment without interest whenever the purchases items that is worth over $99. But if the shoppers purchases worth is less than $99, the buyer is entitled to pay some fees including in the shopper’s installments plan.

How Does Klarna Work At Checkout?


At checkout, Klarna offers buyers options to purchase different items and make instalmental payment with ease. The Klarna checkout option is a perfect way to make fast payment to confirm all your in-store purchases.

However, Klarna checkout permits three different payment options, which allows the shoppers to make instalmental payment according to their budget.

With the help of Klarna Checkout, buyers are given the option to pay now, Pay in 30 days time, or pay-in-3, so this gives you financial peace of mind because it allows you to choose according to your financial budget.

But the pay now option is designed to work through direct card payments and permits buyers to complete their transactions on checkout. 

For the he Pay in 30 days option, shoppers are given the ample opportunity to purchase items and make instalmental payment which is spread over four weeks.

What this simply means is that shoppers have to remit 25% of the worth of their purchased items before they can be qualified for this payment option.

For the pay in 3 installments option, the shoppers can only qualify for it, if they make large purchases. With this payment option, Klarna allows their users to make purchases and pay for it between 6-36 months.

Interestingly, Klarna’s subscribers can access all these above options if they qualify for it. Isn’t it amazing? Really! it is, try it today and you will be happy that you did.

What Payment Methods Do Klarna Accept?


Klarna accepts most of the major debit and credit cards payment options like the use of  Visa, Discover, Maestro and Mastercard for payment while Klarna doesn’t accept Prepaid cards for payment. 

Can I Use My Klarna Card Anywhere?


Yes, you can use your Klarna card to make purchases anywhere that accepts Visa as a payment option. As far as Visa is accepted for payment, Klarna card is accepted in-store, online, abroad or at home even if the retailer doesn’t offer Klarna.

Interestingly, you can easily link the card to your Apple Pay and Google Pay which permits you to make numerous contactless payment in-store.

Why Is My Klarna Option Not Available?


In some instances, you may notice that not all Klarna payment options are available for you when you want to make several purchases with Klarna.

Different factors like missed or delayed payments can cause it. Not only that, reported financial hardship can also lead Klarna to bloy you from accessing their services.

Can I Borrow Money From Klarna?


Yes, you can borrow money from Klarna. This is possible because Klarna offer a traditional loan options to their subscribers, this their traditional loaning option is available for the selected retailers with a yearly percentage rates of 0% – 24.99%.

What Is The Klarna Card Limit?


Klarna card doesn’t have a limit. Klarna don’t have a defined transaction limit for their users, rather, they approved a new automated decision on how much you can spend each time you make purchases with Klarna.

Can I Use Klarna For Fashion Nova?


No, you can’t use Klarna card for a direct payment at Fashion Nova but there are ways you can bypass the restrictions. Check our page for more details on how you can Klarna on Fashion Nova.