Top 5 Best Personal Assistant Apps For iPhone ( Updated)

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing the top 5 best personal assistant apps for iPhone. If you have been searching for artificial intelligence personal assistant app for your iPhone, please search no further. I have provided you with elegant and smart personal assistant apps to download for free. It’s absolutely for free, you only choose to go for premium version.


The pure truth is that, there are thousands of personal assistant apps online and in Google play store. However, all of them have different features and functions. That’s why my team and I, have make out time to filter the best apps among the hundreds online.

You know there’s a saying “many are called, but few are selected”. Ohh yes, the selected ones are definitely the best. For you to get the best free personal assistant app, that can do voice research, set alarm, save reminder, events, provide correct answers to your questions and more. Then, you have to choose one among the ones we listed out here.


Before I proceed, I want you to note that” each personal assistant App posted here, have it’s own unique features that marks it different from others, and the apps we shared here are very easy to use and outstanding. So, you’re advised to calm down and read this till the end” so that you will download the one that has the features you want from your personal assistant.

Top 5 Best Personal Assistant Apps For iPhone


Please, all the listed apps works perfectly on iPhone, and other smart phones like android. And they are all free, so you won’t spend a dime to get download any of them. However, the decision of upgrading to premium version is left for to take.

1. Google Assistant


The pure truth is that, anything that has to do with Google is 100% assured to be the best among all. Google assistant is the first recommended app for anyone searching for assistant apps for iPhone.

However, there are certain features you might need, this app doesn’t have” which I’m sure you will find in others. So, we won’t conclude that it’s what you really want in assistant app.


Google Assistant offers voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, letting you complete a number of tasks after you’ve said the “OK Google” or “Hey Google” wake words. It is designed to give you conversational interactions.

What Google Assistant can do:
  • Control your devices and your smart home
  • Access information from your calendars and other personal information
  • Find information online, from restaurant bookings to directions, weather and news
  • Control your music
  • Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices
  • Run timers and reminders
  • Make appointments and send messages
  • Open apps on your phone
  • Read your notifications to you
  • Real-time spoken translations
  • Play games

Amazing right? Ohh yes. More features are being added as time goes on. You can download the app directly from Google play store, tap….HERE

2. 24me LTD –


24me is one of the best and outstanding personal assistant apps for iPhone, that is designed to bring together your calendar or calendars, notes, tasks, email tasks, and to-do list into a single app. It syncs with many popular calendar apps you may already use, such as: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and more;


  • Colored labels for better organization
  • Tasks (to-do lists)
  • Highly customizable notes – add videos, images, and colorful text
  • GPS integration
  • Voice assistant compatible, including with Apple Watch
  • Conference calling
  • Built-in gift store – buy gifts and gift cards from 24me when you get a birthday or occasion reminder
  • Helpful alerts – nag alerts are great so you don’t just swipe and forget, and weather alerts eliminate frustrating weather surprises as you’re leaving the house or work.

This are just few of them. There are other outstanding features that came with this 24me personal assistant app, you will find out when you download and install it. You can get the app ….HERE

3. Siri – Personal Assistant App


Siri is a virtual Personal assistant app that is part of Apple Inc.’s iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems. The assistant uses voice queries, gesture based control, focus-tracking and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Internet services. The software adapts to users’ individual language usages, searches, and preferences, with continuing use. Returned results are individualized.


Apple offers a wide range of voice commands to interact with Siri, which includes;

  • Phone and Text actions, such as “Call Sarah”, “Read my new messages”, “Set the timer for 10 minutes”, and “Send email to mom”
  • Check basic information, including “What’s the weather like today?” and “How many dollars are in a euro?”
  • Schedule events and reminders, including “Schedule a meeting” and “Remind me to …”
  • Handle device settings, such as “Take a picture”, “Turn off Wi-Fi”, and “Increase the brightness”
  • Search the Internet, including “Define …”, “Find pictures of …”, and “Search Twitter for …”
  • Navigation, including “Take me home”, “What’s traffic like on the way home?”, and “Find driving directions to …”
  • Translate words and phrases from English to a few languages, such as “How do I say where is the nearest hotel in French?”
  • Entertainment, such as “What basketball games are on today?”, “What are some movies playing near me?”, and “What’s the synopsis of …?”
  • Engage with iOS-integrated apps, including “Pause Apple Music” and “Like this song”
  • Handle payments through Apple Pay, such as “Apple Pay 25 dollars to Mike for concert tickets” or “Send 41 dollars to Ivana.”

Siri also offers numerous pre-programmed responses to amusing questions. Such questions include “What is the meaning of life?” to which Siri may reply “All evidence to date suggests it’s chocolate”; “Why am I here?”, to which it may reply “I don’t know. You can download the app ….

4. Kawaii Assistant Personal App


This app is highly interactive and have irresistible features.

10 Best Personal Assistant Apps For iPhone In 2021

The app can help you keep notes, make critical decisions for you, and even play games with you when you’re bored! Be careful though, like any other assistant, she does better work when treated like a lady

  • Fully interactive with high definition visuals and sounds
  • Progressive game play mode with tons of replay value
  • Memo taking feature
  • Advice feature
  • Realistic visuals and reactions to all types of user input
  • Unlock-able modes showing Suki in different outfits
  • Multiple language support
  • Easier to please than your girlfriend 😉

There are more features you will discover when you finally download and start using this app. You can download it for free …. HERE

5. DataBot – Personal Assistant

Top 5 Best Personal Assistant Apps For iPhone In 2021

Databot is one of the best Personal assistant apps for iPhone, that is designed to help you achieve most of your daily activities over the phone. For instance, answering your questions, sending sms etc.

There are so many of features that mark this app, different from others. Check them out below;

Databot Features

Speaker for Sound Output: Code databot™ to squeak, beep and chirp based on data it receives.

Programmable Display LEDs: Create interactive light displays or use the pre-built programs to light up databot™ in exciting ways!

SD Card Writer: Log data. You are limited only by the size of your SD card to the data you want to capture!

Micro USB Connection: Charge and program. Simple and efficient – one databot™, one cable.

Bluetooth: Wireless transmission of live data. Visualize real data in real-time on the big screen in the front of the classroom. Play catch with databot™ and watch the numbers!

Rechargeable Battery: 250 mAh LiPo battery built in. No batteries to purchase, no extra expenses, no hassle. Just pure databot™ fun!

Temperature Probe: Connect an external temperature probe via 2.5mm stereo jack input. Plug in the included waterproof temperature probe to instantly gain access to live data for chemistry, life science, and environmental studies.

External Analog Sensors: databot™ LOVES data. The more sensors the merrier so we added this simple 2.5 mm

Downloading databot assistant app is absolutely for free, you can get it..HERE



Wrapping up the top 5 best personal assistant apps for iPhone . I hope you have downloaded one of them already?

Remember what I said earlier, there are many assistant apps for iPhone, but the ones I pointed out have been tested and confirmed. You can choose from any of them, and trust me’ you won’t regret it.