Target Gift Card Balance Check – How To Check Target Gift Card Balance

This article will teach you everything about target gift card balance check – how to check target gift card balance in all countries. Probably you’re among those asking why is target gift card balance not showing or target gift card balance disappeared/ saying invalid/ missing. If you’re facing any of these issues, just note that’ it’s been sorted out for you guys.

As for those searching for target gift card balance australia, I want you to know that’ this tutorial covers all countries using target gift card. Not only Australia.

It’s so obvious that a lot of people are facing different challenges while trying to check their target gift card balance. Yes, the number of people searching for how to fix target gift card balance saying invalid, missing, not showing & disappeare” is increasing on daily basis.

And there’s no doubt, that you’re having the same issue whenever you want to check your gift card balance. Well, the good news I have for you all, is that’ it’s now a thing of past. All the issues have been sorted out here already.

Now, I want you to do me a favor’ can you? Yes you have to. Please i want you to calm down and read this below article very well. I will be pointing out some of the easiest ways to check the remaining balance on your target gift card.

How To Check Target Gift Card Balance


  • Go to target gift card balance checker official webpage following this link >>
  • Slowly remove the metallic strip on the back of your target gift card to disclose both the card and the access numbers.
  • Following the webpage, you will see an option that says ” Gift Card Number” enter your target gift card number number there. And move to the next option.
  • In the second line, you will have to enter your “Gift Card Access Number“. Make sure the two are very correct. Check very well before clicking on check balance.
  • Target Gift Card Balance Check - How To Check Target Gift Card Balance
  • That’s all, you will see your gift card balance within some seconds.

Step 2: Target Gift Card Balance Check


If you don’t want to check your target gift card through this method or you tried and it didn’t work for you. Just chill, we still have another way of doing that, which I think it’s the best for me.

  • Pick up your cell phone and call target gift card support number >> 1-800-544-2943
  • Dial 18005442943 and listen carefully, you will be asked to press 1 to check your gift card balance. You do have to press one and ..
  • Enter your gift card number and access number.
  • You will listen as the call out your balance.



That’s all, both of them are working perfectly and I will even advice you to use the second method. Call them and enter your correct card details and hear your balance information.

I hope you have learnt how to check target gift card balance? Do you still need further assistant? Feel free and reach out to us via the comment box below.

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