How To Check Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance – Walmart Gift Card Balance Checker

Are you still searching for how to check walmart visa gift card balance – walmart gift card balance checker? If the answer is yes” please search no further! In this blog post, I will personally show you how to check walmart visa balance. You probably may be facing challenges, or an unknown error’ anytime you want to check your Walmart gift card balance. But I want to assure you that, it’s been fixed permanently.


Recently, we discovered that so many people are all over the internet asking “how do i check my gift card balance at walmart? And the answer is, you can check it with the help of this tutorial we are about to share with you.

How To Check Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance


Well, there are different ways to check walmart visa gift card balance‘ and I will be pointing them out here and now. But before you proceed to checking your Visa gift card balance at Walmart, make sure you have 16-digit gift card number and 3-digit PIN ready. Now, carefully read below to see the steps;

How To Check Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance


1) You can easily check online:  This can be achieved by visit their official website at Enter your visa gift card number (which is found in front of the card), PIN, and card expiration date. Meanwhile, when you visit the site, you can as well register your gift card. So, that you can be able to find store locations where you can easily purchase Walmart visa gift card. So that you can do your online shopping with phone or email. You must register the card though.

2) Check Visa Gift Card By Phone: Another means of checking your Walmart gift card balance is via phone. You can easily achieve this by calling the toll – free phone number located at the back of your Walmart visa gift card.

When you call the number, ensure that you follow the phone menu prompts to check your visa gift card balance.

3) You Can Check At Any Walmart Store: You can as well check your balance by visiting any nearby Walmart store and tell them to check your visa gift card balance for you. Make sure you always check your balance before making any purchase, because if the price of the items you want to buy is higher than your gift card balance. Definitely the transaction will be declined.

Can I Add More Money To My Walmart Visa Gift Card?


The answer is no” you can’t possibly reload Walmart gift card

Who Do I Contact If I Have Walmart Visa Gift Card Problems?


If you’re having issues with your Walmart gift card, simply call the customer support at 1-866-633-9096

Are There Any Restrictions On Using The Card?


The answer is yes, there are a few restrictions to note. For instance,

  • Unable to use it for recurring automatic payments.
  • Redeemable only in the U.S.
  • Cannot make cash withdraws at an ATM.

At this point, I think I have to drop my pen” if you still have further questions on how to check walmart visa gift card balance. Go ahead and use the comment box below to ask, we will give you feedback within some hours.