Siri Flip A Coin 2022 – How To Use Siri To Flip A Coin

Have you ever heard of Siri Flip A Coin and wondering what it is? Do you want to flip a coin but do not have one with you hence you are worried? Worry no more because this will show you how to use Siri to flip a coin with any Apple device that you have. So let’s get started. 

What Is Siri? Siri is a virtual assistant built on Apple products that helps in carrying out tasks that you can or can not do for yourself. You can use Siri to help you with the things you need to find, know or do every day and at any moment. It is more like a robotic inbuilt voice that answers you and swings into action to help you with any task at any time you call. 

Siri is available on all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Airpod, Homepod, Apple TV, etc. In these devices, there is a button or a place that you are meant to press and afterward give a command to Siri by saying Hey Siri followed by what you need. 

Alternatively, you can type out the Hey Siri and what you want. It’s easy and interesting to use. Now that you know what Siri is, let us move over to see how it is related to our topic “Siri flip a coin”

What Does Siri Flip A Coin Mean?


With the explanation of what Siri is above, I know you must have gotten a clue on what Siri Flip a coin is. For a better and well-defined understanding let me reiterate and explain further. Having seen that Siri is a virtual assistant on Apple devices, Siri flip a coin is a term used to command or implore Siri to help you toss a dial or flip a coin in a situation when you are undecided or you are indisposed to doing it yourself. 

This is what it means, Siri flipping a coin is the process of asking the pocket voice virtual assistant to help you toss a coin even when you are not with a physical coin at that moment. You may not always have your coin in your pocket. But if you have any of the Apple products listed above, then you can imply the help of Siri. Siri never forgets her coin at home and using it is just a tap away. 

Can Siri Flip A Coin?


Yes, of course, we have early told you that Siri is your virtual assistant that is always at your service whenever it is called upon. It can carry out any task that is assigned to it. And Siri flip a coin is just one of them. While you may forget or even lose your coin in some situations and times, Siri never forgets and always has a coin with her. 

So if you need to flip a coin at that moment and you have an Apple product with you, then you can simply use Siri Flip A Coin. I know you are eager to see how that can be done. Patiently move to the next section where I will show you how to do that in each Apple device. 

How Can Siri Flip A Coin?


To have Siri flip a coin for you thereby generating a Head Or Tail answer as it were with a usual coin, there are steps to take. These steps are, however, simple but very slightly from one Apple device to the other. See how to use Siri to flip a coin with any of the Apple devices below. 

How Can Siri Flip A Coin On iPhone? 


If you are an iPhone user and you need the services of Siri to flip a coin, then you should use these steps below. 

  • Press and hold the home button of your iPhone to launch Siri
  • Say “Hey Siri, flip a coin”.
  • Release the button
  • Siri will answer you by saying either Head or Tail. 

It’s as simple as that. If your iPhone does not have a home button, press the side button while making the request. Also, Read Can I charge iPhone 12 with an old charger?

How Can Siri Flip A Coin On iPads?


Similarly, if you want to toss a coin and all you have with you at that moment is your iPad, then activate Siri by holding the home button for a long time. While holding it, say ” Hey Siri, flip a coin”. Release the button and wait for a Head or Tail answer. 

If your iPad does not have a home button, press and hold the button at the top of your iPad while doing this. 

How Can Siri Flip A Coin On Airpods?


While having an Airpod, Airpod pro, or Airpod max on, if you want Siri to flip a coin, use the steps below;

  • Press and hold the force sensor on the Stem or longer part of the Airpod. This is for 3rd generation Airpods. 
  • If you have an Airpod Max, press and hold the Digital Crown. 
  • If yours is of the 1st or 2nd generation, double tap the outside of the Airpod and wait for a chime. 
  • After doing all of the above, say “Hey Siri, flip a coin” and release the hold. 
  • Siri will reply to you with a Head or Tail. 

How Can Siri Flip A Coin With Apple Watch? 


The process of asking Siri to flip a coin is even easier if you have an Apple watch with you. All you have to do is to look at the watch or tap its screen. Then say “Hey Siri, flip a coin”. But if your Apple Watch is series 3 or later, take the Apple watch near your mouth and make the request. 

So these are the processes involved in asking Siri to flip a coin using any of your Apple devices. See more on Apple Watch Series Engravings Here

Is Siri Flip A Coin Random?


Yes, the generation of a result when you ask Siri to flip a coin is random and can not be predicted. With Siri, you can not cheat or predict the result if it will be Head or Tail. 

Can Siri Flip A Coin Be Rigged?


No, you cannot rig the result of Siri flip a coin as it is at random. Siri might sometimes play some jokes on you by saying the result is neutral or it fell in a crack. In all, the result cannot be rigged. 

Can Siri Flip A Coin Be Predicted?


Although flipping a coin can somehow be predicted when it is done by a human, with Siri, flipping a coin can not be predicted. The probability of getting a Head or Tail is 50/50. 



Using Siri to help you out with tasks is one easy way out when you are indisposed. Siri flip a coin is one such help that gives you results at random and can be done with any of your Apple devices. How to use Siri to flip a coin in any of the devices has been explained above. I hope this article has been helpful.