Secret Passcode To Unlock Any iPhone In 2022

Today, I will show you my secret passcode to unlock any iPhone in 2022. Probably you forgot your iPhone passcode, or you want to unlock someone’s phone without their consent. Whatsoever the reason might be, just relax your mind” this blog post got you covered.

Unlocking iPhone that isn’t yours or you weren’t the one that locked it, isn’t something impossible. However, we have provided you guys with all the secret codes you need to achieve this.

The only thing that has no solution is death, and you don’t need to factory reset or flash your iPhone to get it unlocked, if eventually you forget your iPhone passcode. Or in a situation where you want to tap on someone’s phone, but you find out that it’s locked, you can actually unlock it in one minute with this code.

You don’t have to be moody whenever you forget your phone passcode or want to unlock someone’s phone without their consent. The truth is that’ there are so many ways to unlock iPhone without password. Excluding from using code, you can as well unlock it in one minute with other methods which we are going to share here and now.

Unlock Any iPhone With New Secret Button 


Using the unlock any iPhone with new secret button simply describe that you’re not the owner of the iPhone you want to unlock. This is not something advisable if at the end, the owner will discover that you tapped his or her cell phone.

However, you’re likely to loose some data in the phone” it’s it will require erasing the iPhone to be able to have access to the phone. This is absolutely because you need Apple ID to unlock the iPhone, but since you’re not the owner, you have to invade through the backdoor.

But if you want to proceed, then’ you will have to follow the steps provided here, on how to easily use the new secret button to unlock any iPhone.

Hold on to the power and home button or power button and the volume down button at the same time to put any iPhone into recovery mode, when the “connect to iTunes” logo appears on the locked iPhone, plug the iPhone to computer, from the popping windows, click on Restore to force factory reset any iPhone with the help of iTunes.

If you can’t put any iPhone into recovery mode with success, or it’s difficult to factory rest iPhone manually, turn to the third part to force factory reset iPhone automatically.

Secret Passcode To Unlock Any iPhone You Can Guess


We have shared our secret ideas on how to  unlock any iPhone passcode you can guess, without confronting the owner of the iPhone. This is very easy, more especially when you a someone related to the owner of the phone. However, it’s quite difficult, if the owner use a very strong and undetectable passcode to unlock his or her phone.

But that’s not an issue if you always spy on him or her, whenever the person wants to unlock the phone. This will make it easier for you to easily guess the password and unlock the phone. Meanwhile, even if you haven’t watch the person unlock his or her cell phone, you can easily unlock it with this guilde.

Use his or her birthday year. Example; 2006, or 382006/ you can add the day, month, and year. You can as well use the year only, just keep guessing. Research shows that over one billion iPhone users all over the world, use their birth year as passcode.

So, that’s the best and recommended method to easily guess and unlock any iPhone passcode without the owner’s consent.

How To Unlock Any iPhone Without Password 


It’s obvious that so many people actually want to learn how to use secret passcode to unlock any iPhone. This is mostly for those who wants to spy on their partners phone. Probably to check their social media chats and text messages. While some who stole iPhone are searching for how to unlock and factory reset it.

Well, the truth is that’ there’s no special secret passcode to unlock any iPhone. If you’re not the owner of the phone, you can only erase or factory reset it” before you can start using the phone.

Steps To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Or Face ID 


For you to bypass or unlock your iPhone without password, face ID or fingerprint” you must have signed up for a “Find My iPhone”. This will enable you to erase you whenever you lost or forget your iPhone password. You can follow the below guidelines to achieve that;

  • Make sure that the locked iPhone is connected with stable network.
  • Then Open “Find My iPhone” app on another Apple device or on a computer. Log in to your own Apple ID and you’ll be able to see your own device.
  • Select “Erase iPhone”, then all the data and settings on your iPhone (including the screen passcode) will be erased.

That’s all, you will start enjoying your phone. Meanwhile, you can decide to set up a new password if you’re the owner of the cell phone. But if you aren’t, then’ the owner is likely to find out that his or her phone was tapped.

Wrapping up the content, I hope you have learnt the secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Please if you have further questions don’t hesitate to use the comment box below to voice it out.