PayPal For Gift Cards 2022 – Websites To Use PayPal For Gift Cards

Are you looking for where to use PayPal for gift cards? Then you have arrived at the best place to get answers. Here we will give you a comprehensive list of places where you can use PayPal for gift cards

You do not even have to worry about visiting a distant location before getting your gift card as our PayPal for git card list consists of both online and in-store places. 

I know you are excited already and can’t wait to see it. Don’t worry, take a glass of your favorite drink as we get straight into it. 

What Are Gift Cards?


As implied by the name, a gift card is a small card containing a specific amount of cash that can be used to purchase goods and services from stores either online or offline. It is a prepaid stored value card that is used as an alternative for cash when paying for purchased goods. 

Can I Use PayPal For Gift Cards?


Yes, you can use PayPal for gift cards. PayPal is one of the most reliable payment platforms in the world. It has millions of users from different countries and parts of the world.

It can be used to pay for goods and services of all types. One of the best ways to use your PayPal funds is to buy gift cards of any type for yourself or to send them to your friends, family, loved ones, and so on. 

Can I Use PayPal For Gift Cards Everywhere?


No, PayPal for gift cards is not accepted everywhere. Some online and offline shops do not allow payment for gift cards through PayPal for reasons best known to them. 

Notwithstanding, there are many stores where you can use PayPal for gift cards. And it is interesting to note that many of these shops are familiar shops that you can easily walk into or visit and you will buy your chosen gift card and payments will be processed via PayPal. See below to know those places. 

Where Can I Use PayPal For Gift Cards?


There are many places where you can use PayPal for gift cards. Some of these places are strictly online (websites) while others are offline stores that you can walk into and get a copy of your favorite gift card brand. In the next section of this article, we are going to be looking at online and in-store, places to use PayPal for gift cards. So continue reading to see them. 

PayPal For Gift Cards Online


The following are some of the online stores or websites where you can use PayPal for gift cards. 



This is one of the most secure websites where you can use PayPal for gift cards. With EGifter, you have over 300 gift card brands that can be purchased with PayPal. It is even more beautiful and convenient to shop here because you can access this website from either your mobile device through the EGifter mobile app or by visiting their website on your desktop. 

Payment with PayPal is fast and there are no additional fees at checkout. You can customize your gift cards here. The most amazing part of PayPal for gift cards with EGifter is that you earn points for paying with PayPal. This is lovely right? Let’s see more options as we move on. 

The Card Closet


The Card Closet is a gift card hub where you can use PayPal for gift cards of different types. No matter where you are in the world, you can buy gift cards from Card closet and they will be delivered to you promptly. It is a trusted website and it offers 24 hours customer care services to always attend to you when the need arises. 

All types of virtual gift cards are available here at wholesale prices. And it gives customers awesome discounts in the coupon section. 



This is another best place to use PayPal for gift cards. It is one of the leading gift card stores online where you can purchase, and redeem gift cards from any part of the world. It is even more convenient in the sense that you can get different brands of gift cards there. 

You can manage your gift card purchase with PayPal from the convenience of your mobile phone through the use of the Gyft official mobile app available on the Play Store and App Store. 

At Gyft, it is believed that PayPal is an easy and secure payment network hence you can conveniently use PayPal for gift cards and get instant delivery. 



Dundle is another website or shop where you can use PayPal for gift cards. Here you can get Xbox, iTunes, Steam, Skype, PSN, Nintendo, Amazon, Walmart as well as Flipkart. There are gift cards of different denominations and country-specific like the UK, US, Italy, Germany, etc. 

Note that you will be charged a service fee and a transaction fee here. 



eBay is also an e-commerce a place to buy anything you want including gift cards. And it is one of the sites to use PayPal for gift cards. Although it is a major competitor with Amazon, you can get an Amazon gift card here. 

My Gift Card Supply


PayPal for gift cards is also available at My Gift Card Supply. It is available to everyone in the US, UK, and Canada as they can pay for about 5 denominations of gift cards from their PayPal accounts. The gift cards are 100% genuine and they have no expiration date. They will be scanned and sent to you irrespective of your location. 

Others are Card Kangaroo, Walmart, Newegg, The Gift Card Center, Game Card Delivery, Giftnix, Best Buy, Game Card Delivery, etc. 

PayPal For Gift Cards In Store


  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Subway
  • CVS
  • Shell
  • McDonald’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Exxon Mobil
  • BP
  • Domino’s
  • Macy’s
  • Martin’s
  • Midway Market
  • Next Door Store
  • Office Depot
  • One Stop
  • Pavillons
  • P.C. Richard & Son
  • Publix
  • Quality Market
  • QuickChek
  • RadioShack
  • Rite Aid
  • Royal Farms

Is It Safe To Use PayPal For Gift Cards?


Yes, it is safe to use PayPal for gift cards. If you are going to be buying from stores then you do not need to worry at all. On the other hand, you must be very mindful of the security of a website before paying for gift cards with the details of your PayPal account. On the whole, PayPal is safe and easy to use. 

Wrapping Up: PayPal For Gift Cards


If you are looking for a place to use PayPal for gift cards, the above stores and websites are highly recommended. Make sure that you look through their terms of service before going on to trade with them.